Poynter Farmers’ Market, Purple Carrot Tea & Rainbow Beetroot and Purple Carrot Salad.

Poynter Farmers’ Market, ahh to have a Saturday off, visiting this place was definitely on my list of things to do. It may be small but it’s loaded with fresh local produce, rainbow beetroots, carrots, silverbeet, sweet mangoes, berries and amazing bananas – all the seasonal foods you’d hope for!

The aroma of fresh breads, pastries, cakes, chutneys, herbs and flowers decorate the entrance and I wanted to take it all home… but I could only fit what I could into my backpack, so I made sure it was an array of mixed colours, letting the leaf tops burst out my back pack to ride in the wind on my cycle back home.

Before my cooking begins, a pot of herbal tea to hydrate the soul;

♥ ½ – 1 diced purple carrot
♥ zest of one large lemon,
♥ a good chunk of finely diced ginger

My market haul

Steep in your favourite teapot for 5 – 10 minutes and sip away whilst getting stuck into a Rainbow Beetroot and Purple Carrot Salad;

♥ 2 large purple carrots
♥ 1 large rainbow beetroot
♥ bunch of coriander
♥ 1 large green apple
♥ 1 lemon
♥ ½ red onion

You could dice all ingredients by hand or better still combine all ingredients into a processor or Thermomix (I don’t have one of these luxury items yet, but my mum’s is amazing) season with a wee bit of salt (or crushed celery seeds) and drizzle with some cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy on its own, with quinoa or a fresh salmon fillet.

Bon appetit!

Poynter Farmers’ Market is a fortnightly market located at:

Poynter Primary School
Poynter Drive, Duncraig

9am-12noon – check their website for the next market weekend!

Have you tried purple carrots or rainbow beetroot before?

Review by Adele Plumridge, Natural Medicine Naturopath & food coach; offers personalised consultations, detox programs plus food & health workshops.

Be well,