New Product Range: Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone!

You may have heard of super foods and a whole series of diets based around the fact that if you put these foods into your body then you are going to be better off. This is all well documented. BUT, what if you put these foods not into, but ON your body?


Probably not. In fact the idea of using super foods in skincare sounds like a good idea right? YES! In any case, enough of these questions to myself, because Dr. Nicholas Perricone has just created SUPER, a collection of products for the face and body, using super foods such as red algae, yoghurt, melon, acai berries and apples (among others) as the key ingredients.

Why super foods? The idea is that these foods contain an incredibly high amount of antioxidants and fight inflammation (which Perricone has linked to aging) as well as hydrating your skin and generally keeping it in good nick. These products look great, they smell very natural, they are affordable and they are the realization of a combination of science and nature that truly makes sense.


On a personal note I found what makes this range stand out head and shoulders from the rest is that is has been created specifically with women under 30 in mind – the gentleness yet effectiveness of the anti aging component of the line is perfect. And on a more general note, the company’s manifesto in regards to sustainability is inspiring. All the packaging is made from recycled goods, the company does not test on animals, and they are a carbon neutral organization and, the coolest thing of all, The SUPER factory in America is completely powered by wind. COOLEST – get it? Because of the WIND!?


Check this line out at Kit right now. And if you are reading this and you happen to know me guess what you are getting for your next birthday/Christmas presents for the next five years? Sorry to ruin the surprise but these guys are good all over.

Article by Adriane Daff, dream babe extraordinaire.

Be well,