Hairdresser Review: Siimon for Hair, Wembley – Perth.

♥ Siimon for Hair ♥

I love the idea of having a locked in service provider. You know – your GP, your dentist, your acupuncturist, so on and so forth, and whilst I’ve got most of these set, a locked in hairdresser has eluded me for a long time. I want to have someone who knows me, knows my hobbies and stupid idiosyncrasies and knows who I am immediately when I call. I essentially want an extra boyfriend/girlfriend who is good with the scissors. Some would think I’m asking too much, which is a valid point, but I am very happy to tell you that I have found this, in Siimon, the chatty and thoroughly wonderful proprietor of Siimon for Hair in Wembley.

As silly as it sounds, I arrived at Siimon for purely facetious reasons. I’m a huge Tintin fan. I love the crap out of that guy, and my younger sister who’d visited Siimon on the recommendation of a friend, told me excitedly that she’d had her hair cut by someone with a half-sleeve Tintin tattoo. So naturally, this was enough of an impetus to book an appointment for my sorely neglected hair, and check out this artistic wonder for myself.

Siimon’s salon is situated on Cambridge St behind St John of God in Subiaco and has ample out the front/around the corner parking, for pretty much as long as you’ll need. I think he’s the only one who operates from there – he’s certainly the only one I see – and the salon is totally saturated with his personality, which I think tends to be lacking in other salons. There’s Tintins sitting with the magazines in the waiting area, he hand makes Tintin cards to send to clients at Christmas – the artwork (not Tintin) is clean and modernist and really great. One of my biggest reasons for coming back to Siimon is how relaxed the whole thing is – from the appointment itself to the compete lack of pressuring for follow up appointments (there is no “three week trim” pushing here. It is wonderful).

♥ A selection of the literature available for perusal

And to the actual business end: Siimon’s got a product and hair knowledge which is really extensive. On our first appointment, having ascertained that I have a flaky scalp, he talked me through the basic (common sense) things I can do to get rid of it, and did not do the immediate “hey this product will help that” thing which was really nice. Before all else he pushes nothing on you. And he’s blunt. He will tell you if you’re genius avant-garde hairstyle idea will push you over into Lady Gaga-land. And, um, some of us need that. And it’s always worth mentioning that a salon is reasonably priced – he is. Very.

So yes, Siimon for Hair. An awesome dude, a relaxed and friendly salon and a very good idea. Recommended.

Also, the review wouldn’t be complete without a photo of that fabled Tintin half-sleeve:

Have you ever been convinced to try a beauty service provider based on their aesthetics? Love Tintin as much as Siimon? Let me know in the comments!

Siimon for Hair
208B Cambridge St
9381 1777

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