Product Review: Benefit Watts Up Highlighter!

Beauty lovers confession time, if you rifled through the contents of my Harrods make-up bag you would emerge horrified.

Clinque foundation bottles with only the smallest dregs of thick liquid left, Natio blushes circa when I rocked pedal pushers (so at least 5 years ago I promise!), crushed powders two shades too light for my summer tan and mascaras which probably should find a new home in my bathroom bin. After too many disappointed raised eyebrows from my sister after asking to borrow a product, and too many jealous trips to her make-up bags overflowing with bronze Mac eyes-shadows, vibrant Nars lip crayons and “I-really-really-really-want it” Chanel mascara, I decided it was time to make a few investments.

For anyone who wants to update their make-up collection (whatever impressive or depressing state they may be in) I recommend adding Benefit Watts Up to your make-up family. I’ve always found it difficult to replicate the luminous ‘natural’ glow that the Miranda Kerrs or Lara  Bingles of Australia flaunt, I’ll either apply a clowns amount of blush or too little which leaves me looking like I just woke up from a nana nap. Now with a face several shades darker post Australia Day beach party, I’ve been finding it difficult to make anything highlight my face. Watt’s Up was the answer to my make-up bags’ prayers!

In a cute silver container (definitely no disappointed raised eyebrows here) Watt’s Up is a soft focus highlighter which you easily apply across your cheek or brow for a luminous sheen. With a cream-to-powder finish it can be worn by ladies whose faces change colour after seconds in the sun, to those who have the complexions of a vampire (which is very sexy right now!). 

After applying then blending Watt’s Up in with the handy sponge (fingers also work better I found) I realised I could finally stop my journey to find the Kerr-esque glow. Like silk, you can glide the highlighter across your cheeks or over your eyelids to brighten your complexion in all the right places. For me personally I loved that it isn’t a highlighter which looks like a shimmering mess across your cheeks as many of it’s competitors do, instead it looks natural and understated. Watt’s Up has definitely become a welcome member of my make-up bag! So it looks as though I’ve finally made my first step to creating an impressive make-up collection. Next step; purchasing a Chanel mascara to keep it company!

♥ Voila, before and after shot.

What do you think? Do you like the look of the Benefit Watts Up? What is your favourite highlighter?

Reviewed by Jade, illumination specialist.

Be well,



  1. Suzanne says:

    I keep wanting this, then talking myself out of it, then wanting it – bah, I’ll have to go get it.

  2. Hannah says:

    Oh la la…I really want to try this out! Your skin looks super glowy 🙂

  3. Megan says:

    I picked this up last year when it first came out and I’m obsessed with it, it gives such a gorgeous glow without being too over the top or shimmery. I use a large concealer brush to apply it or my fingers as I find the sponge pretty useless (and unhygienic!)

  4. Pamela says:

    I am in love with the INIKA organic Light Reflecting Highlighting Crème. It is awesome for your eyes as a base or just for lazy day, cant be bothered with shadow. It is also great for cheeks and face and suits most skin tones.

  5. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hi Pamela,

    That sounds gorgeous! I’m going to look into that one too.

    Jade looks amazing here, so proud of her and this article, the pictures are stunning.

    Megan – glad to hear of another fan, were you wearing it the other night?

    Suzanne – clearly you should get it! 😀

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