Top Ten Posts for 2012!

Hi everyone! As we all know, 2013 is just around the corner. When the clock strikes midnight we’ll be transported into a brand new year – how exciting is that?! A brand new year to look after yourself, strive to feel as healthy as possible, reach towards your biggest goals and dreams & live the life you’ve always wanted to. Every day is a chance to take a step closer to it. You can do it!

Instead of a resolution this year, I’m adopting a mantra for 2013:

There is no limit to how radiant, alive & irresistible I can be

The amazing Marie Forleo said this, and it’s already helping me stay on track – whenever I have a decision to make I think of this mantra and whether my actions are going to work towards radiance, or detract from it. Powerful stuff!

I’m also going to be doing the following: drinking water, eating veggies, sleeping, breathing, and moving. No pressure though, just doing the best I can.

So without further chit-chat I present to you the most read articles* of 2012 on Wellness WA!

1. Wellness WA Green Smoothie Database – seems a lot of people were getting in on the green drink action this year, something I hope to continue exploring and experimenting with in 2013!

2. Where Can I Get a Fish Pedicure in Perth? – great question, check out my answer in the post!

3. Health Food Focus: Natvia Natural Sweetener – with the surge in people interested in quitting sugar thanks to Sarah Wilson’s fantastic “I Quit Sugar” E-book, this recipe post about sugar alternative Natvia was a raging success!

4. The Wonders of Pomegranates: A Three Way Pomegranate Ritual – a fantastic article on how drinking, eating, and using pomegranates on your skin is wonderful for your wellbeing and beauty!

5. Product Review: Nature’s Botox Alternative – nuff said! People want the results of medical skincare, without the needles.

6. Perth Market Review: Stirling Farmers Market – a new trial farmers market popped up in Stirling this year, and thanks to the support of local residents it got the go ahead from the council to keep running. Yippee!

7. Quinoa and Where to Buy it in Perth – it’s been a good year for quinoa, this post will let you know where to pick up this super healthy superfood!

8. Wellness Recipe: Superfood Raw Fudge Balls – I can personally attest to the yumminess of these, in fact I just whipped up a batch as I was writing this post!

9. Perth’s Newest Deluxe Day Spa: Endota, Perth CBD – this new spa in the heart of our beautiful city caused quite a whirlwind of excitement when it launched in March. If you’ve not been yet you should certainly do yourself a favour in the New Year.

10. Beauty & Wellbeing Routine: Emma Smyth, Model – Nutrition Student – Wellness Blogger – local beauty & blogger Emma caused traffic numbers to spike dramatically in the day we posted her interview (and ever since!). A combination of her gorgeous looks, holistic approach to nutrition and exercise and her bubbly personality made this one of the top interviews we’ve done so far. Check her out!

* Some of them may not have been written in 2012, but have resonated with people this year.

Wellness Recipe: Superfood Raw Fudge Balls !

♥ YUM!

At age 19, I can honestly say I’ve started to find balance in what I eat. I never weigh myself or count calories, but focus on eating fresh, wholesome food. I love going to Farmers Markets and buying produce that’s in season, and creating simple and delicious recipes. Lately, I love recipes which taste indulgent but are really super healthy and packed full of nutrients. These Superfood Raw Fudge Balls are a perfect example.

Why not take these bite sized delights to your next party to share, or wrap up & give as a gift 🙂



♥ 1 cup dates (medjool work best)
♥ 1 cup walnuts
♥ 1/2 cup shredded or desiccated coconut, plus extra
♥ 1/4 cup raw cacao
♥ handful of goji berries (use dried cranberries for a cheaper alternative)
♥ handful of chia seeds


1. Blend all ingredients together
2. Form into balls. If they fall apart, simply add more blended dates to the mixture
3. Roll in shredded/desiccated coconut


This recipe can be altered according to taste or what you already have. Feel free to swap the walnuts for almonds or the dates for prunes. I decided to wrap about 10 of these for my ballet teacher the other day. Here’s how to wrap them up…

Simply take 1 sheet of baking paper and 1 sheet of cellophane, as well as a longish piece of string

Place about 10 fudge balls in the centre

Wrap the baking paper around the fudge balls first, then the cellophane. Tie the string around to secure.

Gift complete! How easy was that? Does this look like something you’d like to make/scoff down?

Recipe by Hannah, a full-time nutrition student and blogger at Dear Asparagus!

Be well,