Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Quinoa & Coconut Bircher Muesli with Banana Almond Paste!

Bircher muesli was invented by a Swiss doctor called Maximilian. Maximilian was a total dude; typically prescribing his patients gardening, muesli-eating and a 9pm bedtime! Max was really into people eating more fruit, and his original recipe has loads of fruit in it – but you’ll find modern bircher (and muesli in general) has more grains, less fruit.

Bircher sounds really complex and fancy but it’s mega easy. I’ve started making it a fair bit, easy to prep the night before and nice to wake up to… I like making a pretty neutral tasting bircher, so I leave out the apple juice and just use water and grated apple (which soaks the oats anyway). I then add a yum banana paste.

Bircher Ingredients (makes two big serves)

♥ 3 x cups Rolled oats (not toasted)
♥ 1 x cup (cooked) quinoa
♥ ½ cup shredded coconut
♥ ½ cup slivered almonds
♥ 1 cup grated green apple
♥ 1 cup water
♥ Can add in some LSA mix, or seeds (i.e. pepitas) if you want

Method: Pre-cook the quinoa as per the packet’s instructions, let it cool. Then mix all ingredients well in a big bowl. Cover with glad wrap, refrigerate overnight.

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Banana Cream

♥ ½ cup raw almonds (pre-soaked overnight)
♥ Handful dates
♥ 1 x banana

Method: Pre soak the almonds overnight. Combine the drained soaked almonds with the fresh banana and chopped dates in a food processor or blender, whiz until they form a smooth cream.

Next day (serving instructions):

Dollop some bircher into the bowl then chuck a spoonful of the paste onto it. Then sweeten it up with fruit – a good one is grapefruit – the bitterness of it contrasts with the sweet banana cream well. I used mango and yellow nectarine. Throw a few more almonds on top, or pistachios, then drizzle with honey (yoghurt if you’re not using the banana cream) and that’s it!

Good to impress friends with if they come over for brunch; or take it to work for a breakfast that will keep you feeling full until basically mid-afternoon!

What do you think of this recipe? Are you a muesli fan? Lets chat Bircher muesli below!

Review by Thousands Perth City Guide editor Danielle Marsland, who is a pretty big fan of Bircher muesli, hey.

Be well,