Giveaway Time: Just in time for the heat… Echolife Facial Mists!

As the heat begins to descend upon us again this week in the West, it seems like the perfect time to start thinking about the numerous ways to keep cool.

Here are a few of my tips, though with my un-airconditioned apartment and ghostly pallor I am certainly on the look out for more:

♥ PILLOWCASES IN THE FREEZER. Unfortunately it only lasts super, super briefly, but it can be a welcome few minutes reprieve.
♥ Staying hydrated. This is a biggie. Your body needs HEAPZ more water in summer. Give it what it wants.
♥ Iced green tea with lemon. Nuff said! There are some pretty snazzy T2 iced tea jugs which I think will be making their way into my already overcrowded fridge this summer.
♥ Fresh chopped fruit, chilled in the fridge for a bit.
FACE MISTS! (once again, chilled in the fridge for bonus cooling points)

Our good friends over at Echolife have just come out with a fancy new range of cooling face mists, which have the added bonus of being either rejuvenating (rose), purifying (tea tree – great for problem skin), clarifying (witch hazel – an excellent toner) or calming (lavender – good for general relaxing + blemishes).

Spray throughout the day to keep cool, or onto freshly cleansed skin to get the extra benefits of the natural ingredients.

This cool feeling could be yours! 😉

We have three Echolife Facial Mists to give away, one Tea Tree, Witch Hazel & Lavender.

To win, simply let us know what your favourite thing about summer is, and which one you’d love to win! (Tip: You can click through the links above to find a more in-depth list of the benefits of each one)

Winners will be drawn on 1st December, the first day of summer, so get cracking!

So much love to everyone!

Be well,