Exercise Review: Pram Fit at Brighton Park, Scarborough!

Ever wondered how on earth some women manage to get their pre-baby bodies back in what seems like the blink of an eye post-bub being born? It’s tricky enough to get a few hours sleep, let alone a workout in. The ever wonderful personal trainer Sarah Devlin has come to the rescue with a very awesome solution for new Perth mamas – Pram Fit!

I’ll let one of her regular Pram Fit attendees, Meaghan, take it from here…

“Pram Fit is a great work out for mums as it allows us to bring our beloved bubs along with us. I’ve found it difficult to get back into shape after having my baby, as I have no family in Perth and noone to mind her if I want to work out.

I think that if you are going to make the commitment to go, then you really want to see some results, otherwise whats the point? Pram Fit is a real work out tailored to our needs as new mums (of all fitness levels) that gets great results, I can really notice muscles working again that were not used during my pregnancy!

The other great thing is that, like us, Sarah has recently had a baby so she understands how you’re feeling, the niggles and parts of the body that need the most attention after pregnancy & child birth.

So far we have a great bunch of girls that attend and we always have fun doing it, even if on only a few hours sleep 😉

I recommend Pram Fit as to many people and many mums as possible!”

The Details

Cost: $15 per class

Location: Brighton Park, Scarborough (just left of The Wild Fig)

Day & Time: Thursday @ 8:30am

What happens during a class?

The babies hang out in their prams or on a blanket in the shade with toys. The workout is a combination of strength and resistance training using body weight, interval style cardio training, and pilates. Each week someone’s baby is a bit cranky and that is totally okay. You take breaks and mind the baby if you need to and all fitness levels are welcome.

For more details contact the lovely Sarah Devlin on 0431 365 342 or email sarah@sarahdevlin.com

Sarah is also available for privates and small group mum and bub personal training sessions too where her and her baby come to you and your baby and give you a great workout!

What do you think of the idea of working out next to your little one?

Be well,