Organic Skincare Review: Laviol Organic Range!

As we get older and wiser our lifestyle choices experience a little bit of a change. As teenagers our ideal lunch may have been a Happy Meal followed up by a large chocolate sundae (extra topping), but as adults the more vegetables and super foods packed into healthy meals the better. I’ve found that my skin routine has followed this cycle too, as a teenager showering every night was the height of my skin-care schedule and now as an adult I look for products that I know are putting goodness into my pores. So when the Laviol Organic products arrived on my doorstep I felt as though I had a big, delicious and healthy meal waiting for me to enjoy!

Laviol Organic is an Australian owned and made certified organic skin brand. Their delicious smelling products are made with only pure, natural and certified organic ingredients. The brand ‘Laviol’ has a beautiful meaning, the name comes from a combination of Lavender, Violet and Olive Leaf and these plants symbolise constancy, modesty, simplicity, peace and healing. They helped give my skin that extra bit of organic love it deserved and here are my thoughts;

Shea Butter Cleanser – $38.50 / 125ml

The orange scented cleanser was like a well deserved dessert for my skin, indulgent and delicious. It’s said to gently lift away surface impurities and cleanse, balance and keep skin soft and hydrated- which it did.

Rosehip Antioxidant Cream – $59.95 / 50ml

This was my favourite product. I loved the wonderfully thick cream and the luxurious feel of it on my face. I also found it extremely versatile, easily enjoyed as a day or night cream. Smelling like a delicious cup of herbal rose tea didn’t hurt either!

Bearberry Brightening Moisturiser – $62.50 / 50ml

Whilst this product didn’t suit my personal beauty routine, the hydrating natural oils and antioxidants would be perfect for women who have a tired, dull or uneven skin tone.

♥ The perfect combo.

Rose Otto Hydrosol – $34.95 / 125ml

With the addition of Aloe Vera this product is perfect for any lover of sunshine, I’ve been making sure to spritz myself after every beach trip to rehydrate my dry and salty skin.

Seaweed Antioxidant Eye Cream – $55 / 30ml

I’ve always had a fascination with eye creams. As a younger version of myself I watched my mum apply hers delicately every night and this one was no different. You only need to apply a tiny amount to leave your eye region feeling renewed and brighter.

Laviol Organic is available online through their web store.

What do you think of the look of the range? Any other organic favourites you’d like to share? Comment below! 🙂

Review by the wonderful Jade, now with added organic face nourishment!

Be well,



  1. Csensitive says:

    I ordered the Laviol sample pack which consisted of the cleanser, rose otto hydrosol, bearberry moisturiser and eye cream. I tried the products for the first time last night and I have to say I am impressed by the cleanser and rose hydrosol which felt very soothing on my skin (something that for my sensitive skin, is quite difficult to obtain). I have yet to try the bearberry moisturiser and eye cream, however I won’t for awhile as I don’t like to test more than 2 new products on my skin at a time, to be able to better determine which products I have reacted to if I happen to have a reaction.
    You mentioned at the end of your blog to mention any other organic favourites and I can’t help but mention MV Organic Skincare, which is also an Australian Certified Organic (ACO) skincare line from Australia, I use their cream cleanser in the AM and it is amazing, as are all of their products. I think I will mix and match the 2 skincare lines to figure out what works best for my skin as both lines are of very high quality and fantastic, particularly for sensitive skin.

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hi there,

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I agree, it’s really difficult having sensitive skin and it sounds like your strategy of just trying 1-2 at a time is a good one.

    Thanks for letting me know about MV Organic, I will have to look into that one 🙂

    Cheers for the comment! XX

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