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Product Review: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit, Best Remedy for Dark Circles!

I’ve been wearing make-up for many years. Oh yes, MANY years. I’m now in my 30’s (and unfortunately after a recent birthday, can no longer say early 30’s either) and I believe I have found the cosmetic product which kicks the bottoms of pretty much everything else on the market.

Bobbi Brown’s concealer has been life-changing. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true! I’ve been wearing concealer under my eyes for a few years now because owing to my delightful grandmother and in turn my delightful mother, I am begrudgingly carrying on the family trait of having dark circles under my eyes.

Without concealer I can look like I’ve been bashed in a dark alley. They’re a total drag. Enter Bobbi Brown.

Hi Bobbi!

I found it the old-fashioned way. Googling. I was looking for a concealer specifically for dark shadows under the eyes and I found this name popping up everywhere. It was being dubbed ‘the best concealer for dark under eye circles’ and it even featured on Oprah. Yes. Exactly, what I thought – it must be good if Oprah likes it. I watched a video from Oprah’s show which demonstrated how it is applied and the amazing results it achieves. I was sold instantly so I called up the Bobbi Brown bar in David Jones and organised a time to go in for a colour test.

Firstly you get the Corrector ($46) which camouflages the dark circles, then once you’ve got those sorted, you get the correct shade of Concealer and Powder ($60) to go over the top. It’s all a magical process of brushing, patting and blending and once it’s on, it takes years off your face! They have stacks of different shades for the Corrector, Concealer and Powder so you really need to have a Bobbi Brown make-up artist help you get the correct shades for your skin. Watch this video – Bobbi Brown explains it better than I do!

So these little palettes in my make-up bag have now proven to be my most-used cosmetics and (sorry foundation, mascara, eye-shadows, gloss etc) my most-loved also. I’ve already converted several friends and they agree. So go on, I dare you to try it and prove me wrong. Bet you can’t!

You can purchase Bobbi Brown at the following places:

Official online store
Store locator

Review by Sheridan, Bobbi convert by day, music quiz hostess by night!

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Product Review: Pure Poppet Play Makeup for Kids!

When Annette first contacted me to tell me about Pure Poppet, a range of play make-up for children, I must admit I nearly jumped for joy.

With two young girls under the age of 8, make-up and face-painting are huge in my house and even though I know there are so many harmful chemicals in most over-the-counter cosmetics there are more times than I’d like to admit that I just give in to the “just let them have fun” …

My girls’ eyes lit up from the moment they unwrapped the parcel, which I must say arrived in record time, especially considering it was the week of Christmas, the packaging is bright, colourful and everything a little girl could want for.

Obviously they wanted to play around with it straight away and I needed little convincing, so armed with their make-up kit and a room full of dress ups they went to work on turning themselves into beautiful princesses.

The colours included in the kit were 5 little pots of powdered colour, purple, pink, blue, green and yellow – all bright and shimmery, application sponges, 2 lip balms and a floral water spray.

Being mineral make-up the powder was slightly messier than the traditional block make-up but nothing a dustpan and a broom couldn’t take care of.

The best thing about it (from a mum’s point of view) was how easy it was to remove that night, warm water and a facecloth and it was taken care of in less than a minute.

My only regret is that I forgot to take photos of the little princesses.

♥ ♥ ♥

A week later we decided it was time for the face-painting test. As seasoned face-paintees I was slightly apprehensive that my skills would be mocked, or at the very least elicit looks of disappointment, so I spent the first five minutes explaining to my darling daughters that mummy is NOT a professional face-painter and it’s NOT going to look the way it does when they have their faces done by the proper face-painters. I was also very clear that only simple designs would be accepted.

Thankfully my 8 year old requested suns and a flower and my four year old a caterpillar on one cheek and the butterfly it turns into on the other.

With a little bit of water mixed with the powder the face-painting was much easier than I expected and smiles were experienced by all, my husband even asked if I was expanding into a new line of work!

It did wear off a little quicker than traditional face-paint, which in my opinion is actually a good thing. And again, the best part to me was the ease of removal.

I also really like that the emphasis is on play and fun, rather than needing make-up to be pretty.

Price: The cost for the kit is $39.95 plus postage, which is great as these pots will last for ages. Available from the Pure Poppet website.

I’d love to know how you feel about the chemicals in your child’s play make-up, is it a big concern to you? Or do you think it’s not that big a deal?

Review by Chizelle S Salter, Mother of 3 beautiful girls, Writer and Hostess of Chizelle TV

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