About Wellness WA
An inspiring journey through Perth & WA in search of beauty, healthy living & wellbeing. Annette searches high & low to find the best gems so you know where to go to get a stylish cut, a snooze inducing relaxation massage, the most zen inspiring yoga class… and so much more.

We also test out beauty & wellness products, healthy recipes & restaurants and serve up regular inspiration to help you on your way to ultimate wellbeing.

About Annette

Name: Annette
Weaknesses: 90 minute massages. Dogs with long ears. Naps.
Super Powers: Expert veggie burger creator. Yoga, green smoothie and massage advocate.

Annette, the creator of Wellness WA, lives in the most isolated city on Earth, Perth! With a weakness for all things related to wellbeing, pampering and beautifying, she experiences and documents her findings, so that you know before you go!

The idea for the Wellness WA website sprung from a frustration of not being able to read about someone elses experiences with a particular salon or spa before deciding whether it was worth the time, effort & cost.

“I kept searching the internet for reviews on day spas and coming up empty handed. I love reading reviews and I realised that other women (& men!) probably feel the same way, so I decided to do something about it & create what I’ve been looking for all this time.”

Along with our day spa & beauty salon reviews you’ll find information about yoga, pilates, health retreats, reflexology, reiki, organic restaurants, hairdressers, wellness tips & so much more!

Basically, anything that will make you feel amazing on the inside or outside can be found here. The list of ways to feel & look better is truly endless and we’re sure you will enjoy the journey & hopefully find a few new ways to improve yourself and your wellbeing!

Be well,

xo Annette

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