New Perth Beauty Clinic Review: Hydrafacial @ Youth Lab by Dr Kate, West Perth.

What if I told you that there was a way to get your skin in tip-top, glowy shape that only required 1 facial a month for 3 months, and then every 2-3 months after that.

Sound good?

That’s what the signature Hydrafacial offering at Perth’s newest beauty clinic, Youth Lab by Dr Kate, promises – and after just one treatment I’m convinced they can deliver.

To start with, this is no ordinary beauty clinic. Dr Kate is one of Perth’s most highly regarded medical aestheticians and she has the raving, dedicated following to prove it. Kate specialises in dermal fillers & cosmetic injectables, non-surgical beauty treatments and other advanced dermal therapies. Most of these aren’t on my radar as I personally align with a more natural approach to beauty (green smoothies, yoga and saunas come at me!), however I’ve seen her work and if you’re looking for this type of service then she is second to none in Perth.

As I mentioned, I generally stick to yoga, green drinks, sweating it out, green tea, vitamin supplements and trying to get to bed early as my “beauty routine”, however after a busy couple of months and more soft pretzels with chocolate dipping sauce than I care to share with the internet, it was time for some serious measures to get my skin back on track and the opening of Youth Lab came at just the right time.

Located on a relaxed, leafy-green West Perth street, the clinic is set in a spacious building with multiple rooms and a chic but welcoming well-lit interior. There’s free parking out the front and it’s very easy to access via public transport – win win. Upon arrival there’s pomegranate tea, comfy lounges and stacks of books to flick through while you wait.

My therapist Alison has the clearest, most glowing skin I’ve ever seen (actually, everyone who works there does!), and is incredibly knowledgable and welcoming. We have a chat and then get down to serious business – it’s Hydrafacial time!

Key Points

♥ The Hydrafacial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts blackheads/clogged pores, AND intensely hydrates the skin within just one treatment

♥ The machine used has an abrasive tip and vacuum to simultaneously suck up the dead cells and dirt, whilst infusing your skin with antioxidants & hyaluronic acid for gleaming skin!

♥ Glycolic & salicylic acid are used for the pore extractions. These two work together to gently dislodge

♥ You get to check out the dirt/gunk that is removed from your skin afterwards… if you’re brave enough!

♥ This facial is perfect for improving skin congestion, and would particularly suit those with breakouts and blackheads

After my facial, I’m taken into another room to lay under the Healite, which is an LED light (simliar to Omnilux) that promises to help promote skin rejuvenation, as well as targeting acne bacteria. Win win. Laying underneath the Healite is like basking in the sunshine on a warm day, bliss.

Post-treatments I’m feeling a little self-conscious with my totally bare skin on display, but I can see the instant improvement in texture, glow & clarity.

The team at Youth Lab recommend 3 treatments to start with, once a month for three months for the best results. If you really want to ramp up the results & acne and sun damage are your primary concerns, a course of 6 monthly treatments is recommended. Following the initial treatment course you can get away with a facial every 2-3 months – which is music to my ears!

The Nitty Gritty

Cost: $149 for the Hydrafacial, Healite additional $50

Location: Youth Lab by Dr Kate, 1 Richardson Street West Perth WA 6005

Special Offer
: If you’re keen to make a booking and check out this facial, just mention Wellness WA for 20% off your first Hydrafacial before the end of March 2018!

Have you had a Hydrafacial before? Would you try one? Let’s chat in the comments!

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