Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Vegan Chocolate, Organic Muesli, Iridology & Steam Rooms!

Crushes are abound this week! And I’m excited to share with you the top 5 things that are making my body sing with delight, as always I’d love you to share what’s making YOU go yay this week – so please leave a comment below and share the good feelings!

Organic Muesli & Coconut Water for Breakfast

I’m not much of a cold cereal girl. Give me porridge or a green smoothie and I’m good to go. So I’m not sure what drew me to this organic muesli when I spied it on the shelf, but I knew it had to be mine. With all organic ingredients and not a preservative in sight, I was very happy to discover that it is also incredibly tasty. Sulphite free dried apricots, raisins, coconut, sunflower seeds, almonds and pumpkin seeds are all added goodies which make this super delicious. My breakfast this morning was a triple whammy of organic goodness, with the muesli + C coconut water + soy milk all being of non-pesticide origin.

As an added bonus this brekky made me feel awesome and gave me lots of sustained energy. It’s a keeper!

Eskal Raspberry Vegan Chocolate

Sweet baby hound dogs this stuff is delish. I’m always on the hunt for healthy chocolate alternatives; and this raspberry dark chocolate treat definitely does the trick. So much so in fact that the three blocks that I was sent for consideration all managed to disappear within the space of a week… “Dark chocolate is good for your health!”. The bitter-sweetness of the chocolate, mixed with the crushed up bits of raspberry make this my latest fave. YUM!

Iridology and VLA and Naturopathy Consultation at Endota

Things got a little Frankenstein-y when my current naturopath, Marnie Downer, ran the verrrry interesting VLA test on me! I learned that for optimal health and wellness I should put on 4 kilos (!!!) – 3 of them muscle, 1 fat. I also found out that my cells were all nice and plump, which is a good thing. And that my cellular age is 26 (I’m currently 27.999), but we can get this down even further if I get my muscle mass up. Marnie operates out of Endota Spa Perth CBD & also a clinic in Mt Lawley. I will be doing a more thorough review soon, so stay tuned!

Sauna and Steam Room

One of my favourite parts of going to the gym is heading to the steam room and sauna after I’ve taken a yoga class, completed my mini weights routine or done my Couch-to-5K session! I absolutely love, love, love the glow that my skin gets afterwards, and I find that it completely relaxes me and I feel great for the rest of the evening. The only thing is that I’ve found I don’t sweat in the sauna! I don’t know why, maybe I am not staying in there long enough. Any sauna experts care to share their tips? Everyone else in the sauna is sweating up a storm and I’m there dry as a soy bone. Enlighten me if you can! 🙂

Thanks for reading about my crushes, I would LOVE to hear yours! Please share your current joy snippets in the comments below.

Be well,




  1. Karen says:

    How is the chocolate sweetened Annette? Love love love the steam room too 🙂 I don’t sweat much in the sauna either but if I have a hot shower first it speeds up the process. This week I’ve been poring over my new SuperCharged Foods cookbook, mixing up my organic veggie soup recipe with red kale addition and enjoying Loving Earth’s yummy salad sprinkle xx

  2. Peta says:

    Is the sauna really that good for you?! I had no idea. :O We have a small one at my gym, it was like a year before I even noticed it there. I’ve always been too shy to go in.

  3. Perfect list Annette! 🙂 When you get a chance, try the Loving Earth raw coconut “mylk” chocolate. They are called ‘Luvjus’… and they are absolutely ahhhmaazing! Will have to check out Endota some time as I work literally 2 minutes walk from there. Hope you’ve had a fab weekend gorgeous xxx

  4. k says:

    Do you go into a steam sauna or a FAR infrared sauna? The traditional steam sauna is more likely to encourage sweating because the temperature is higher, and there is more moisture in the air.

    Try a cold shower first – if you have a warm shower, then get into the sauna, two things happen

    a) your body doesn’t start the internal “sweat” process from a base rate – your skin and blood vessels may well be warm, but your won’t be.

    b) you can increase your chances of passing out! As your blood vessels warm up, you ecounter vaso-dilation. This can lead to what is referred to as ” blood thinning”, or “responds to this heat with a hypothalamic-induced increase in both heart rate and blood pumping volume”. This can lead to fainting, or heatstroke (or even death for some people).

    Also, taking a cool/cold shower after exercise can help to reduce muscle inflammation!

  5. Jade says:

    I love mueslie right now too. But I haven’t actually tried coconut water yet. Need to get onto that! I’ve only JUST discovered Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate! So delicious that I “may” have eaten a whole block Saturday night. Oops!

  6. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Karen: here is the full ingredients list!


    Evaporated Cane Juice, Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Freeze Dried Raspberries, Roasted Soy Flour, Soy Lecithin (an Emulsifier), Pure Vanilla Extract
    Cocoa solids 51% minimum

    Loooove your crushes, can you please share your soup recipe with me? 🙂

    Peta: You should try it! I wear a baths top, small shorts & bring a towel in. Don’t feel shy! 🙂

    Candice: I love the coconut mylk Luvjus, my friend gave me one once and I was hooked!! You definitely should check out endota if you want a mini trip to heaven and back x

    K: Thanks for your indepth tips! I don’t usually have any shower before going in the sauna, I -might- try it, though in winter a cold shower seems less than desirable 😉

    Jade: Hi! You definitely need to try coconut water, and green and blacks Cherry flavour is my all time DREAM chocolate! XOX

  7. Karen says:

    Thanks hon! I’m on a strict sugar free thing right now so will have to give it a miss, only stevia/xylitol allowed, boo hoo. Sounds delish though. Having to make my own treats/snacks, but its actually quite good fun trying to come up with ideas. My current favourite is smashed-up activated walnuts combined with melted Artisana coconut butter, rolled into balls and set in the fridge 🙂

    My soup ‘recipe’ is very simply whatever organic veg I can get at the Farmers Market, saute with some olive oil and garlic and top up with filtered water, simmer for about 20 mins, blend and enjoy! The week’s was leeks, brocolli, red kale (that bit was actually from Organic on Charles), cauliflower and zucchini. Kind of like a hot green smoothie!

    I’m also avoiding bread so to make it a bit more substantial I’ve been topping with avocado and tahini dip and the Loving Earth salad sprinkles I mentioned. That’s when I have any left that haven’t been ‘sprinkled’ directly into my mouth…..

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