Perth Beauty Treatment Review: AVIVA City Collection Spray Tan at Shredded, Floreat.

All my experiences of spray tanning are via my family, some of whom have made some dreadful orangey-choices regarding their colours. I myself have never done it. I’m a very, very translucent pale white, and it seemed impossible that it was something I could investigate and still fall into “pale” territory, and therefore it was with some trepidation I visited Megan at Shredded in Floreat for a layer of AVIVA City Collection tan, images of Snooki dancing in my brain.

The colour chosen was Hollywood, which was a gold spectrum. I’d erroneously believed that the three colours were shades – light, medium, dark – and thus learned they were actually spectrums on their own, the shade being chosen by the amount applied and how long it is left on the skin before being washed off. Hollywood was golden, Miami was bronzed and Vegas was chocolately/latte. Since I’m the pale type and I’d clarified that I only wanted to tone down the glow a little, I was advised to leave the product on for 30 minutes before washing off.

I left Shredded sticky, smelling a bit like a barbeque and with seams of brown dye collecting on the inside of my elbows. After washing it off I was honestly surprised (because I’m a pessimist) at how even and seamless the tan was. I’d opted for the disposable g-string as opposed to my own underwear, and while it was awkward during the session (naked in paper underwear in front of a full length mirror and a stranger) I was glad once I saw the finished product. The untanned areas (i.e. two tiny strips over my hips) were startlingly white, which was my proof that it had taken. The tan was a subtle one, and not particularly obvious on my skin – my face looked paler than usual and I looked more toned than I otherwise would. The areas of my body that are usually glaringly translucent – inner elbows, boobs, collarbones – were all glossed over, bringing me back to a human colour and making me look less sick than I had previously.

Sadly it’s not intended to be a longterm fix – five days later and I’m more or less back to the shade I was, but for events and quick-fix spray tanning, this is a really nice option. Megan was really lovely and professional, and the process (while tickly) was very easy. If I were the Spring Races type, I daresay this would have been my first port of call – as it is I really enjoyed my brief stint of being handsomely (pale) golden.
The City Collection is $40 an application, cheaper for Shredded members. Give them a call on 9284 0144 for finer details!

Have you tried an AVIVA tan before? Where is your favourite place in Perth to get a spray tan? Leave a comment below!

Review by Suzanne from Don’t They Know Who I Am?

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  1. Paula says:

    Currently awaitig the arrival of this exact tan solution! I have had it once before and was happy with how it looked, left it for between 60/90 and looked quite natural (im very pale/blue eyes/blonde hair) haven’t tried Miami yet but heard good things so considering buying it also. Find Aviva a little sticky but when only waiting 30-90 minutes its def no biggie! I’m a regular spray tanner, have my own machine and spray myself most weeks! Fave brands are OzTan, Aviva and Vani-T.

  2. Casey Rand says:

    We use Aviva in our Beauty Salon there isn’t another tan out there that’s come close to the quality and look Aviva brings., and believe me I have tried a few 🙂

    Casey Rand
    Beauty Salon

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