Gettin’ Sweaty: A Month of Infrared Sauna Treatments at Kardia Skin & Body (Tuart Hill, Perth)

When I was little, I absolutely LOVED Winter. Give me cloudy, chilly, rainy weather any day and I was happy as a lamb. These days I’m basically cold-blooded and love Summer, sunshine, heaters on at all times, 6 blankets on the bed and 4+ cups of hot tea a day. Bliss.

If this sounds like you, you’re going to love what I share with you next. What if there was a way that you could get ridiculously glowing skin, a little bit of sweaty cardio, a little bit of detox and a lot of delicious toasty warm heat that is doing a tonne of other good things for your body at the same time?

You can! And this is where an Infrared Sauna comes in. For a really quick rundown – an Infrared Sauna is said to heat you up from the body’s core, rather than heat the air around you like a traditional sauna. That’s why the air feels totally different in your Infrared box – it actually feels really gentle and cosy rather than the super intense heat of your gym’s sauna.

A friend introduced me to the owner of a new beauty & skincare clinic in Tuart Hill, Natasha from Kardia Skin & Body, who uses an Infrared Sauna daily and offers sessions in her clinic. Natasha is absolutely stunning & if she says a sauna helps her get that way, then sign me up!

I decided to book in for a month’s worth of sauna treatments, approximately 3-4 per week, and cross my fingers that my skin could look as glowing as Natasha’s after that amount of time. What follows is my week by week account of my road to glow.

Week 1:

I’m sooo excited to be starting my detox, relax & glow program at Kardia tonight! I personally receive SO many benefits from just one session – ultra glowing skin, a deep sense of relaxation & a positive and joyful mindset are my top results! Hoping to multiply these results with ongoing sessions, stay tuned! 💦💕✨

This home salon/wellness studio has to be seen to be believed – absolutely stunning & you feel peaceful as soon as you step inside the doors. There’s soft towels, flowers, Doterra oils, and an amazing filtered & alkalising water machine to keep you hydrated pre & post sauna – loving this!

Week 2:

My body is feeling great after all the sauna sessions so far, another positive benefit is that I’m recovering quicker from my workouts which is a bonus. I can really see how including an infrared sauna as part of my wellness routine could create optimal results.

I accidentally ate some icecream and had a mega breakout – NOOOO! I’m back in the sauna trying to sweat out my sins. Natasha gives me a sample vial of a product that she uses in her facials that should help “dissolve” the zit, I give it a go that night and it definitely helps.

Week 3:

I’ve been busy at work and come down with a cold, I’ve also just been offered a three day juice cleanse with Pure Glow Cleanse. It’s actually the perfect time for this as I don’t feel like eating and hopefully it will enhance the benefits of my saunas! There’s an activated charcoal juice and this is my favourite to drink while sweating it out. It’s so good!

My favourite part of being in the infrared box is after about 10 minutes of relaxing in there, when the sweat starts to kick in and my skin is tinged with a sweaty glow. Love it.

Week 4:

Even my elbow is sweating today.

While this wasn’t something I was looking for, I’ve lost 2 kilos from a combination of travelling recently (Sri Lanka!), saunas, juice cleanse & maybe my cold. I’m looking forward to keeping it off as my stomach is looking pretty flat right now and I feel great.

One of my biggest tips is to keep SUPER hydrated before and after the sauna so you can 1) sweat it out with ease, if you’re not hydrated enough the body will try harder to hold onto the water, 2) replenish the h20 that you lose during the session.

I’ve found my time in the sauna to be, at times, deeply reflective. With nothing but your sweat to keep you company, each new drop seems to bring with it a fresh contemplation: Is “glamping” something I should consider doing? How many frogs live within a 1km radius of my house? How can I figure out and achieve my deepest goals in life? The thoughts are coming thick and fast, with no rhyme or reason to many of them. I let them come and go as they please.

End result?

Toxins begone, glow be mine 😅💦😘 I really saw the compounded benefits after my 4 weeks of session at Kardia, especially when I added on the 3-day cleanse in the middle. I haven’t had any breakouts, my skin is noticeably clearer and glowier despite being sick and I’m feeling FANTASTIC. I would recommend this to anyone.

How many times a week should you go? It really depends on you and your schedule. Basically, the more the merrier and the quicker you’ll get your glowy results. But if all you can squeeze in is once a week or fortnight then you’ll see more gradual benefits.

Lets chat about infrared saunas, have you had one before? Would you like to try it? Leave a comment below!

Sessions provided by Kardia Skin & Body for review consideration. All views are honest & my own.

Be well,


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