Raw Food "Cooking" Classes and Workshops in Perth!

I've had a lot of emails asking me to suggest raw food “cooking” classes and workshops in Perth, so I thought I'd make a nice little database for everyone with a list of all the classes and workshop providers that I know of! Please send me an email if you think I'm missing someone and I'll update the list.

♥ Wellness with Michelle – http://www.wellnesswithmichelle.com/cooking-classes
♥ The Raw Kitchen – http://www.therawkitchen.com.au/The_Raw_Kitchen/Workshops.html
♥ The Health Collective – https://www.facebook.com/ReclaimHnF
♥ Loose Produce – http://www.looseproduce.com.au
♥ A Foodly Affair – http://afoodlyaffair.com/classes
♥ CNR Cafe – http://www.cnr.net.au

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♥ Angie Mac – https://www.facebook.com/Angie.Mac.Australia

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♥ Teach the World Raw – http://www.teachtheworldraw.org/index.htm
♥ Revital Health – http://www.revitalhealth.com.au
♥ AJ Wellness – http://ajwellness.com.au
♥ The Green Bean Store & Cafe – http://www.greenbeanstore.com.au
♥ Wild Raw – http://www.wildraw.com.au
♥ Rawsome – https://www.facebook.com/gorawsome
♥ Food Coaching with Marion Eggers http://www.foodcoaching.com.au/raw-food-classes-in-perth/

Have fun getting healthy and learning to whip up delicious raw treats! If I've missed any, please send me an email to let me know! X

Be well,





  1. Kate Quinn - Passionate Gourmet says:

    Hi Annette!

    Thank you for including Passionate Gourmet on your list, it’s such a privilege! I wanted to let your readers know that I’m not offering classes at present (though I’m asked regularly to start them again) and will be updating the site soon. However, I’m always happy to answer questions and share resources.

    Kate xx

  2. Annette @ Wellness WA says:

    Hi Kate,

    No worries at all! 🙂

    Be sure to let me know when/if you’re back up & running classes!


  3. Kate Quinn says:

    Another one to add is Chef Cat Canizzarro from WildRaw, she teaches a range of raw food and raw chocolate classes in Dunsborough, Mandurah (Dynamic Organic) and Perth (Loose Produce).

    Her website is http://www.wildraw.com.au and her Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/pages/WildRaw/164834773575579

  4. Stacey says:

    I believe the lovely people at Rawsome may also be doing raw dessert classes 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for the mention, Annette!

    I will have a class calendar up soon. In the meantime, I can be found delivering mindful eating talks/demos at the Less Is More Festival on 16 February.

    Hope to see you there,

    H 🙂