Beauty & Wellbeing Routine: Jacqui, Perth Fashion Blogger from Don’t You Know April Rose.

First up, briefly tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello! I run a blog called April Rose. It started as a space for me to ramble and upload inspiration, but its slowly morphing into a fashion blog.

I currently post about my life and my outfits, but next year when I am studying my Diploma of Specialised Makeup Services I’m hoping to also use my blog as a portfolio of my makeup work.

Jurlique Soothing Day Care Lotion from $48 RRP.

Tell us about your daily beauty routine.

Ever since I was a teenager I have cleansed toned and moisturised morning and night.

Cleanser – Clean and Clear Cream Cleanser, the classic old school one, I’ve been using it since I was 14. In Winter time I like to use something from Aesop , as my skin gets very dry.
Toner – Witch Hazel.
MoisturiserJurlique Soothing Day Care Lotion (this stuff is AMAZING).
Scrub – At the moment its just the St Ives one, I’m not too fussy about scrubs as I don’t use them that often.
Mask – I love the Skinvitals range from Priceline, they are cloth face masks and they are so so good when you are flying or just need a pick-me-up!

I have very sensitive skin, prone to eczema and my face can also get swollen and inflamed from certain products, so I don’t really stray off what I’m used to (that’s why I’ve been using C&C since i was 14!) I’ve tried so many different products and had to throw them out after a few weeks.

Sounds like a lot but its habit for me.

What’s the one beauty treatment you can’t live without? And your favourite place to have it done?

I love getting my nails done. Love it. I feel like a lady when I get them done, and my nails grow better once they are filed professionally.

Who do you trust with your hair in Perth, and why?

I used to be solely committed to Hall and Jones in the city and when they closed down I cried a little.
Now I go see Bee at Peggy Sues. I did a post about her skillz once. Check it out.

Favourite budget / at home beauty treatment?

Umm I don’t really have many at home treatments I do but I do like to have a long hot shower after a bad day, put a treatment in my hair, shave my legs, and take off all my makeup and wear track pants. Instant mood lifter for me.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate

Your three, absolutely cannot live without, favourite products?

Witch Hazel – I use this as a toner, I use it after waxing, and I use it on my face when I have allergies or my eczema is playing up…

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate – Its thick so oily skinned gals may not like it too much but I use it as a primer/moisturiser.

It’s hard to get in Aus but you can track it down online for around 40 dollars. Its becoming one of my Makeup Kit essentials.

Illuminator – my favourite is MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush. This shade works for so many skin tones and I put it EVERY WHERE with a foundation brush.

Do you have any secret tips you use to keep looking / feeling great?

Prep your skin by washing, toning and moisturising before whacking on foundation, the foundation will last longer and you won’t have to put as much on!

Sheer dusting of translucent powder to set foundation and prevent shine yet still let the glow through.

Use a bold lip colour and a bare eye if you are feeling tired or run down. It will bring the attention away from the tired eye area.

Retreat-y Bliss!

What beauty treatment/ wellbeing activity would you love to try but haven’t yet? (Due to time, money, scared etc!)

A yoga retreat! I would have to learn how to do yoga first though..

Describe a typical day of eating for you.

I don’t eat red meat so that limits a lot for me. I eat heaps of nuts, fruit, salads, and pasta.
As a treat I love a good comfort meal like creamy pasta or Thai.

Moi, cycling by the river.

Describe your fitness routine.

Haha zilch. I ride my bike for fun but that’s about it!

Do you take part in any alternative therapies or take supplements? If so, discuss.

I take a Women’s multivitamin and Vitamin B12. I don’t eat meat so these things give me a bit of a boost.

Thanks Jacqui!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments 🙂

Be well,