Product Review: Guy De On Haircare!

Recently, my hair has been getting real long. I’ve been growing it for ages in an attempt to get to a length that I call ‘mermaid hair’. I’m not too far from my goal, but with great hair lengths comes great responsibility. Unlike a real mermaid I am not underwater all the time and my hair is oft tormented by the ravages of dryness and breakages, split ends and unruliness. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the ends of my hair sometimes feel like straw or a broom. Or a straw broom.

Guy De On (natural care from the Dead Sea) have created a Peach Shampoo and a Peach Conditioner to help rehabilitate the hair follicles and prevent splitting and dehydration. Which is exactly what my straw broom is in need of. Both of these two products contain Peach Kernel Oil antioxidant (containing Vitamin F and fatty acids), Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and Meadow Foam Seed Oil and claim to replace essential elements that the sun and pollution steal from your hair. I was glad to hear this, because with the Australian sun returning in a couple of months to give us another long hot summer, my mermaid hair will need more care and attention than ever.

♥ Peach Shampoo – $25.80

After using the Peach Shampoo and Conditioner my hair (especially the ends) felt smooth and soft (as I was expecting) but also surprisingly lighter which was a great bonus considering that the longer your hair gets the more it can feel like a heavy lifeless curtain. I would almost go as far as saying that I felt like I had more volume in my hair, which for someone with dead straight follicles is not something that I can say after every wash. Also, and this is a far more personal preference, I don’t like to over-wash my hair (one or two times a week tops) and not all shampoo and conditioners can give a good enough clean to go the distance- but the Guy De On products seem to be able to handle two times a week without any trouble.

♥ Relaxation Bath Crystals – $30.25

One last honourable mention from Guy De On is the Dead Sea Relaxation Bath crystals. I was having one of those weeks, the kind of awful week where it’s only Tuesday and you just can’t wait for it to be over. You know the kind. Well, my week was made significantly more bearable by having a bath with these Guy De On crystals every night which maybe that was slightly indulgent of me, but the beautiful smell of the crystals (extracted from the Dead Sea) and the aromatic oils really helped soak away my aches and pains and made me feel a little less like I was falling apart.

Who would have thought that such life-giving products could come from the Dead Sea?

Review by Adriane Daff, actress and Dead Sea Devotee!

Products were provided for consideration.

Be well,