Beauty Salon Review: Wildflower Holistic Facial at Being She, Scarborough, Perth.

Nestled between an organic pizza shop (!!!) and a yoga school, Being She is a cute little beauty & gift salon on St Brigids Ave in Scarborough. I headed down there on a gentle spring day to take part in an exciting sounding treatment called the “Wildflower Holistic Facial“, which seemed like the perfect way to coax my skin away from winter dullness and transplant it firmly in the new season.

On the drive out to Scarborough I found myself noticing plenty of little flowers growing by the side of the road, which I thought was a good sign (even if they were just weedy dandelions, they were still pretty!)

Being She uses the Heritage Healers range exclusively. If you haven’t come across it before you’re in for a treat, organic and holistic wildflower essences which work inside and out to balance the skin and and promote wellbeing – Bliss!

The experience begins with a quiz to find out your ‘persona‘ (you can take the test online, here) which will determine some of the products used, as well as flower essence drops placed under the tongue at various points throughout the facial to help balance you internally!

I was a water babe, so took a mixture of Goddess Grasstree, Macrozamia and Purple Nymph Waterlily. The combination of these three essences helps to overcome vulnerability and sensitivity, balances out male and female energies, stimulates nurturing and caring qualities and overcomes emotional dependency. Sounds good!

Throughout the next hour my face was cleansed, moisturised, exfoliated, massaged, masqued, hot toweled and my arms massaged. What a wonderful day to spend a spring saturday morning!

I found this video on the Heritage Healers website which takes you through exactly what happens during the Wildflower Holistic Facial, handy!

I believe the true test of character of a good facial is how your skin looks the next day, and I’m happy to report that upon first morning peer into the mirror my skin looked clearer and the few pimples on my chin had gone down about 50% in size!

This facial won me over.

BeingShe also have a range of other interesting treatments, such as oxygen facials, Divine Goddess Facial (!!), Chakra Energy balancing & threading, among much more!


178a St Brigids Terrace
WA 6019



Ph: (08) 9341 3630

Be well,