Beauty Salon Review: Je Suis Femme; Eyebrow Wax, Eyelash Tinting + Bonus Hand Massage!

What’s all this about: Eyebrow wax/reshape, Eyelash Tinting, Bonus Hand Massage
Ka-ching: $30 ish
Verdict: Worth it
Join the fun: (08) 9458 9650, Shop 1122, Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre, 1382 Albany Highway, Cannington.

Yesterday I decided to get my life in order, and as we all should know, that absolutely cannot be done without eyebrows that are shapely. After a month or so of wild overgrowth to the North of my eyes, I made an appointment with my regular beauty salon, Je Suis Femme, to rectify the situation.

It was easy to get an appointment given it was a Wednesday. I arrived early and they were able to accomodate me straight away. The therapist who did the waxing was really sweet, she asked me what I wanted and chatted with me about various things.

She was very precise with how she waxed them, using a cotton bud to apply the wax, so it took a little longer but I’d rather that than a haphazard & heavy handed approach to very hot liquids on my face.

The general slight pain of waxing was incurred. Afterwards she even measured my eyebrows to make sure they were correct, which I’ve never experienced before and I thought it was GREAT! Definitely A+ service.

She commented on my eyelashes, I was wearing Diorshow at the time (which may I also add is a fantastic mascara), and would I like to have my eyelashes tinted as they were having a special?

I said yes and came back half an hour later after some shopping to have it done. A different therapist who was also really nice did the tinting. I don’t think I will get it done again, as I already have pretty dark lashes and it never seems to make much of a difference to my eyes, also I don’t like the idea of crazy chemical dyes possibly leaking into my eyes – it is kind of scary!

So while the dyes were working their magic I received a 10 minute hand massage, which felt good.

Afterwards I left very happy & it was only about $30 all up! I would definitely recommend this salon, it is one of my favourites, especially for waxing.

Je Suis Femme.