The 6 Can’t-Live-Without Pieces from Under Armour that you NEED in 2022 (Womens & Mens!)

♥ Under Armour Brand House – Karrinyup

With a brand new year comes brand new opportunities to rework the bits & pieces of your life that maybe weren’t 100% in 2021.

For me, I’m making health and fitness my top priority this year. I’ve cut down my work hours to 25 hours and have scheduled 3 days off each week, and the hours that I am working are based around attending specific yoga & fitness classes in the mornings and afternoons.

Put simply – ya girl is serious about getting fit again. I have about 10 kilos that I’d like to lose in order to be within the healthy weight range and feeling like my best self (I know it’s unpopular to talk about losing weight, but it’s my truth and I think it’s important to share that you can still love yourself, and also have weight loss goals).

With that said, when the opportunity came up to visit the new Under Armour Brand House Karrinyup, I was very keen! What better way to start a new year and kick some goals than with a fresh new wardrobe from one of the most popular activewear brands on the market? There’s just something so motivating about a new outfit, and I’m more than happy to draw on every available resource (psychological or not!) to help me hit my goals.

I have to admit that I was fairly unaware of Under Armour before trying their clothing – but after visiting them at their brand new Karrinyup digs late last year – now I can’t go a single day without spotting many multiple people sporting their gear!

I also convinced my boyfriend, Ben, who has some 2022 fitness goals of his own, to give a few pieces a whirl – and he’s also a convert.

We’ve put together a list of our top 3 pieces each in the Women’s & Men’s categories – to help you hit your own health & fitness goals in 2022 – let’s dive in.

Meridian Bike Shorts

Starting this list with any other piece than the Meridian Bike Short just wouldn’t make sense, it’s pretty much all I’ve been wearing for the past 4 months – chillin’ at home? Check. Going for a run? Check. Heated yoga? Check. HIIT workout? Check. Popping down to the shops for a bag of chips? Check.

What I like so much about this unassuming short, is that it’s the perfect length (8 inches), super soft and high-waisted while not being constricting and uncomfortable on the tummy, doesn’t cut in on the thigh, is squat-proof, and also has pockets (yaaaay!).

It really is the perfect all-rounder short for WHATEVER you want to do! I will admit, at first I wasn’t sure because I normally like my bike shorts slightly shorter than this, but I’ve since been won over and the little bit of extra length means I’m not constantly tugging down my shorts during my workout.

I will note that if you’re using this for more intense exercise, over time the fabric will become a little textured – not quite pilling but just a more brushed texture rather than smooth. This doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but having worked in the activewear industry for many years now – I know this is an issue for some people. So if you’re super particular about keeping your fabric 100%, I’d recommend hand washing in cool water, laying flat to dry, and just using these for more gentle exercise like yoga and pilates.

UA Rush Tank

What’s a pair of shorts without the perfect matching tank top to go with it? The UA Rush Tank is a light-weight, super sweat friendly tank top that comes in plain black and is the perfect pal to pair with your Meridian Shorts.

I find myself reaching for this one when I’ve off to a functional strength class at FitStop, a run, or heated yoga. I love that it’s a slightly looser fit, which I find very flattering and I don’t have to worry about fabric clinging. You can do a tiny tuck of the tank into the shorts so the top doesn’t fly over your head during downward dog, and the extra breeze on my arms during a super sweaty workout is very much appreciated.

It doesn’t stick to your body and is ultra quick drying too – love this addition to my fitness wardrobe!

HOVR Phantom 2 Intelliknit Running Shoes

I was immediately drawn to these shoes because I felt like they had a “cyber hacker babe” vibe to them, and that is how I wish to view myself moving forward.

The Intelliknits are super comfortable to wear, and I’m reaching for them without fail every single time I go for a lap around the local park, jog around Lake Monger, or even if I’ve just got a busy day filled with lots of errands about town.

They come in loads of different styles and designs, and truth be told I want absolutely all of them.

I would highly recommend these for anyone looking for a cute, lightweight walking / running shoe that’ll make you feel like you’re walking on air.

Rush Compression Long Sleeve Top and Shorts (Men’s UA Rush Heatgear 2.0 Long Sleeve & and half tights)

It is Under Armour’s compression line that intrigued me the most when I was browsing their collection. I have been using compression garments for years, and they have become particularly important to me as I have gotten older. I’m nearly 40, and increased muscle soreness is just a reality of staying active as you enter middle age.
I have tried a lot of brands, but never Under Armour and I have to say I am impressed. The first thing I noticed is just how light they are compared to other compression garments I have tried. It is a revelation. When I wear compression gear I just expect to be hot after a workout, but not with Under Armour Rush. It kept me cool and comfortable for my entire 70 minute session, and still provided me with the support I expect from a compression garment. If you have tried other brands and found the heat too much, I definitely recommend giving Under Armour a try. The Rush compression line really impressed me and they are very competitively priced.

You can find the shorts here, and the top here.

UA Streaker Run Short Sleeve

This, in my opinion, is the perfect workout shirt. It is so light weight and well ventilated that I knew as soon as put it on it would go the distance. As you can seen from the name, it is designed for running, but this top was equally as good in the gym. I had excellent range of motion and I barely felt its presence my entire workout. I love the cut of this shirt as well. Confidence is a significant element of a successful training regime. If you feel that positive energy about yourself, and about what you are doing, working out does not need to be a chore. I feel good in this shirt and that positive energy lets me push that little bit harder. I know that is a lot to put on shirt, but this is my go to if I am feeling little down before a workout and need a boost.

On top of that, it is literally half the price of other brands that are not even half as good as this. Highly recommended! You can find it online here.

UA Project Rock 4 Training Shoes

Okay, I admit it, I did not know that Under Armour did shoes. That is on me though because their collection is pretty impressive and includes a great selection of running and training shoes all the way to more practical varieties like hiking boots and protective gear.
I tried the Project Rock 4 Training shoes and what a find they were. I have always worked out in runners because I thought ‘Whatever, shoes are shoes.’ Well I was wrong, very wrong. In fact, I have been denying myself the extra support and stability you can get from shoes that are designed for purpose. Shoes that give you that little bit more confidence taking one those extra weight plates, that take the pressure off your ankle and let you power through a movement.

The Project Rock 4 does just that. As soon as you put them on you can feel the difference, with a knit compression collar that softly, but firmly, cradles your ankle. I immediately felt more stable. A rubber strap bisects the foot from the laces to the arch to provide that extra structure you just do not get with runners. This is a must for anyone looking to improve their balance doing weighted squats, lunges or deadlifts. You will feel the confidence you need to go for little bit heavier, and get those gains a little bit faster.

We tried on all of this fab gear at the Under Armour Brand House Karrinyup, where the staff were incredibly sweet, helpful and positive – it was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend popping in to check out their latest goodies if you’re in the area!

Have you tried the Under Armour brand before? What are your ‘must have’ pieces? Head on over to Instagram and let us know @wellnesswa!

Be well,

Annette & Ben


*Products provided by Under Armour for consideration, opinions are our own.

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