Frequently Asked Questions:

Qu 1. I would like you to trial a product / service / treatment for possible review on Wellness WA, how do I go about this?

♥ Please e-mail Annette @ info@wellnesswa.com.au or the contact page to find where to address packages and snail mail correspondence.

Qu 2. Are you interested in hearing from PR companies?

♥ As long as the product/service is relevant then we are very happy to hear from PR companies. Please keep in mind that we do our best not to support brands who test on animals and that there is no guarantee of editorial coverage if we trial a product/service. If we love it and think our readers will love it and it’s relevant to them, we’ll most certainly write about it! If not, we will let you know.

Qu 3. Can I write for you? Do you accept guest posts?

♥ We’re always looking for bright sparks from W.A. who are passionate about beauty, health & wellbeing and can spin a great tale about their experiences. Drop us a line if you think you fit the bill! And yes, we’re always interested in guest posts with other bloggers in similar circles! 🙂

Qu 4. Can I advertise my business/product on Wellness WA?

♥ We are currently accepting advertisers whose values align with our own for very cheap rates! If you’ve got something amazing our readers would love, get in touch!

QU 5. Is Wellness WA your full time job?

♥ No! I (Annette) work on Wellness WA 1 day a week, and in the arts sector for the rest of the week. This doesn’t include nights and weekends where you will most likely find me in front of my computer dreaming up fresh new wellness content and editing our contributors articles!

Qu 6. Where can I get a fish pedicure in Perth / anywhere other than overseas?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Many people are trying to make it happen, but there are too many health and safety implications at the moment. Find out more here.

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