Something Glossy, Something Grainy, Something Green.

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One of the many, many perks of running a website like Wellness WA, is that we get to test out and report back to you on all sorts of beautifying and life improving products and services, so that you can minimize time & money wasting and just get to the good stuff!

Recently these three products have rocked my little world…

Bloom Colour Card for Lips – in Pretty in Pink

This little beauty friend is so awesome! How many times have you not been able to choose between gloss colours? For me, it’s pretty much every day. With this tiny guy (the size of a credit card!) you can bring along a whole host of colours with you, compactly.

I’ve found it perfect for my general indecisiveness and the colours are all very flattering on my fair skin tone. There are two other palettes available as well, found on the Adore Beauty website. The best part is the price, $14.95 RRP for 6 gloss colours AND they have a yummy vanilla / mandarin flavour.

Franc Essential – Exfoliate

One of the best exfoliators I’ve used in YONKS is from local brand Franc Essential.

It’s filled with all sorts of goodies including BAMBOO (!!!), I found that after using it my skin was the smoothest it has been in a loooooong time. I’d been using an old faithful apricot style scrub, but found it wasn’t really setting my world on fire. The Franc Essential one makes the grade, I could not stop touching my skin afterwards.

The other great thing is that the founder, Chantal, is very generous and willing to send samples so you can test out the brand for yourself!

Get in touch with her via:

Franc Essential
Phone: +61 8 9252 1638

Grant’s Liquid Chlorophyll

If you haven’t heard of it before, chlorophyll can very unscientifically be described as the “green stuff” that you see in plants and leaves.

This “green stuff” is pretty good for you, it contains lots of vitamins & minerals, is alkalising and is a source of every essential amino acid. Not bad!

I take my daily teaspoon of Liquid Chlorophyll in the mornings with a glass of water and a tiny splash of juice, it has a strong spearminty flavour and without the juice is just a BIT too strong for me, I’m kind of a wimp though!

I couldn’t describe any definite benefits I’ve noticed from taking it, however I think it’s a great inclusion if you’re looking for optimum wellbeing and it claims to naturally take away bad breath and body odour, so I like taking it, I think of it as insurance ;)!

Have you tried any of these products before?

Keen to now?

What beauty / health products have you been loving lately?

Be well,