Mineral Makeup Review: bareMinerals @ Kit Cosmetics.

With a self-confessed aptitude for makeup which is somewhere in the negatives, I made my way to Kit Cosmetics located in the CBD Myer in order to test out the newly relaunched range of bareMinerals makeup. I loved how simple it sounded – just swirl a brush into the mineral makeup lid, tap off the excess and buff it into your skin and you’re on your way to gorgeous. How simple is that? Simple enough that my interest was ignited and I pushed my love for liquid makeup and tinted moisturiser aside for the evening.

My gorgeous makeup artist, complete with 50’s style GHD curls to die for, took me through the application process… primer, mineral foundation in ‘Fairly Light’, mineral veil, a scary shade of bronzer (which turned out to be less scary than it looked), blush and some fantastic eye makeup.

The whole process is fairly simple and it really feels like you aren’t wearing any makeup afterwards! I would suggest having the makeover done to anyone who is curious about mineral makeup, personally I’m undecided as I found it didn’t cover my blemishes as much as I would have liked which is a big factor when I purchase makeup. I will still use it for those days that my skin is a little bit happier with me!

If you are lucky enough not to worry about that, get thee to your nearest Kit Cosmetics and put some bareMinerals on your face!

The Starter Kit costs $84.95 and can be purchased online or in store.

What’s your take on mineral makeup?

Be well,