Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Sun Salutations, Yoga by Candlelight, Kosmea Radiance Serum.

Hello wellness lovers! Welcome to another edition of beauty & wellbeing crushes – this is one of my FAVOURITE sections to write, as I get to share with you the little things that are amping up my wellness and making me feel great in a bite sized format. As always, please share your crushes below so we can all share and amplify our inspiration. Enjoy! X

Kosmea Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost

As a Rosehip Oil devotee, I’m always looking for the latest and greatest developments in the field of RHO! This newie appeals to me because it contains:

♥ Organic Rosehip Oil
♥ Organic Seabuckthorn Oil
♥ Organic Pomegranate Oil
♥ Organic Camellia Oil
♥ Apricot Kernal Oil

+ Raspberries, rosemary and much more! YUM. So far it’s on par with regular Rosehip Oil (I’ve only been using it a couple of days), but I really like the idea of the extra nutrients from the variety of oils nourishing my face just a little more than regular RHO would. RRP $21.95.

Personal Training + Sun Salutations

I’ve long avoided any form of yoga which focuses on sun salutations, due to low blood pressure & weak upper body strength which meant a lot of the poses were difficult for me. Since re-starting personal training and beginning to whip myself into shape, my upper arm strength has increased dramatically in a short period, and as such I can now do planks, low planks and cobra pose – YAY! From this I’m slowly developing a love for the way that this more active form of yoga makes me feel, and am considering taking an Ashtanga Beginners course soon 🙂

Yoga by Candlelight

I’m a super lucky duck and was recently sent the above goodies to trial, there’s a Dr Hauschka Lemon Bath, some healthy toothpaste (more on these two later) and some dreamy Luminessence soy candles in French Pear and Lemongrass + Ginger scents. I haven’t had a candle for a while so I was really excited to receive these, but was wondering how I could use them in a different way to the norm.

Solution: Yoga by candlelight. There really is something that makes a practice session that much more special when the lights are off, you’re bathed in a gentle flickering glow & the gentle scent of pears wafts about as you move from downward dog to plank pose.

And these eco-friendly, locally made (Margaret River!) Luminessence candles were perfect for the occasion! I use the French Pear variety when I want to wind down from a long day, and the Lemongrass + Ginger in the mornings to gently awaken my senses and they work a treat. Available online from Peachy Clean.

I would love to hear your crushes for the week, let me know below! 🙂

Be well,




  1. Peachy says:

    Such a fan of candlelight yoga! Renee Kendall hosted a candlelight class for the last Earth Hour-amazing! Glad you love the candles too! My faves are White Peach and Coconut and Persian Spice (a bit like chai!) Enjoy your new ‘guns’ Annette Schwarzenegger 😉 xxx

  2. I can’t get enough of the 24/7 Radiance- it really does give Radiance!! I’ve had my eart set on finding the Weleda Rose Bath Oil but t seems t was discontinued so the lemon was my 2nd choice- have read great things! Go the guns!

    On the flip side I’m pregnant and have started suffering from pelvic girdle dysfunction so am not doing a flow style yoga instead a very gentle (frustratingly so) prenatal yoga regularly and my once toned arms have flabbed up 🙁

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Oh I LOVE yoga by candlelight. Have been trying to source some soy, paraben-free candles that don’t cost a fortune but not much luck yet – might give these ones a go! Thanks for the great post. My obsession lately is essential oil facial mist. Love!!! Do you use any?

  4. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hello lovely ladies!

    Peachy: I went to Renee’s class last year and it was AWESOME! I’d love to go to more yoga by candlelight / even organise some as it was a really special and gorgeous experience! The chai candle sounds delish 🙂 Not quite at Arnie level yet… but hopefully soon 😉

    Julie: So good to hear someone else is experiencing the same kind of magical results with the Kosmea product, I’ve been using various rosehips for years now (after using Kosmea as my first) and it really seems to be a more concentrated product, I’m definitely noticing much more of a glow in my skin after using this one for about a week now. Awesome stuff! Poor thing about the yoga :((( I’m sure once the little babe has arrived they’ll tone back up in no time with lots of carrying around!

    Jacqueline: Yes these are lovely! There are a TON of facial mists that I love, some of them are on Peachy’s site 🙂 I love the Sodashi Rejuvenating Mist:

    The Sodashi Space Clearing Mist:

    As well as the ‘Be Genki’ Serenity Mist:

    All are divine xxx

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