Four Skincare Products to Obsess Over this Summer

While glowing skin is in all year round, our WA summer brings its own set of challenges. With the scorching heat, daily drenchings with salty sea water, sweat, and maybe even a bit too much debauchery (naturally), your delicate skin can easily be thrown out of sorts during our favourite season.

To help inspire your skincare routine this summer, I’ve rounded up a list of 4 products (internal & external) that are going to be on heavy rotation for me over the coming months – and chat about why I’m trusting these particular skin saviours to keep me glowing and fresh through the inevitable heat waves to come!

Go-To ‘Fancy Face’ Nourishing Oil Cleanser – $45

Since I bought this baby approximately 6 months ago, it has been partying with my skin on a twice-daily basis. I’m a two showers a day kinda gal, and this product is the first one I reach for when I jump in. With it’s dreamy, subtly floral scent, easy-breezy squirty-pumpy application, and deliciously nourishing formula – hi approximately 3 trillion good-for-ya-skin oils – this one is a sure fire winner for my skin as it melts away any dirt / makeup / whoknowswhat and leaves it looking and feeling freshly plump and glowing every time.

Did I forget to mention that the bottle is cute and I feel cool using it. Well both of these things are true. Perfect to use after a long day at the beach, too.

The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost – from $25

I’m a MASSIVE fan of internal skincare + wellness. Set me loose in the supplement section of any store and there’s no way I’m leaving without at least one new product that claims to nourish me from within and provide some new life-altering benefit that I won’t be able to live without moving forward.

Call me a sucker if you will. Some girls like shoes, I like supplements.

The Beauty Chef vegan collagen drink has been a long time favourite of mine in this category, with just a tablespoon needed daily, and the delicious berry taste that will dance with your taste buds like Someone Who is a Really Cool Dancer, you wont find it hard to add this one into your daily routine.

It’s packed full of collagen supporting goodness such as Vitamin C, fermented berries that are meant to be amazing for your gut (and in turn your skin), sea minerals, goji powder, gotu kola, grapeseed, pomegranate, a skin-specific probiotic strain and WAY too many more to mention, you’ll definitely feel like you’re doing your skin a massive favour.

I find I need to take it for at least 3-4 weeks consistently to start noticing a difference in my ‘glow’, which is consistent with most research that I’ve read on supplements and lifestyle changes in general. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this product for daily use, and if you stick to it – you’ll reap the radiant rewards.

ESK Hydroxy Overnight Mask – $50

If you’re looking for a hardworking overnight hero, then you can’t go past this salicylic acid based mask.

Perfect for a wide range of skin types, from oily to acne prone to sun damaged to sensitive, this overnight wonder-mask is a fantastic once-a-week addition to your nightly skincare routine to ensure your skin is soft & glowing by morning.

It works by slowly dissolving dead skin cells and excess keratin while you sleep – you’ll be having sweet skin dreams in no time!

I have a bit of a plan for my night time skincare – 2 x a week I use a nourishing oil, 2 x a week I use something a little more active (like this mask!), 3 x a week I give my skin a breather. I always use this mask the night after I’ve used one of the oils, as I feel it works best that way, and can then dissolve any mini dead skin cell clogs that may have occurred over the previous 24 hours.

Melrose Organic 3-6-7-9 Omega Oil – from $16.95

I like to think of this product as one of my little secrets. In the name of complete honesty, I’ve actually fallen off the omega oils wagon recently, but I’m jumping back on today and am going to make sure I take my daily tablespoon because the health, hormone & skin benefits are far too good to not.

So why am I including this in my summer skincare roundup? Well, as mentioned above, it’s all well and good (and definitely important) to apply external skincare, but in reality, the major skin improvement benefits will always come from what we put in our body.

Particularly for vegans & vegetarians, if you aren’t taking an omega supplement – your skin and health will suffer. I really like the Melrose blend as it contains the exact ratio of omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 oils that optimally support human health.

During summer, it’s especially important, as the skin is more prone to dryness and sunburn – ensuring an adequate daily supply of omega oils will support your glow, minimise dryness and just generally keep your skin in good shape.

As an added bonus, I personally find that my hormones balance out realllllly well when I’m taking this daily, my libido fires up like crazy (omega 3 is the building block of sex hormones in men & women), my brain feels like it’s working better – kinda like a well oiled car, and I recover from exercising a lot quicker, so honestly – what’s not to love?

Head on over to the @wellnesswa Instagram to let me know what you think – what are your favourite products during summer?

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