Win Win Win: One of 5 Echolife Jars of Facial Clay!

Currently my cleanser of choice, as well as being my weekly clearing mask – this multitasking jar of Echolife hydrated clay (RRP$21.40) has me yelling ‘YOU LITTLE BEAUTY‘!

If you’re not the type to yell whilst applying beauty products, that’s okay too, but I would like to share how I use this gem.


Take a small dollop of clay, say the size of a 10 cent piece, add warm water and apply to your face with the usual cleansing motions. Splash face with water to remove.

Weekly mask

Apply a thick-ish layer to your whole face, wait 15 minutes til it dries, wash off! This is one serious mask, I couldn’t smile or giggle while it was drying, and it drew out all my oil and gunk resulting in much clearer skin for the following few days.

So here’s where you come in… together with Echolife, we are giving away jars of this magical natural goo to FIVE lucky readers who care to share the following with us in the comments:

What natural products do you use as part of your beauty routine?

The winners will be drawn on Wed 20 July, one entry per person. Good luck! 🙂

Be well,