Pregnancy Massage Review: Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Day Spa in Leederville, by Sarah Devlin.

One of my Chrissie presents from my extremely thoughtful/obedient husband was a 1 hour pregnancy massage. It was at Yummy Mummy Day Spa in Perth;

I was looking forward to it for weeks and especially because they have the special bed with the gigantic hole for the belly so you get to lie on your stomach. I have been doing the same thing on the beach by digging a hole for my belly and boobs for a bit of sun and relaxation. To add the massage aspect also was too exciting.

It was magical. The therapist was super friendly, skilled and very attentive. I was asked to tell her exactly what I wanted to have extra time on- upper back, pecs, and feet!! I wouldn’t say she was a sports masseuse and she wasn’t working hard to get rid of trigger points or anything like that, but it was very relaxing. A very deep massage probably isn’t the best for pregnancy anyway and I was happy with the pressure.

The bed itself was really comfy. I was told that a few women’s bellies don’t fit into the hole and I was crossing my fingers I would as I really didn’t want to have to lay on my side (like every night for the last 7 months!!). I have a super long body and just barely fit in. My boobs were not in the hole, so I put an extra pillow under my DD’s to reduce the tenderness of them. I was happy on my back too, inclined for a tiny belly rub and some brilliant time spent on my poor feet.

They served some yummy tea afterwards, and the whole experience was lovely. I know a lot of spa’s offer pregnancy massage, but I would definitely recommend one where they have the special beds and trained therapists for peace of mind and ultimate relaxation!!

Another awesome result was revealed when I went to a pilates class the next day and my colleague said that my chest, neck and shoulders were very relaxed and settled when I was doing upper body exercises. This was great news as I have been ultra tense and unable to broaden and open as easily due to the extra weight everywhere.

I have booked in for my second massage as a birthday treat and cannot wait.

Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Day Spa
253 Oxford Street
Leederville WA 6007
Ph: 08 9201 1077

Have you had a pregnancy massage before? If you’ve never been pregnant, do you know someone who is who could use something like this?

Review by Sarah Devlin, personal trainer & mama to be.

Be well,



  1. clair daws says:

    I too do massage for pregnancy from home,i was taught in london by an amazing shiatsu teacher suzanne yates.i work on the floor on a futon and treating each client individually.i work with the breath and energy work.I am also a reflexologist of 15 years and incorporate that treatment into my massage.
    I cannot stress how important it is to have massage for mother and baby.

    yours friendly
    clair daws

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Thanks for your comment clair! 🙂

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