Ananda Designs – Yoga Inspired Jewellery!

The power of positive thinking has resurged in recent times thanks to ethically dubious sources such as Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, as well as a far more pleasant upsurge in wellness exercise programs like Yoga and Tai Chi. Anyone who has participated in something as common as a Yoga program can attest to the focus on wellbeing and inward calm – processes like breathing exercises, guided meditations and the setting of intentions are all wound up in the Yoga experience, and I think we can all agree that the feeling of a decent Yoga class is one of the more dizzily euphoric – perhaps topped by tripping and falling into Jeremy Renner’s lap. Maybe.

One of the more pleasantly materialistic side effects of this popularity is the product focus – beautiful LuluLemon exercise gear, indestructible branded yoga mats, even homewares with definite Eastern slants have flourished, and one of the more beautiful and enjoyable sides of this is jewellery – Yoga/Wellbeing specific jewellery, created with precious stones and with the intent to focus and improve the outlook of the wearer.

Ananda Designs is the brainchild of the charming and lovely Christina Zipperlen, dividing her time between Bali and Perth while designing and overseeing the creation of her pieces. She collected stones as a child, and inherited two special pieces from her mother, inspiring her further studies into semi-precious stones and their meanings. The fruits of her labor are stunning, handcrafted pieces with stones relating to their unique functions – to restore wellbeing, to detoxify and cleanse, and to balance.

“My daily yoga practice has become a very special time in my day, allowing me to deeply connect with myself and just be, and leaving me with such a beautiful feeling of inner peace. My wish is to spread this feeling to everyone who wears my jewellery.”
– Christina

♥ The gorgeous Christina

And Yoga laces the whole way through the collections: Yoga-centric terminology like “Shanti” and “Santosa” reappeared through the product listings, and as an additional dose of sweetness, all the rings bear the word “love” engraved into the inside band. It’s a gorgeous touch and bears testament to the level of detail and work that goes into each piece. Additionally there are detailed listings of the chakras and their aligning stones, to help a buyer more specifically target their custom made piece.

Of particular interest (personally) are the Malas – a long chain of stone beads that accompany a traditional priest or monk in prayer, in much the same way as rosary beads are used. There are a pre-determined number of stones for the short and long lengths, and the effect is truly gorgeous. Definitely at the top of my shopping list.

The pieces are created in Indonesia and Bali, 10% of each sale going to the Sacred Childhoods Foundation, an organisation preventing child trafficking and prostitution. Similarly the stones are sourced from ethically viable sources, and it’s rather nice to have such good intentions surrounding a piece of jewellery. It also helps that they’re beautiful.

Ananda Designs has a brand spanking new website, and a corresponding Facebook page. I think my yoga practice would benefit from a Mala. Yep, definitely.

Have you heard of yoga inspired jewellery before? Keen to incorporate some into your routine? Leave a comment below!

Article by Suzanne from Don’t They Know Who I Am?

Be well,