Twitter me this, Twitter me that.


This update is coming to you live from San Francisco, California! Unfortunately I am sick with a cold right now (for the first time in forever!) and have to undertake a 20+ hour flying journey Tomorrow, so I’m not exactly looking forward to it.

What I am looking forward to however is all the amazing things that are going to be happening with Wellness WA when I return!! There’s only so many things you can do with a website about Perth, when you aren’t in Perth!

Here’s a sneak peek of a few upcoming website treats…

– Competitions!
– New contributors!
– Lots of new review articles, including: laser hair removal and a super cute new hairdresser!
– Plus plenty more action on the site in general 🙂

Tonight I dined at one of the best vegetarian restaurants in America, Millennium Restaurant and by golly was it amazing. I have been privileged enough to eat there once before and it was equally great this time around.

Dinner =

A bottle of biodynamic organic grape juice, olive platter, very untraditional spiced pumpkin soup, wilted spinach salad with smoked tofu, apple and potato fingers, a very fancy and devastatingly delicious cherry & mushroom roulade, bread with green lentil spread, trio of sorbets and a huge mug of chamomile-ginger-lemon tonic that I swear is valiantly fighting my illness as I write this.

While it’s not in W.A, if you ever get the chance I most certainly recommend Millennium Restaurant, San Francisco.

The other matter on the agenda is that Wellness WA now has a TWITTER account, yes indeedy! So if you are twit-addicted and would love to get some extra wellness flowing through your life be sure to follow me!

Time for a big sleep now to prompt my body to get well for the journey.

I look forward to speaking with you all soon!

Be well,