Beauty Salon Review: Eyelash Tint & Perm at Love Bodyworx in Success, Perth.

Many years ago I discovered the delight that is an eyelash perm and tint. However on some occasions, I also discovered the woe! When done properly it is amazing. When done wrong it can be a disaster! It’s taken me 10 years to give it a go again and who better to try than Tracey from Love Bodyworx in Success.

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Firstly your eyes will be cleansed of any make-up. Tracey then decides what size roller to use. The size depends on the length and thickness of your lashes and how much lift you want. My lashes are little and I wanted maximum impact so we decided on small. A roller too big will have little or no effect.

After this Tracey places the soft plastic sticky rods that act like rollers onto your eyelids with some putty. The next step is critical – Tracey has to quickly but carefully separate and place each eyelash across the roller in a precise way. Once the perming solution goes on that is exactly how they will stay. If they are crossed over that is how they remain and if your bottom lashes get caught they will look like a poodle.

Once perfectly positioned the perming solution is applied. It stays there for about 10-15 minutes and is then gently washed off. Then a neutraliser is added for about 8 minutes, then gently washed off. Your beautician must use products of the same brand for everything as there is less chance of irritation.

Tracey then gently eases the rollers off your eyelids with lots of soothing cold water. Next step is the eyelash tint – go for blue black, it is the darkest colour. The tint is gently painted on and allowed to take, then washed off and voila! REAL superstar eyelashes and they are all mine, no falsies and messy glue required!

I was so impressed I kept looking at my eyelashes in the rear vision mirror and my work mates were astounded. My eyelashes that used to point downwards now sit perfectly and they look even better with mascara on! I more than love them! They are amazing! I still can’t stop looking at them a week later.

The whole process takes an hour and lasts for 6 weeks, or however long it takes for your eyelashes to fall out naturally. It’s like a little bit of magic! You won’t regret it, but only if you go to a talented beautician like Tracey.

Love Bodyworx (open Tuesday to Saturday)
254 Wentworth Parade, Success
Price: $87 ($22 lash tint, $65 perm)
(08) 9368 0396

What is your eyelash trick? Temporary falsies? Lash extensions? 3 coats of mascara? What works for you?

Kristy Mollica freelance radio and tv presenter and lover of all things so not beige!

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