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Wellness Recipe: Super Easy, Super Healthy Pancakes!

Simple and delicious. Two things I love in the morning, and these pancakes are just that! They take 10 mins to cook up and are sooooo easy to prepare. Make the base mixture and then add whatever toppings and flavour combinations you like. Refined sugar free and gluten free so you don’t have to feel guilty about eating 3 (or 5….) and high in protein (so they’re perfect post workout!).

Makes about 5 medium sized or 6 small. So serves 1 very hungry person or 2 people willing to share!


♥ 1 ripe banana
♥ 2 eggs
♥ 2 teaspoons cinnamon
♥ 1 tablespoon flax meal
♥ 1 tablespoon water
♥ 2 tablespoons quinoa flakes
♥ 1/2 -1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used David Wolfe’s organic brown rice protein)

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1. Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth

2. Heat some coconut oil in a pan and cook pancakes on both sides until lightly brown (turning when the top bubbles)

3. Top with anything you want (use your imagination!!!)

Topping ideas:

+ Peanut butter, shredded coconut, blueberries, walnuts (as above)

+ Almond butter, chopped figs, shredded coconut

+ Coconut butter, raspberries, chopped banana

Happy breakfast everyone!!! 😀

Do you like the look of this recipe, leave a comment below if you've tried it, I'd love to hear your thoughts & what toppings you used!

Review by Kavisha, self confessed ‘health foodie’ & pancake lover. She is currently studying for her Master of Wellness at RMIT University and blogs at

Be well,

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Wellness Recipe: A Healthy Snack to Beat Sweet Cravings!

I’m trying to improve my health through diet and exercise, it's easy enough to find recipes for healthy eating, my biggest problem so far has been snacks and sweet treats…

As part of my journey to healthier living, I recently purchased Janella Purcell’s Eating for the Seasons: Cooking for Health and Happiness with the intention of introducing more wholefood options into my diet.
Janella Purcell is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Iridologist, she is “passionate about good food and feeling great.”

Bliss Balls are the first recipe from this book that I have made and they have quickly become a family favourite. They satisfy the sweet craving, providing a healthier option. Although I have to admit that they are very more-ish, it’s hard to stop at just one bliss ball.

Bliss Balls – adapted from Eating for the Seasons: Cooking for Health and Happiness – Makes 24 balls

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♥ 1 cup puffed rice
♥ 1/3 cup sesame seeds
♥ 1/3 cup sunflower seeds
♥ ½ cup desiccated coconut
♥ 1 cup mixed nuts; unsalted, chopped (I used almonds, pistachios and cashews)
♥ 1 cup dried fruit
♥ ½ cup tahini
♥ ¾ cup honey
♥ Sesame seeds or coconut to coat

How to

Put the seeds and nuts in the food processor blitz until chunky. Next blitz dried fruit.
Add seeds, nuts, fruit, rice and coconut in a bowl and mix together. Put ingredients in food processor and gradually add tahini and honey. Taste the mix and adjust the sweetness to your taste.

Using wet hands roll a tablespoon of the mixture into a ball. Coat balls in sesame seeds or coconut. Store in an airtight container.

I’m so happy with the results of this recipe, I’m going to try some variations and I can’t wait to try some of the other recipes from the book!

What are your favourite healthy sweet treats or snacks? Have you heard of Janella Purcell before? Leave a comment below! 🙂

Review by Megan – creating a new me with diet & exercise!

Be well,



Healthy Yummy Recipe: Cauliflower Cous Cous!

Hello! I have been making this cauliflower cous cous in my kitchen, at least once a week for a while now. Why? It provides a decent serving of vegetables, thanks to cauliflower being the main ingredient, the dish makes a perfect light meal or side, and it's a fabulous meal to have on hand for busy days. It has become a staple in my household in fact. Without further ado, the recipe…

Cauliflower Cous Cous (adapted from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook


♥ 1-2 small cauliflower heads, trimmed of leaves, cored, and cut into large chunks
♥ 1 garlic clove
♥ 1/2 cup pine nuts or almonds, toasted and cooled
♥ 1/2 cup or so of parmesan cheese
♥ 1/3 cup pepitas
♥ A few tablespoons of sun-dried tomatoes, drained of oil and chopped
♥ 1 tablespoon capers
♥ Half a bunch of parsely
♥ Generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil


1. Pulse half the cauliflower in a food processor until it looks like mixed sizes of couscous. Transfer the cauliflower to a large bowl, and repeat with the second batch, adding it to the same bowl when you are finished.

2. Pulse the garlic, almonds, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and parsley in the food processor until the mixture looks like coarse breadcrumbs. Transfer to the bowl with cauliflower, add the olive oil, pepitas, a few pinches of salt, and stir until combined. Top with more parsley if you like.

3. Enjoy it on its own, or as a pesto even, as the recipe originally states.

Yummo! This should keep in the fridge for about 5 days.

You can play around with the ingredients, for example, use whatever herbs you have handy, parsley though is a favourite of mine. I hope this becomes a staple in your household too!

What do you think of this recipe? Would you or have you tried Cauliflower Cous Cous yet? Leave a comment below to let us know!

This delish recipe was written up by lovely foodie Hannah from Dear Asparagus.

Be well,