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Here’s How Winter Affects Your Hormones As You Get Older – And How to Balance Them.

The words ‘perimenopause’ or ‘menopause’ and women inevitably come hand in hand with the words – heat, sweat, angry and overwhelm. In fact if I were to describe my own experience it would go something like this: raging hot furnace of overwhelm and anxiety with sleep deprivation, no patience and the memory of a goldfish!

But how do the colder months affect these symptoms? Studies have shown that levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) increase during the winter and decrease during the summer in both healthy people and people with hypothyroidism. Symptoms of raised TSH include low mood, fatigue, weight gain, an intolerance to cold and memory problems, commonly described as a ‘brain fog’.

Winter brings heavy clothing, lack of light, shorter days, changes in exercise routines, cravings for comfort food and if you are like me, red wine! On top of this there are the known effects of seasonal affective disorder, so all these can really exacerbate the symptoms of peri/menopause and make it even more difficult to deal with.

Some of the ways I have learnt to cope with peri and menopause in winter:

1. Layer my clothing and yes, activewear has become my best friend.

2. Stay hydrated – I drink lots of water but aim to do this before 2pm to stop the night time bathroom wake up!

3. Avoid sugar (which includes alcohol), as this is known to exacerbate symptoms.

4. Wake at sunrise – seeing the daylight first thing sets circadian rhythm – this is the ‘sleep wake cycle’ which helps regulate sleep.

5. Body temperature – I sleep with 2 duvets in the winter! Because after my hot flashes I become very cold, so that coupled with very light PJ’s is a must for me. And of course a fan is on 24/7!

6. Be prepared – knowing what meals I will have for the next day (or more if I am organised!) means I tend not to cave for the chips and chocolate that seems to call much louder these days.

7. Set out my clothes the night before – because I can’t make up my mind in the morning.

8. Talk! Find your tribe – as our hormones change, many of us do too. So finding people that are going through the same thing is so important to feel supported, rather than look at you like a weird alien!

9. Have my workout area set up and ready – if my mat is down then I am more likely to do a workout.

At the end of the day, it is important to recognise that every woman is different, and while some may experience it this way, others will not, so tune in to your body and remember to move, eat, learn and connect in ways that make sense to you.

For over 20 years, Naz has worked and studied alongside specialist trainers, nutritionists, and mindfulness experts to do the work and learn the lessons. Naz de Bono founded Xali, an online platform that helps other women going through hormonal changes, after her own personal experience of going through menopause.

Be well,


Our Favourite Vegan & Cruelty-Free Skincare and Makeup Must-Haves in 2022.

I’ve been wanting to make the move to natural, cruelty free makeup for quite some time now, and I very fortunately had Annette with me to ‘show me the way’ (yep, that was for you Star Wars fans)! I have been using natural skincare for a few years now, but I always love exploring and discovering new brands. In this article I take you through the best of the best cruelty free makeup & skincare that 2022 has to offer… lets go!


The Gentle Foaming Cleanser by Natio is one of my fav natural cleansers! It feels nourishing whilst deeply cleansing at the same time. It also smells good and is a beautiful pearly white colour. Containing sandalwood, shea butter, calendula, jojoba, rosewood and lemon, the cleanser is designed to help neutralise your skin’s natural pH as well as support natural moisture balance.


If you’re looking for a deeply hydrating and regenerating serum, as well as one that targets pigmentation, fine lines, scars, then the Sabbia Co Antioxidant Repair Oil has you covered. Containing avocado oil, sea buckthorn oil and blueberry seed oil, this serum is the perfect blend of natural remedies. I love this serum because it makes my skin FEEL so GOOD! And if it makes you FEEL good, it’s doing something right. Pair it with the Jade Gua Sha tool for some extra loving.

For my acne prone friends (me included) looking for a serum that soothes irritation, de congests your skin, with all the anti-acne ingredients such as Sea Buckthorn oil, Calendula extract and Rosehip oil, then the Bondi Sands Wonder Potion Hero Oil is your new AM & pm go to. The packaging is also SO cute.


Let me let you in on a little secret… when I’m in a rush to get out the door, I love to apply a tinted sunscreen because, not only am I applying sunscreen (oh so important living in sunny Perth!), I also get a little bit of colour & coverage – its like 2 products in 1 and I am here for it wholeheartedly. Well formulated tinted sunscreens are really hard to find (or maybe I’m just a tough critic), but ones that have a nice coverage, the right SPF rating and one that will last… it can be like finding a needle in a sunny haystack.

This is where Bondi Sands comes to play again. Not only do we love a good Bondi Sands tan but their tinted sunscreen is amazing! Its the Sunny Daze SPF 50 Moisturiser. First up, SPF 50 is a must, I will literally never wear anything less than SPF 50, so tick to Bondi. Its also hydrating, another tick, and contains vitamin E, wild hibiscus extract & zinc oxide. Plump and protected is this products slogan and I f*ck with that.

Makeup Brushes

A makeup brush that is interchangeable and also small enough to fit inside your tiny bag which was quite literally invented just to look cute – thanks to ecotools, this is now possible.

The Daily Essentials Face Kit is the brush kit every beginner to guru needs. It includes an angled crease brush, an angled brush, a spoolie, base buffer and an airbrush concealer brush. They are also made with recycled materials, renewable bamboo, are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. I’m obsessed. If you want an indepth tutorial of how to use these bad boys – head over to our insta @wellnesswa! SO, go get your JACQUEMUS ‘Le Chiquito’ bag. I support you Queen.

Glowy Makeup Oil

When I’m wanting a no-makeup makeup day, I find this product mixed with my sunscreen gives me the ultimate glow and just the right amount of colour I need. It’s the Endota Spa Organics Jojoba & Coconut Dry Shimmer Oil. You can use this product on your too, but I find mixing 3 drops with my sunscreen to put on my face is the perfect match. I love it and you need it – it’s especially perfect for dialing up the glow in winter.

If you’re wanting a milder glow than the option above, then opt for the Grown Alchemist Tinted Hydra Repair Day Cream. This cream is extremely hydrating and smoothing as well as giving darker & more tanned skintones that sun-kissed sparkle. The stars of the show are Camellia and Geranium Blossom, and they are what make this cream smell SO good. Unfortunately for me, this colour is too deep, so for my other fair skin toned friends maybe leave this one. But for those blessed with a deep complexion, this would be a perfect everyday cream for you. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen underneath!

Bonza Bronzer

Everyone needs a good bronzer in their lyf (stay tuned for our bronzing/contouring article dropping soon!), especially heading into winter – we’ve gotta add some colour to those chilly cheekbones!!

One of the best natural bronzers I’ve tried is the Mineral Bronzing Powder by Endota. I love how its a pressed powder because it doesn’t go everywhere when you open it – it’s easy to use and easy to take with you on the go (probably not in your Le Chiquito bag tho)! The colour ‘Sunkissed’ is gorgeous, it provides a natural sun kissed look (who would have thought?!) to your face, making you look like you’ve just spent 6 weeks in Paros. We won’t tell if you wont.


A good mascara is hard to come by, especially when you’re adding vegan & cruelty-free into the mix. Natio have just come out with a brand new range of 3 x mascaras which are: tubing (say bye-bye to panda eyes), cruelty-free, vegan & are great for sensitive eyes.

For a more natural look that works wonders on both upper & lower lashes, we can’t go past the Precision Tubing Mascara in both Brown & Black. If you like a little more va-va-voom, the Infinite Tubing Mascara (pictured above) in Black has you covered – this one has been my go-to for nights out & days when I’m feeling in the mood for looking a little extra fancy / awake, and at the price point of $17.95, picking some up is a no-brainer.


Alright so a tip I learnt quite a bit ago was that if you’re in a rush, a brow gel is your best friend to tame, and tint your brows. My absolute favourite brow gel is the Flower Beauty Fiber Fix brow gel. What makes this product even better is that its cruelty free, vegan and gluten free (although don’t try eating it). Its also only $9… thats some serious bang for your buck.

Spritz ‘n Mist

Wanting to freshen your makeup during the day? Or just feeling like you need a little pick me up? The Grown Alchemist Hydra-Mist is my go to product just for this. It also pairs perfectly with the day cream I mentioned earlier. Why is it so good? It contains peptides which protect your skin from environmental damage, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to visibly smooth, soothe and boost your skin’s glow. It also smells so calming and refreshing, which makes it perfect for a quick breather when you’re feeling frazzle-dazzled in the middle of your day – a little bit of relaxin’, a little bit of glowin’. Perfect.

&Hearts; The Best Gosh-Darn Face Mask this Side of Pluto

The face mask I’ve been using to prep mine and my clients skin before makeup application for YEARSSS is the go to Go-To Skincare Transformazing Sheet Mask. Honestly, you wont ever want to worry about trying another mask again (kidding, but it’s SERIOUSLY good and deserves a permanent spot in all makeup/skincare cabinets). It instantly hydrates and plumps your skin, makes you look (& feel – equally important) like you’ve spent 8 hours at a lush spa being pampered, and gives you a flawless makeup base for any special occasion or just BECAUSE. This is all thanks to lashings of Kakadu plum, finger lime, Tasmanian pepper leaf & niacinamide. It also only takes 10 minutes – everyone has time for that. Run, don’t walk.

So… I’d love to know, which products are ticking all your boxes right now – head on over to our Instagram and let me know!

Article by Olivia, local natural makeup artist, Leo, content creator & beauty editor in training – follow along for more beauty tips & tricks.

The Best Perth Local Last-Minute Holiday Gifts in 2021!

♥ Last minute gift ideas from Perth businesses? We’ve got you sorted! Image by Boris Pavlikovsky.

Left your gift shopping to the last minute again? Don’t worry we’ve all been there! Christmas / holiday shopping can be super stressful, especially for those hard-to-buy-for friends and family who already seem to have everything!

Our solution? Gift cards! But not a boring old Coles / Myer gift card, we love giving our friends and family gift cards that help to support local Perth businesses – and in turn make THEIR holiday season even better too.

But where to buy from? Well, that’s why you are reading this article, right? Here is the ultimate list of our favorite Perth businesses you can purchase the perfect gift-card from – some wellness-y, others less so – to help you have a stress-free Christmas this year!

Fringe World

Probably the ultimate gift for Fringe fanatics, a Fringe voucher could mean a comedy show, a dramatic play, a musical spectacular, a scary sea-container experience, or whatever your giftee chooses to see for the upcoming 2022 Fringe season. You could even gift a Fringe Friends subscription voucher! Tickets & gift cards available to purchase here.

Image by @thenakedbarista_


Do you have a caffeine addict in your life? Coffeefusion is an Online Coffee roastery which places an emphasis on learning about coffee and how to get the best out of your coffee at home. Why not perk up their day with a Coffeefusion Barista 101 course so they can perfect making their own coffee at home?

If you are feeling super generous, you can also gift a prepaid coffee subscription that you can select for 3, 6, or 12 deliveries of delicious, locally roasted coffee. There’ll be plenty of caffeine-induced love from the recipient coming your way with this one!

♥ Dreamy Darcy, one of the fantastic instructors at Bike Bar!

Bike Bar

For the uninitiated, Bike Bar is a cardio party! These high-energy and fun classes would be perfect for those exercise addicts in your life who live for group fitness. For those who like to mix it up, Bike Bar now has 4 different styles of classes on offer, with the new BB Tone, BB Aerobics, BB Yoga and the OG BB Ride. They are located in Applecross and Claremont and you can grab gift vouchers for each studio here to help your friends get started on their 2022 resolutions: Claremont or Applecross!

♥The Empowered Centre

Empowered Centre

A gift card for the Empowered Centre in Midland is the ultimate treat for those who love to try new things! This fitness center has a great range of unique classes, many of which you can’t find anywhere else in perth. From aerial yoga, bungee fitness, fusion yoga, Kangoo fit, and aerial hoop classes to name a few, you’ll find the perfect class for the fitness enthusiast who is always craving a new thrill. You can buy gift cards for class passes or memberships in store or they can post them out to you, find their contact information here.

♥ ? ? ?

Get Chunky

Get Chunky is the ultimate destination for those with a sweet tooth. New locations are popping up all over the place, so your lucky giftee won’t have to travel far to enjoy some sweet cookie goodness – they even have vegan options. You can buy gift cards in store at their Mount Lawley, Vic Park or their new Freo stores, and while you are there, why not enjoy a cheeky cookie yourself? View locations here.

♥ The Jungle Body Tribe

The Jungle Body Tribe

Jungle Body is probably the most fun you can have while getting fit! I mean, where else can you box to Beyonce, squat to Salt n Pepa or shake it to Shakira?!

All fitness levels are encouraged as just FOUR moves are used per track and they also give you lower intensity alternatives in case it’s a move that doesn’t work for you! Plus, the work-outs are in the dark, so no one can see if you accidentally go left instead of right (been there, done that!).

There are Jungle Body classes popping up all over the place, but the most central (and my personal fave) is The Jungle Body Tribe who run their sexy sessions out of Vic Park and Leederville. These classes would be perfect for anyone, I love going with my besties, mum, and sisters. You can buy class passes as a gift here.

♥ Pretzels as far as the eye can see…


For those that love a little snacky-snack – and lets be real, that’s pretty much all of us – look no further for gifts than Pretzel. These pretty-as-a-picture pastel pink stores have been popping up all over Perth and the crew make the pretzels by hand all day long so they’re fresh AF! Stores are located in Northbridge, Fremantle, Cannington, Joondalup, Mandurah so you should be able to find one close by. You can buy gift cards here, but be warned – they are SERIOUSLY addictive.

Planet Books

Perfect for the bookworm in your life, a giftcard for your local bookstore will make them do all the hard work by letting them choose their favourite summer read, while you get all the kudos for getting them the perfect gift! I love the selection at Planet Books and you can even buy their gift cards online, making this gift even easier! This is truly the perfect gift, as there is something for EVERYONE at Planet Books – buy here.

♥ Mickey J, Comedian

Comedy Lounge

There is nothing better than a good old laugh, and experiential gifts will leave your loved ones with less clutter, and more priceless memories. The perfect place to create some memories is at the Comedy Lounge! What more could they want than to experience a night of live stand-up comedy in the heart of the Perth CBD? Plus, not only are you supporting a local business, you are also supporting local comedians and performers. Gift cards for the Comedy Lounge can be used for tickets as well as food and drinks at the bar, to help someone enjoy the ultimate night out. Purchase gift cards here.

House of Hobby

For the creative people in your life, how about a fun workshop where they can finesse their skills or learn something new? House of Hobby offers a range of different workshops from pottery, painting, sewing, and heaps more. Guided by experts and with all equipment provided, these workshops are a great gift idea. Plus with every workshop participants will enjoy free-flowing sparkling, wine, mimosas, and bottomless OJ, tea and coffee for a non- alcoholic option, as well as a delish gourmet grazing platter.

Get your gift cards here!

The Purist Collection

We all have that person in our lives that loves all things natural and organic, and I have the perfect gift for them! Local gal, Emily Bathgate, started The Purist Collection after some health issues in her family and now puts her Naturopathy qualifications to good use by specialising in natural skincare, teas, and candles, as well as naturopathic therapies.

A gift card from The Purist Collection can be used on any of their gorgeous products, ebooks, naturopathy consults, or workshops. Purchase here.


There is nothing better than receiving the gift of fresh flowers to add some colour and joy to your home. So obviously the next step up from that is letting someone choose their own favourite floral arrangement, potted plant or other gorgeous gift from the range at Greenbunch.

They have a stunning selection or floral arrangements to suit all tastes, as well as pot plants, vases, plant care products, seriously cute cookies, and heaps more!
Purchase a gift card for your flower fiend or green-thumbed friend here.

Your Local Cafe

There is nothing better on the weekend than going out for brunch at your favorite cafe, so why not gift someone that experience? Most cafes have gift cards or vouchers available, ask in store to find out what they can offer.

Or if you are seriously in a rush and you prefer to buy online, here are some of my fave spots (with direct links to purchase gift vouchers!):

Grouch and Co
The Little Bay
Bread in Common
The Cat Cafe Puurth
The Wild Fig

While this list has some of my favourite Perth businesses to support, we each have our own favourite Perth spots, so why not ask your favourite local business if they offer gift cards that you can give to your loved ones this holiday season? I just know they will appreciate your support!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe festive season while supporting some fantastic local businesses!

Be well,



The Ultimate Wellness-y Holiday Gift Guide for 2021.

Jasmine Alexa ‘Paint the Sky’ Shirt – $149 (details below!)

2021 is nearly over and what a year it has been. It’s definitely time to wind-down, relax, and spread some joy to our nearest and dearest friends & family.

One of the things many of us have learnt after this whirlwind of a year is how important self-care is for not only your physical health, but your mental health and wellbeing too. Self-care can come in many forms, from enjoying getting sweaty at that heart-pumping spin class with friends, to getting an extra 15 minutes of snoozing in the morning (my personal favourite), to buying yourself a special, little present that makes your heart happy.

With that in mind, we have put together a lovely collection of ways to give the gift of self-care to your favourite people (or maybe yourself) this holiday season.

Lingerie set from Kat the Label

Lingerie Loving

Looking cute is a form of self-care. There, we said it – sometimes we feel our best when we are looking our best, and there is no shame in that.

We challenge you to not feel hot AF (or make your lover feel sizzlin’) in a gorgeous lingerie set from Kat The Label (and not just from the summer heat!).

These stunning sets range from sizes XS-XL (up to L in bottoms – which is around a size 14 Australian) and have a huge range of styles and colours to suit just about anyone. Locally designed in Byron Bay, Australia, Kat The Label pieces are designed to enhance your femininity, and boost your sensuality and confidence with their gorgeous designs.

We particularly love these festive options, the Dahlia and Maverick sets, perfect for gifting to your girlfriend, besties, or a cheeky gift for yourself!

The Base Collective Beauty Sleep Bundle. Photo by @fantabhome

Sweet Dreams

If you are like us, all you’ll really want these holidays after an intensely busy year is a good, long, restful sleep! That’s exactly what the Beauty Sleep Bundle from The Base Collective is designed for. This dreamy trio of products is designed specifically for restless sleepers and features the calming properties of Magnesium and Organic Lavender Oil to enhance relaxation and help you nod off to dreamland.

The Beauty Sleep Spray in particular is an absolute GAME CHANGER, and we recommend three spritzes onto your tummy or chest half an hour before bed – it’s been sending us into the sweetest of deep sleeps for the past few weeks now, and it’s already the latest product to be welcomed into our ongoing, never-want-to-be-without-it, routine.

It’s also suitable for all skin types and is vegan and cruelty free, so you can rest easy knowing that whoever you gift this to will be good to go.

The Muse S – from $549 AUD

For those that have a loved one that is super-sleep deprived, stressed or burnt out, and want to help them find a way to easily drop into the ultimate zen state, then we recommend the Muse S, which is a revolutionary sleep aid that utilises EEG technology (a fancy way of saying it tracks brainwave activity) to help you to understand and track how well you focus, sleep and recharge to improve concentration during the day, and enhance sleep at night.

The Muse S Headband also comes with their ‘Digital Sleeping Pills’ program, which sounds pretty cool and is even cooler in practice. This program helps you nod off to sleep, and also helps you quickly fall back to sleep if you wake up in the night. What more could you or your stressed-out gift-recipient need?

This is a pretty special pressie, and we can guarantee that if anyone on your gifting list received one of these – with regular use their stress levels will be decreased, and feelings of joy will be up-levelled.

Find out more and shop here. A full review will be coming soon!

We love these gift ideas for new mums, busy work-aholics and other sleep-deprived loved ones (which, let’s be honest, probably includes yourself!).

Photo of The Ritz Carlton Perth by @sullivang_

Gorgeous Getaways

While it is a bit tricky for those of us in WA to plan for holidays while we are waiting for the borders to officially open, the good news is that WA is a WA-y better spot for a holiday anyway! So why not gift your nearest and dearest with a luxe staycation at the stunning Ritz-Carlton at Elizabeth Quay, overlooking the sparkling Swan River.

The Ritz-Carlton has the perfect romantic staycation package available for that special person in your life who deserves the ultimate in pampering. Fingers crossed they choose to take you with them 😉 Lucky holiday-makers will enjoy a delicious breakfast at Hearth Restaurant for two daily, a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival, late 12 noon checkout, as well as free-standing bathtubs and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city and river – bliss. From $669 per room, per night.

Learn more and book your holiday at home for the holidays here!

Inika’s stunning Rosy Glow Gift Set – $99

Glow Up Gifting

We love a gorgeous makeup set, particularly when they come in stunning packaging (who doesn’t get sucked in by a pretty box!) and this set from premium mineral makeup & cruelty-free/vegan brand Inika Organics has most certainly caught our packaging-loving eye.

Their Rosy Glow set comes with Radiant Glow Veil which can double as a hydrating primer and finishing illuminisor – and will have your recipient receiving compliments galore – and their gorgeous and highly-pigmented Mineral Baked Blush Duo in Burnt Peach. This set suits a range of different skin types and is the perfect gift for your beauty loving friend to help them enhance their holiday glow naturally & ethically.

ASPAR Body Spa Rituals Gift Pack – $49.95

Serene Spa Days

The gift for those who love a relaxing ritual during their down time, why not try a gorgeous set from Aurora Spa Rituals? Their range of botanically active products have been created with care and expertise by therapists at the award-winning Aurora spas.

We particularly love these two sets, the Relax Home Spa Kit and Body Spa Rituals which will turn any bathroom into an ultra relaxing, luxurious, at-home oasis.

Ritz-Carlton Robe Hamper – $280

The Ritz-Carlton has also come to the spa-party with some great products to complete your loves staycation (see above!). The Ritz-Carlton Spa Travel Hamper features skincare and beauty products by LaGaia Unedited, or complete the spa experience with the bespoke Robe Hamper featuring a luxurious Ritz-Carlton bathrobe, People4Ocean sun-care products, and calming lavender drops. View these luxe gifts and more ideas from Ritz Carlton here.

Skin to Skin, Mum & Bub Box from Vatea – $98

Bundles of Joy

For those with loved ones who have new little loves in their lives why not a gift that is both for them and their new addition? The Skin to Skin, Mum and Bub Box – all natural and organic of course – from VATÉA is the perfect gift during pregnancy and for new mothers. Featuring Loving Baby Massage Oil, infused with key oils of chamomile and lavender; Gentle Baby Balm which is a essential multi-use product for new mums and bubs and can be used as bottom balm, nipple balm and healing balm; Pure Body Oil designed for supple skin and helps prevent stretch marks; and Soothing Oil Wash to soften and support any dry skin.

Jasmine Alexa ‘Embrace’ Bike Shorts – $89.99

Self-care in Yr Activewear

Ok, so this one may be the PERFECT “self-gift”, because there is nothing better than brand-new activewear, especially to help you get motivated to exercise after a bit of overindulgence over the festive season.

Local Australian activewear brand Jasmine Alexa focuses on sustainably designed and created pieces, the majority of which are made locally in Melbourne. We have our eyes on a few pieces from their range, namely the Embrace Bike Shorts and the Comeback Crop for a cute matchy-matchy look that would suit a wide range of workouts.

Plus, you can combine these with their Paint the Sky oversized shirt (pictured at the top of the article) for a fun post-workout class brunch look. It’s also the perfect throwover to protect your skin while basking at the beach (and make you feel like a fashionista while you’re at it).

Giving someone a thoughtful gift that will help them prioritise their well-being lets them know that you care. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from giving yourself one of these gifts, either. (We won’t tell!)

The festive season is fast-approaching, so we hope this list has helped spark some gift ideas for the ones you love, to help everyone on your list relax and recharge this festive season, and put their well-being first.

Article by Leah Worthington & Annette Gohl.

This Wellness-Retreat Worthy Pineapple & Coconut Smoothie Are What Your Glowing Skin Dreams Are Made Of!

♥ Creamy, dreamy & delicious!

Let’s face it, while we’d all love to take a trip to a wellness retreat once a month (just me?), sometimes funds, work, day-to-day life or Coronavirus just wont allow us the regularity of retreating that we definitely deserve.

That’s why building retreat-style rituals into your week is the perfect way to dial up your zen, infuse your body with much needed nutrients and give yourself a couple of minutes time out.

Today we chatted to the gorgeous Shelley Pryor, organic gardener & smoothie expert at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, to find out her top glowing smoothie recommendation that will get you glowing.

Check it out and leave a comment below if you try the recipe! x

Shelley’s Pineapple Coconut Smoothie

♥ 1 x young coconut, juice (approx. 400ml) and flesh (if you can’t find a fresh young coconut, regular coconut water can be substituted, and Amazonia do a frozen coconut meat sachet)
♥ 3 x oranges, peeled and chopped, seeds removed
♥ 2 x cups ripe pineapple, diced
♥ 2 x limes, juiced
♥ 1 x piece of fresh ginger, approx. 4cm, sliced
♥ 20 x mint leaves or lemon balm/lemon verbena
♥ 1/2 x avocado, flesh scooped out

Optional extra: Add a 5cm piece of Aloe Vera, well drained and rinsed to add amazing benefits for your digestive system and help make your skin glow.

Place all ingredients except the avocado in a blender and process until smooth. Add the diced avocado and blend again.

Serves 4 (approx. 150ml per serve)

Health Benefits

Pineapple is particularly great as an anti-inflammatory. It is rich in vitamin C, supports the immune system and aids in the production of collagen.

Coconut water is a delicious source of hydration and mint is great for digestion. Coconut is a good source of medium chain triglycerides, known to be important for liver and bowel health.

Note: During Summer switch the pineapple for mango!

Are you keen to try this glow-inducing smoothie? Let us know below!

Be well,