Product Review: Becca Mineral SPF Primer!

Yippee! I was lucky enough to be a winner in Adore Beauty’s Facebook giveaway (well, luck really had nothing to do with it. I wrote a killer rhyme to win!) and sure enough a teeny tube of Becca Mineral SPF Primer arrived in my PO Box (complete with a Time Out, these girls know how to swoon someone over).

The tube promises to deliver a ‘cocktail of anti-oxidant vitamins’ to my skin, which to me sounds a little worrying, but also to protect me from the sun with its SPF 30+ abilities!

Upon olfactory inspection, I’m pleasantly surprised! This baby smells like CAKE!!! Any makeup product that smells of sweet, delicious cake has already won a few points in my book.

The product is quite thick, and applies to my skin well. After waiting 5 minutes and peeking at my face in the mirror it has a slight glow to it.

My makeup applies well and I am pleased! Hurrah! I will definitely use this product again (the small tube I’ve got) and may potentially buy it again just so my face can be like cakes every day and also be protected from the sun!

For more info please see the Adore Beauty site!

Be well,