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The 4 Best Vegan Vitamin C Serums For Seriously Glowing Skin.

With warm weather well on the way, there’s no better time to include a vitamin C serum (vegan, of course!) into your daily skincare routine.

The benefits of doing so are great and varied, my skin has personally never been glowier since I’ve been trialling my top picks below, but don’t just take my word for it – the OFFICIAL (read: scientifically proven) benefits list include the following…

♥ Antioxidant-rich, so can prevent free radical damage to the skin
♥ Supports collagen & elastin production / preservation
♥ Brightens and evens out skin tone

Over the past 6-12 months I have been trialling A Whole Lotta Serums and below you’ll find my absolute favourite, top 4 that stood out above the rest – come along on a glowy journey with me allow me to share my findings – your skin will thank you.

Synergie Skin Effica C Essential Vitamin C Serum – $125

This has become my go-to during Spring – the product is creamy & thick enough to spread easily across your entire face + neck + decolletage (the package says use 1 pump, but I prefer 2 to get full coverage of these 3 areas).

It’s an absolute treat to apply, and really FEELS like it’s working. It doesn’t have the tingle of the previous product, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. Effica-C has been carefully designed to have moderate to high potency, but a ‘low irritation profile’ – in simple terms, the product does its brightening thing while being ultra gentle on the skin. Perfect for those new to the Vitamin C game, but who are wanting a product that feels good, works, and is backed up by loads of science.

Recommended for all skin types. Add to cart immediately.

Mukti Vitamin Booster Vital C Elixir – $116.95

If natural, organic and absolutely DELICIOUS smelling skincare is what you’re looking for in life, then Mukti has you sorted for the rest of your days. The first time I used the Mukti Vitamin Booster Vital C Elixir I was instantly obsessed with the scent. I swear to you that this serum smells -exactly- like Sherbies. Yep, I’m talking about the little orange and blue sherbet candy that was definitely the cause of more than a few sugar highs when I was younger.

This delish scent makes applying the milky white drops an absolute delight, although it might have you craving something sweet. When I’m feeling like my skin needs something more natural, or I’m not wanting anything too intense – this candy-scented elixir is my go-to, plus, it’s certified organic, nut free, gluten free, vegan and cruelty free (always) and packaged in biophotonic glass to help the product last as long as possible.

Efani Speisialtóir Vitamin C & E Serum – $99.95

The tingly sensation experienced with Efani’s vitamin C serum lets you know that they’ve spared nothing in terms of including super active ingredients, it’s 20% pure vitamin C, and you can feel it get to work straight away. The tingling only lasts around 5-10 seconds and leaves a slightly dry feeling on my face due to the potent active ingredients, so I’d recommend applying your favourite moisturiser a few minutes after application.

For a slightly more gentle & multi-tasking application during the day – add it to your favourite SPF moisturiser and then apply – this ended up being my favourite way to use this product.

How I use it: I add 2-3 drops to Mecca’s To Save Face SPF 30+ and gently rub into my face, neck and decolletage. I can hand on heart say that when using this regularly – along with hot yoga & green smoothies, of course – my skin has a glow to it that it otherwise wouldn’t. I very often find myself rummaging in my skincare box for the little amber vial so I can get my face tingle on. Highly recommended!

Peggy Sue AM Vitamin Serum – $68

If you’re looking for a super lightweight & spreadable vitamin C serum, which I often am, then the Peggy Sue AM Vitamin Serum could just be your new bestie. I found this light & hydrating enough to use morning or night, and a much more gentle option than the more science-backed serums. No tingles here, but what you will get is a fresh glow and dewy skin which will make you feel a million bucks. There’s also added vitamin A & B for good measure, too.

Cleanse, apply the silky serum, follow with SPF in the morning (or just leave as is if applying in the evening), apply your fave vegan tinted moisturiser or foundation, a touch of blush and you’re good to glow for the rest of the day.

In conclusion…

Currently I prefer to take a ‘skin cycling’ approach to my vitamin C serums, to ensure my skin gets a bit of a break from the more active serums, and also gets to enjoy the benefits of all four products.

I’ll start my week with the Synergie Skin Effica C, followed the next day by the Mukti Vital C Elixir which is a little gentler, then give my skin one day off in between, followed up by the Efani Speisialtóir the next day & then the Peggy Sue AM Vitamin Serum the day after that. Weekends depend on what I feel my skin needs most that day – more moisture, something gentle, or something more active. I find this works a treat for my skin, and I hope this article has been helpful!

If you have any vitamin C related questions, or have any questions about any of these products – feel free to come and hang out with me on Instagram and send me a DM!

Be well,



* All products provided for consideration, all opinions are my own.

Soulara Vegan Meal Delivery Review – 1 Month of Plant-Based Eating, Sorted (2022).

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of trialling a months worth of nourishing, plant-based, & best of all, delicious – meals (12 per week + drinks and a snack) from Soulara. I’d been seeing their stunning looking vegan meals beckoning me on social media for some time now, so decided to take the plunge when I was offered the chance to give myself a little nourishment, and break from cooking, for a month.

12 meals a week worked out to be lunch & dinner (sometimes I had one for brekky instead!) for 6 days of the week, and I allowed myself a day off to enjoy a yummy dinner & drinks out with my boyfriend one night on the weekend – because #balance.

Week 1 – What’s in the box?!

Coming home from a loooong day running around at my retail job, I was thrilled to see my Soulara box sitting patiently on my doorstep on a balmy, late autumn evening – I felt filled with hope and possibility for the coming 4 weeks and super excited to unpack my box. After tearing it open and removing the handy ice-packs which will keep the meals cool if you’re not home when they’re delivered, I was very happy with my first weekly selection which included…

Morning Ritual – a nourishing and delish quinoa-based, brekky oats style dish with apricots and pistachios (pictured above) – I’ll take this moment to note, one of the best things about Soulara, is that their menu changes VERY regularly. Unfortunately this dish is no longer available – sad face – BUT there are currently some Raspberry Ripple Oats, Bushwalker’s Granola & Ruby Sunrise Chia Pudding that also sound like the perfect way to start your morning.

Cold-pressed cleansing juice pack – all of the juices taste so fresh, and the packaging is super cute. I used to run a juice cleanse company so I have high standards for juices, and these ones make the grade.

BBQ Black Bean Casserole – my fave of all the dishes! IT’S SO GOOD.

The first lunch dish I tried was a low-calorie Mushroom Bourguignon with Black Garlic Mash – the mushies are plump and the mashed potato tastes incredible. I love this dish, there’s so much depth to the flavours (hi red wine, herbs, olive oil, tomato, carrots + more). And it also reminds me just HOW GOOD mashed potato is, and that I want to add this healthy comfort food into my life more regularly.

The next morning I had a little misadventure. Hot tip for all – make sure you read the note that’s on top of the container! I accidentally microwaved my Morning Ritual brekky which was meant to be consumed cold, it was still super yummy though, and while I was a bit worried as it’s a somewhat smaller dish than I’d normally have for breakfast, it was very filling, and I found myself craving it on the weeks when this dish wasn’t on my menu.

Week 2 – Feelin’ Nourished

By now my body is settling into the routine of regular, protein-rich, nutritionally-balanced meals that, admittedly, it may not have been getting so regularly before between working a day job, late-night job, running a website, being a cat mom, spending time with my boyfriend & friends, and trying to squeeze in some exercise and sleep somewhere in amongst the madness.

This week my highlights were…

Kombuchas! I really have to say, the Soulara team have absolutely outdone themselves with their kombucha offering – with super unique and delicious flavours (hello Coconut and Lime, Wild Berry, & Turmeric, Ginger & Pear). If these were available to buy as 750ml bottles, I would definitely have them on hand at all times as I reckon they’re better than anything on the market at the moment.

Work lunch has become a breeze – no more trawling Coles with the hope of finding a random vegan option. My colleagues can’t stop asking about what I’m eating, and I can’t stop raving about it in response.

♥ Cloud Tofu Hoisin Noodles

Dish of the week has got to be the Cloud Tofu Hoisin Noodles.

THIS. DISH. IS. BLOODY. INCREDIBLE. (Also how cute is the name?) I felt like I was having a life altering moment the first time I had it. Super high in protein, incredibly delicious, and I felt so stable, calm and nourished afterwards. Definitely include this in your menu if you decide to make an order!

Week 3 – Protein Powered

I ramped up my exercise this week in an effort to work towards shifting a couple of Covid kilos. I’m a strong believer in being comfortable with and loving your body at any size, but I’d gotten to the point where almost none of my clothes fit anymore, and the prospect of buying a whole new wardrobe wasn’t really vibing with the state of my bank account. In addition to this, a bit of work and blogging related stress had started to creep in, so I hoped that upping my weekly yoga & spin classes to a couple more sessions would help with that, too.

Due to this I decided to focus on some higher protein meals this week to give myself some more energy pre-training, and help my body recover properly post-training.

♥ Supercharged Satay!

Cue the Sunkissed Protein Pesto (30g protein) and Supercharged Satay (36g protein), the highest protein meals of the bunch. These two dishes had enough protein to impress my boyfriend, who is a keen gym-goer & very protein-conscious, plus I really felt like I did recover more quickly afterwards!

♥ Choc Chip Cookie Dough Bites… don’t mind if I do.

The bite-sized sweet treats really are the perfect little snack to have with a morning cup of tea, after lunch when the cravings inevitably hit, pre-workout, or before bed as a mini-dessert. The options are seriously endless. My favourites were the Choc Chip Cookie Dough Bites!

Week 4 – And the winner is…

It was an incredible month of nourishing meals. I shared a couple with friends and loved ones and everyone agreed – 100% delicious. I was the envy of my work colleagues and housemate, sorting out my meals for the day was always a breeze, and most importantly – I felt great.

Overall, my top 5 favourites and recommendations for those considering choosing Soulara for their plant-based meal deliveries are as follows:

♥ BBQ Black Bean Casserole – the well-balanced combination of flavours in this dish make it the perfect filling breakfast, lunch or dinner. While in the past I wouldn’t have called myself a massive seitan (a type of vegan meat substitute) fan in general, it’s done perfectly here. I would honestly eat this every day if I could.

Coconut and Lime Kombucha – Put simply, this drink is bliss. It tastes like all your sun-soaked childhood summers distilled into a bottle. Plus it has the benefit of being loaded with gut-loving probiotics! Please infuse this into my veins immediately.

Any of the curries – While all the meals were really yummy, where I felt Soulara really, really shone were their selections of Indian-inspired curries, such as the Golden Coconut Dahl, Earthen Seer Curry, Roots Unearthed Curry + more. These meals all helped me feel balanced, grounded and nourished, along with tasting amazing of course.

Supercharged Satay – I’m a massive satay fan, and with 36 grams of protein, this dish is amazing for days when you’ve just come home from the gym and there is no known universe in which you’re going to have the energy to cook dinner for yourself. If it’s between UberEats and this dish, Supercharged Satay is winning hands down every time.

Morning Ritual – the unique combination of quinoa, oat milk, apricots, pistachios, vanilla, minced ginger, maple syrup and coconut yoghurt all join together to create a real treat for the tastebuds. And leaves you feeling good all morning. 10/10 do recommend.

I loved my experience with Soulara and I’m looking forward to ordering from them again in future when I have a busy week or two coming up, it’s so comforting to know that you have a selection of fuss-free, 100% vegan dishes that are going to leave you feeling nourished at a moments notice, just waiting for you in the fridge / freezer. The other exciting thing is that Soulara’s in-house chefs and dietitians work together to create new and exciting meals every week, so there’s always something new and exciting being added to the menu. For someone like me who LOVES variety and fun in what they eat – this is a big one for me.

If you’re thinking of taking the plant-based plunge, feel free to ask me any questions below, or over on the ‘gram -> @wellnesswa & make sure you head on over to the Soulara menu to pick out some tasty dishes for yourself!

Be well,



Our Favourite Vegan & Cruelty-Free Skincare and Makeup Must-Haves in 2022.

I’ve been wanting to make the move to natural, cruelty free makeup for quite some time now, and I very fortunately had Annette with me to ‘show me the way’ (yep, that was for you Star Wars fans)! I have been using natural skincare for a few years now, but I always love exploring and discovering new brands. In this article I take you through the best of the best cruelty free makeup & skincare that 2022 has to offer… lets go!


The Gentle Foaming Cleanser by Natio is one of my fav natural cleansers! It feels nourishing whilst deeply cleansing at the same time. It also smells good and is a beautiful pearly white colour. Containing sandalwood, shea butter, calendula, jojoba, rosewood and lemon, the cleanser is designed to help neutralise your skin’s natural pH as well as support natural moisture balance.


If you’re looking for a deeply hydrating and regenerating serum, as well as one that targets pigmentation, fine lines, scars, then the Sabbia Co Antioxidant Repair Oil has you covered. Containing avocado oil, sea buckthorn oil and blueberry seed oil, this serum is the perfect blend of natural remedies. I love this serum because it makes my skin FEEL so GOOD! And if it makes you FEEL good, it’s doing something right. Pair it with the Jade Gua Sha tool for some extra loving.

For my acne prone friends (me included) looking for a serum that soothes irritation, de congests your skin, with all the anti-acne ingredients such as Sea Buckthorn oil, Calendula extract and Rosehip oil, then the Bondi Sands Wonder Potion Hero Oil is your new AM & pm go to. The packaging is also SO cute.


Let me let you in on a little secret… when I’m in a rush to get out the door, I love to apply a tinted sunscreen because, not only am I applying sunscreen (oh so important living in sunny Perth!), I also get a little bit of colour & coverage – its like 2 products in 1 and I am here for it wholeheartedly. Well formulated tinted sunscreens are really hard to find (or maybe I’m just a tough critic), but ones that have a nice coverage, the right SPF rating and one that will last… it can be like finding a needle in a sunny haystack.

This is where Bondi Sands comes to play again. Not only do we love a good Bondi Sands tan but their tinted sunscreen is amazing! Its the Sunny Daze SPF 50 Moisturiser. First up, SPF 50 is a must, I will literally never wear anything less than SPF 50, so tick to Bondi. Its also hydrating, another tick, and contains vitamin E, wild hibiscus extract & zinc oxide. Plump and protected is this products slogan and I f*ck with that.

Makeup Brushes

A makeup brush that is interchangeable and also small enough to fit inside your tiny bag which was quite literally invented just to look cute – thanks to ecotools, this is now possible.

The Daily Essentials Face Kit is the brush kit every beginner to guru needs. It includes an angled crease brush, an angled brush, a spoolie, base buffer and an airbrush concealer brush. They are also made with recycled materials, renewable bamboo, are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. I’m obsessed. If you want an indepth tutorial of how to use these bad boys – head over to our insta @wellnesswa! SO, go get your JACQUEMUS ‘Le Chiquito’ bag. I support you Queen.

Glowy Makeup Oil

When I’m wanting a no-makeup makeup day, I find this product mixed with my sunscreen gives me the ultimate glow and just the right amount of colour I need. It’s the Endota Spa Organics Jojoba & Coconut Dry Shimmer Oil. You can use this product on your too, but I find mixing 3 drops with my sunscreen to put on my face is the perfect match. I love it and you need it – it’s especially perfect for dialing up the glow in winter.

If you’re wanting a milder glow than the option above, then opt for the Grown Alchemist Tinted Hydra Repair Day Cream. This cream is extremely hydrating and smoothing as well as giving darker & more tanned skintones that sun-kissed sparkle. The stars of the show are Camellia and Geranium Blossom, and they are what make this cream smell SO good. Unfortunately for me, this colour is too deep, so for my other fair skin toned friends maybe leave this one. But for those blessed with a deep complexion, this would be a perfect everyday cream for you. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen underneath!

Bonza Bronzer

Everyone needs a good bronzer in their lyf (stay tuned for our bronzing/contouring article dropping soon!), especially heading into winter – we’ve gotta add some colour to those chilly cheekbones!!

One of the best natural bronzers I’ve tried is the Mineral Bronzing Powder by Endota. I love how its a pressed powder because it doesn’t go everywhere when you open it – it’s easy to use and easy to take with you on the go (probably not in your Le Chiquito bag tho)! The colour ‘Sunkissed’ is gorgeous, it provides a natural sun kissed look (who would have thought?!) to your face, making you look like you’ve just spent 6 weeks in Paros. We won’t tell if you wont.


A good mascara is hard to come by, especially when you’re adding vegan & cruelty-free into the mix. Natio have just come out with a brand new range of 3 x mascaras which are: tubing (say bye-bye to panda eyes), cruelty-free, vegan & are great for sensitive eyes.

For a more natural look that works wonders on both upper & lower lashes, we can’t go past the Precision Tubing Mascara in both Brown & Black. If you like a little more va-va-voom, the Infinite Tubing Mascara (pictured above) in Black has you covered – this one has been my go-to for nights out & days when I’m feeling in the mood for looking a little extra fancy / awake, and at the price point of $17.95, picking some up is a no-brainer.


Alright so a tip I learnt quite a bit ago was that if you’re in a rush, a brow gel is your best friend to tame, and tint your brows. My absolute favourite brow gel is the Flower Beauty Fiber Fix brow gel. What makes this product even better is that its cruelty free, vegan and gluten free (although don’t try eating it). Its also only $9… thats some serious bang for your buck.

Spritz ‘n Mist

Wanting to freshen your makeup during the day? Or just feeling like you need a little pick me up? The Grown Alchemist Hydra-Mist is my go to product just for this. It also pairs perfectly with the day cream I mentioned earlier. Why is it so good? It contains peptides which protect your skin from environmental damage, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to visibly smooth, soothe and boost your skin’s glow. It also smells so calming and refreshing, which makes it perfect for a quick breather when you’re feeling frazzle-dazzled in the middle of your day – a little bit of relaxin’, a little bit of glowin’. Perfect.

&Hearts; The Best Gosh-Darn Face Mask this Side of Pluto

The face mask I’ve been using to prep mine and my clients skin before makeup application for YEARSSS is the go to Go-To Skincare Transformazing Sheet Mask. Honestly, you wont ever want to worry about trying another mask again (kidding, but it’s SERIOUSLY good and deserves a permanent spot in all makeup/skincare cabinets). It instantly hydrates and plumps your skin, makes you look (& feel – equally important) like you’ve spent 8 hours at a lush spa being pampered, and gives you a flawless makeup base for any special occasion or just BECAUSE. This is all thanks to lashings of Kakadu plum, finger lime, Tasmanian pepper leaf & niacinamide. It also only takes 10 minutes – everyone has time for that. Run, don’t walk.

So… I’d love to know, which products are ticking all your boxes right now – head on over to our Instagram and let me know!

Article by Olivia, local natural makeup artist, Leo, content creator & beauty editor in training – follow along for more beauty tips & tricks.

Soft Yoga Perth – Leederville Yoga Studio Review.

When I say that this yoga studio has changed and continues to change my life, I mean it. For many years now I’ve wished that the perfect yoga studio would magically open up on my street. A space to move and breathe and connect deeply to myself that has teachers I like, styles of yoga I like and that also happens to be minutes from my house. It never happened, until now.

As if the universe could read my thoughts, one day I was walking past an empty building that had just been leased on Oxford Street, Leederville and a thought popped into my head – ‘a yoga studio is going to open here’. It did, and the studio was Soft Yoga Perth – a womxns only movement space & a soft place to rest.

Specialising in ‘softer’ styles, such as slow flow, restorative, yin, meditation, breathwork, sensual classes and MORE (!!), this space exceeded my wildest dreams and then some.

When you arrive for class you’ll cocoon yourself in their impossibly soft and seriously cloud-like fluffy, grey blankets while sinking into the blush pink Lululemon mats which perfectly match the aesthetic of the studio.

In any given class, a gorgeous woman will lead you into a deeper discovery of yourself and you’ll leave feeling incredible, and maybe a few tears lighter as their classes are renowned for gently dislodging your deep emotions. I’ve cried there at least ten times, including today.

They also have the CUTEST shop selling the best little feminine goodies and treats – the Loca Love chocolates and La Loba Cliterally Amazing oil will change your life 😉

Do yourself a favour and discover this cute studio. You’ll need to book in advance as spaces are very limited – my personal recommendations are the Monday 9:30am Slow Flow with Tess, Thursday 9:30am Restorative with Brenna, any of the Slow Flow’s with Corne, and Courtney’s 9:30am Friday class!

Check out their intro offer for a month of unlimited yoga for $39. You’ll want to sign up for the membership once your month is up – trust me!

Soft Yoga Perth can be found at:

2/253 Oxford Street, Leederville

Be well,



The Only Health & Wellness Guide to Kalamunda You Need!

Welcome to Kalamunda!

The name ‘Kalamunda’ is derived from two Australian Indigenous language words, with kala translating to “home”, and munda meaning “forest”. These translations give rise to the city motto… “A home in the forest”. Which is a very apt description of this gorgeous, leafy suburb.

There’s nothing quite like life in the Perth Hills. The best thing about living up in the hills is the closeness to nature. A bush walk is the perfect place to clear your head, catch up with friends or go for a run with your pooch on one of the many trails. These trails are a lifeline, a dose of medicine, and I am so grateful to have access to them every day.

Over the last 5 – 10 years, the wellness scene here in the hills has grown so much, and there is really no need for locals to ‘go down the hill’ anymore to get their wellness, and every reason for city dwellers to pop up for a relaxing + rejuvenating visit.

The ultimate day of wellness in Kalamunda looks something like this to me…


What better way to start your morning than firing up the muscles and endorphins at Sixty7Six, a local functional fitness gym located in the backstreets of Walliston (Kala’s neighbouring suburb!), making it the perfect first stop on your road to wellness for the day.

Their bootcamp-style classes are high in intensity, constantly varied and ALWAYS fun! Give this group class a go, or if one-on-one is more your thing you can hook up a session with a personal trainer. All levels of fitness welcome!

If you’re looking for a more stretchy & bendy start to the day, Deb from Yoga Centred has you covered. She is my favourite yogi of all time! After living overseas for more than 2 years, I really couldn’t wait to return home and go back to her amazing classes! Throughout the warmer months Yoga Centred also offers Yoga in the Park, which is the dreamiest way to start your Sunday morning.

You can find Yoga Centred at ‘The Village’, Yoga Shala on Haynes Street in Kalamunda.


When the morning hunger strikes, it’s time to call into Jack & Jill! Can I pull the old ‘I knew them before they were famous’ card? Seriously though. Best. Breakfast. EVER.

Jack & Jill really do have something for everyone. Whether you’re wanting to go full blown wellness with cold pressed juice and paleo bread, warming porridges, or maybe an ‘Old Faithful’ Aussie breaky, they will definitely have you and your possibly less wellness inclined friends covered.

J & J is also a great place to celebrate a birthday and connect with the people you love.


When the sun starts to nestle down over the horizon, it’s time to head outdoors. What would a day of wellness in Kalamunda be without a nature walk? Lesmurdie Falls is the place to be at sunset in the Perth hills. Poochies are allowed so bring your four legged friends, and there are lots of little nooks where you can chill out, have a picnic and watch the sun go down with your fave people.

If a sit down meal is more your style, The Cavern has always been one of my favourite places to head for dinner in Kalamunda, but recently I realised they have gone NEXT LEVEL.

They now have an entire Gluten Free AND Vegan menu listed separately from the main menu. So if you’re coeliac, gluten intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, or just happy to go with the flow, the Cavern can cater for your needs. Plus is the food is absolutely incredible!

With well known Perth chef John Mead heading up the kitchen, this tapas restaurant is one not to be missed on your next trip up the hill.

Blog post by Jaime, naturopath and owner of Nutrition Mind Collective.

Be well,