Beauty Salon Review: Brazilian Waxing at Love Bodyworx, Como.

Having just returned from living in London and spending a good few months reorganising my life, it was time to tackle the next job on the list.

I needed to find a new confidant who was good with a wax pot and a spatula. Someone I felt comfortable with for tending to, well you know. I thought it was going to be an arduous task, but luckily I was wrong…

I am not going to hold back on details, it had been a rather long time between drinks if you know what I am saying. Thanks to Scoopon (who doesn’t love a deal?) I bought a voucher for some waxing at Love Bodyworx on Preston street in Como and even before my voucher was valid, toddled along as a full paying customer. I have to admit I was starting to get the cold sweats about the impending pain but knew it had to be done.

I was warmly greeted by the owner Tracey and ushered into a treatment room. I then braced myself for what I thought would be pain only second to childbirth. I clenched my teeth and sweaty palms for the dreaded first rip ……. it didn’t hurt all, nor the second rip, or third, or in fact – any! Yes a relatively pain free brazilian wax and I am telling you there was some serious removal needed, we were lucky there was any wax left in the pot!

Still stunned from the lack of pain, aftercare advice was offered and not the ‘buy this product’ kind, but good honest helpful advice. I left immediately making a follow up appointment (I never do this) and with a new found spring in my step.

Yes it’s a small salon, but the open friendly manner of the owner, the great pricing ($50 and $45 for a repeat visit within 3-6 weeks of initial wax) and the pain free waxing more than make up for it. Love Bodyworx? Yup I do!

Love Bodyworx Beauty Salon is located at:

Shop 2/10 Preston St (on the corner of Mary and Preston)
Como, WA

Ph: (08) 9368 0396

Website | Facebook

Review by Kristy Mollica freelance TV and radio presenter, lover of girl power & things that are so totally not beige!

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Beauty Salon Review: Eyebrow Wax at Kerry Lavell Beauty, South Perth.

A girl will search far and wide for the perfect eyebrow specialist, even say, New York, (a review I will be doing myself later this year) but I’ve found one that is closer to home, situated in South Perth in a hairdressing salon called Carole Graf is a girl by the name of Kerry Lavell, and she is in my opinion, Perth’s eyebrow queen.

When I step into her humble space, which is a smallish room at the back of the hair salon, I am welcomed with an enthusiastic and smiling Kerry, who is the warmest of human beings. I lay down on the bench with my knees over a soft towel (elevating my legs for comfort) and my head rested face up with neon lights above.

Kerry will ask me how my day is and start straight away on sculpting my eyebrows to perfection. It is a seamless process and Kerry takes care and effort with each brow. 20 minutes later and I view my brows in a hand-held mirror, she pats tea tree oil to soothe the waxed off skin and I’m set to go.

Commanding $30 for a tailored eyebrow sculpt, Kerry had been hyped up by a raving friend who had recommended me to her, fear not though – she lives up to the hype!

My eyebrows are in the best ‘shape’ they have been in years, actually, ever. Beauty therapists from rival, up-market day spas were in awe of them! That’s when you know you’re onto a winner.

Kerry also offers other beauty treatments on her list of specialties, including facials and peels all at reasonable prices.

Situated in the heart of South Perth in the MeadowVale Shopping Centre is Kerry Lavell Beauty:

Shop 6, 298 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151

Opening Hours: Tues 9-5, Wed 10-8, Thurs 9-5, Fri 9-5, Sat 8:30-2

For appointments with Kerry, contact her on: 0420 973 447.

Review by Kelly-Anne, I saw her brows & they look fab.

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Day Spa Review: Hot Stone Therapy Massage @ Beauty Cove Day Spa, South Perth.

What’s all this about: Hot Stone Therapy Massage
Ka-ching: $150 for 90 minutes
Verdict: 12 thumbs up
Join the fun:
Beauty Cove Day Spa – 47 Tate St South Perth WA 6151 – (08) 9367 1877

Long time followers (who are you!?!) may know my affinity for the Beauty Cove Day Spa, new friends may not, but the fact remains that it is one of the loveliest places South of the River to go when a little, or even big, pick-me-up is required. I lost my day spa virginity there (awww) and have been going back for more ever since!

Here’s the excerpt from their website


An experience, not to be missed, we place cooled and heated stones on key parts of the body and massage specific points to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit.

30mins – $65

60mins – $100

90mins – $150

I’d booked with my favourite massage therapist, Kate, for a 90 minute massage, $150 is pretty steep, but I hadn’t treated myself for a long, long time so I decided to go for it.

This massage focuses on the back, but also incorporates the legs, feet, arms and shoulders. I was disappointed because the rocks weren’t placed in a line down my spine as you often see in pictures and I was looking forward to it, however the rocks did feel amazing & they were never too hot. Just lovely, warm, melting into my muscles, taking me away to desert islands where nothing matters, swoon.

Throughout the massage relaxing, but also uplifting, music played as the rocks were used to whisk away tension from my body.

The hour and a half went so quickly that I thought I must have fallen asleep, I hadn’t, it was just so blissful that time slipped away!

I got to treat myself with a little after dinner mint type chocolate afterwards as well as a tall glass of water with lemon which is really good for flushing out toxins after the massage, and Kate recommended some other styles of massage she thought I might like. I forked over the cash and left feeling very light – wallet included – and happy.

Post-massage is always the most amazing part of the experience for me, just the profound sense of wellbeing. Colours seem brighter, thoughts seem much clearer, it honestly feels like being a child again, when you had no cares or worries. It’s definitely one of my favourite feelings!

So to re-cap:


* Beauty Cove Day Spa atmosphere is good.

* Hot rocks massage in general, fantastic.

* Great therapist.

* Mint + lemon water afterwards.


* Wanted the rocks along the spine, which didn’t happen.

* Pricey, more of an indulgence than a weekly affair.

Alright so I’ve inspired myself… I’m going to get a massage on my day off, maybe just a regular one this time but I’ll let you know how it goes!

If anyone wants to love me up, buy me presents or get on my good side for life, then you know what to do 😉


Spa Review: My First Time! Facial @Beauty Cove Day Spa.

So for my first review, I thought it would be appropriate to share my first experience with a Day Spa! This was in 2007 and after ruthlessly researching online I decided upon the ‘Beauty Cove Day Spa’ in South Perth for a facial treatment… little did I know I was opening the door for an overwhelming love affair of massages, facials and everything pampering. Here goes!

(Note: This review is written in fairly simple terms as it was my first!)

Upon entering I immediately noticed a small water feature in the corner which provided a soothing atmosphere, the girls were all friendly, gentle music playing and a very good feel overall to the entrance area.

They made me fill out a form all about my skin type, what I hoped to get out of my session, previous treatments I had used, drink preferences etc etc, which I thought was really nice! they offered me a drink and i waited 5-10 mins to go in.

I went and put my belongings in a little locker, was given a cute robe i was to put on & it had a little flower on top when it was resting in the cupboard which i thought was cute! The room i was in was really clean and dimly lit – very relaxing.

The facial I chose:


The facial begins with a ritual footbath, the relaxation continues with a back massage. Then your face is pampered with deep cleansing, exfoliation and warm towels to deeply infuse rich botanical ingredients. The facial is completed with a foot and scalp massage. Allow 90 mins”

It was DIVINE! the woman doing it was really professional, it felt great, at no point was I uncomfortable..she applied the hot towels to my face so well, it was my fav part 😀 face was cleansed, exfoliated, (maybe toned), massaged, steamed, hot towelled, masqued, cooling eye pads applied. the massage was excellent too. i left feeling sooooooooo relaxed and pampered which i would hope from what i paid!!!

The only con is that the BT tried to make me buy a few products at the end which i felt a bit awkward saying no to.

so overall……..8-9/10. very recommended and they have some cheaper facials/treatments too.

So as you can see, my younger self was very impressed with this new world that I had discovered! Beauty Cove is still one of my favourite places to get a treat, the massages there are amazing (ask for Kate), I’m dreaming of one right now… unfortunately I’ve just returned from a crazy holiday & am in no position to do so. But when I am I will pop down there again!

This place is highly recommended!