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Getaway Goals: Gift Mum a Road-Trip for Mother’s Day This Year!


Did somebody say ROAD TRIP? After being cooped up for literal years, the thought of hitting the open road (jack) to check out some of the stunning forests, beaches & mountains that WA has to offer has our wanderlust desires tingling.

With restrictions easing across the state just in time for Mother’s Day, there’s never been a better time to treat yourself, and mum, by indulging in some crisp, autumn air, idyllic scenery & of course our world-class eats and drinks – and a road trip in a campervan is the perfect gift to make these intra-state travel dreams a reality!

We’ve rounded up our 5 fave, cute vans from campervan hire company, Camplify, that the fam will love (and even better news, they offer gift vouchers which are perfect for Mother’s Day!) – check them out and let us know your favourites in the comments!

Craigie, WA

Frankie has everything mum needs to embark on the ultimate glamping experience. With the ability to sleep two as well as bring a furry companion along, Frankie is also solar powered & has the option for going completely off grid. This super boujee van is available for pick up just north of Perth in the coastal suburb of Craigie. So what are you waiting for? Gift mum an unforgettable experience in the beautiful van, Frankie.

North Beach, WA

Zaidee was created from the inspiration of the ocean and nature, giving her a “coastal boho” interior design. Her neutral and fresh appearance creates the perfect home on wheels, making you feel comfortable and relaxed wherever you park up. Zaidee is perfect for mum to bring along one other or simply have some time to herself featuring a queen sized bed, power for appliances and a TV.

Harry the Hiace
Innaloo, WA

Meet Harry the Hiace, he’s a fully equipped van with all your basic pantry essentials, pots and pans, an ‘everything you need’ kitchen with cooker, fridge and sink. Harry even has a prime sunset spot called ‘the lawn’ which is a fully functional roof rack with ladder, covered in fake grass so you and mum can enjoy the stunning sunset or sunrise. Harry also provides a few other essential items including camping chairs, a portable blender, projector and charging station to charge your phone. He’s thought of everything!

Art Vandelay
Exmouth, WA

Sleeping two, Art Vandelay is super cute van that has been renovated to include everything you need for a perfect coastal holiday. He’s located in Exmouth, which is situated in the stunning North West Cape area of WA, and what better way to explore the famous coastline & beaches that this area has to offer? Venture to the outskirts of Exmouth, or Coral Bay, and go on one of the best snorkelling trips in Australia around the Ningaloo reef. Art Vandelay is available for pick up in Exmouth or delivery within 50km of the town.

Tilly The Tourister
Neerabup, WA

Tilly the Tourister is a hard-floor camper trailer sleeping four, allowing mum to go away on a girls trip with friends or, if you’re lucky enough to get invited along, family. Tilly exudes a luxe coastal vibe which fits perfectly for a beach holiday. This clean and fresh van has all the indulgences including aircon and heating, coffee machine, shower and toilet plus solar panels to go totally off grid.

So, which one of these beauties will you and mum be off adventuring in? Our pick is… all of them!

Be well,


Perth’s Best Pilates Studios – South of the River Edition!

What is Pilates? Pilates is an uplifting practice focused on toning, lengthening and balancing the body. As a self- confessed Pilates nerd and instructor, I work with clients to discover their mind to muscle connection, where we not only target the large muscle groups, but also those teeny tiny muscles you never knew you had. Yup, Pilates burns, but the burn is so good and slightly addictive!

It’s no secret Pilates has played a starring role in creating some seriously hot bods (think Jennifer Hawkins, Miranda Kerr and Kate Hudson to name only a few). But Pilates isn’t just for the ladies. Over the years, as a Pilates instructor I’ve seen a marked increase in the number of dudes in my classes. You know when the likes of Nat Fyfe credits Pilates to minimising his soft tissue injuries (in a Brownlow winning season no less) you’re sure to see an increase in foot traffic! The best thing about Pilates is there are so many different styles to choose from. You can choose to get sweaty, go classic (technique is boss in these classes), clinical (good-bye funky knee) or even mix a little dance in to the class- the options are endless!

Lucky for us Perth being home to some of the most active people in Australia and has a bevy of gorgeous studios just waiting to be discovered! Check these studios out for your Perth Pilates fix!

Body Base Pilates – North Fremantle

A beautiful boutique studio nestled in the back pocket of North Fremantle, Body Base Pilates is only a short distance walk from Leighton Beach and some of the freo locals’ favourite cafes and bars including Bib and Tucker, The Orange Box and Mrs Brown. A newly renovated studio, Body Base is breezy, light and modern, with so many cute indoor plants you’ll be inspired to start your own plant baby fam! Body Base offers all your classic Pilates classes including matwork and reformer, however spices the offering up with some newly introduced classes including a 30-minute power session (think TRX on steroids), progressive reformer (a combination of more advanced repertoire) and barre classes.

Reformed Pilates Co – Applecross

A small boutique studio that offers an intimate setting with an 8 client max, you are guaranteed personal attention from your instructor. This studio caters for all types of fitness and has specific classes for over 50’s and mums and bubs, so there’s something to suit everyone’s needs!

KX Pilates – Booragoon

KX Pilates is your one stop shop for taut tums and toned peaches! This Pilates studio follows a more a modern approach to Pilates, integrating heavier weights, cardio and advanced repertoire and is a good place to get your sweat on. You know those fancy Instagram Pilates poses? You’ll likely get to try these here. The instructors are not afraid of a challenge so why should you be?!

Pilates Centre WA – East Fremantle

Pilates Centre WA is owned by one of WA’s most senior and experienced instructors Trudy, who will put you through your paces! Classes are small here, so you will be given ample attention and the instructors are simply lovely. My tip is to try instructor Kasey’s cardio class. An ex prima ballerina for the WA ballet, she knows how to lengthen and tone like no other.

Control Pilates and Fitness – Hamilton Hill

The new kid on the block, Contrology Pilates opened in Hamilton Hill just over a year ago now, bringing the love of Pilates to Hammie Hill locals. This studio has a diverse schedule and a host of creative instructors who are not afraid to teach you Instagram style moves. Best of all the studio just got Afterpay, so now you can buy your Pilates classes in an even more budget friendly way – winning!

Alternative Therapy Review: Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) at Evolve Wellness Coaching.

Body language is a familiar concept to most, and the impact it has in our interactions with others is huge. But what about the 'conversation' our own body has with ourselves? It feels increasingly difficult these days to tune in to our bodies and the messages they send our way. Whether it be a job that keeps us constantly in our minds, endless technology distractions or the demands of looking after others, there can be precious little time in modern life to really connect with ourselves.

Meditation and yoga can be very helpful in this respect. There are also powerful approaches such as Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) which I started working with about 18 months ago. SRI is a series of twelve simple exercises using breath, movement and touch designed to increase levels of perception in your body. Each of the exercises relates to a state of consciousness, such as feeling stuck, disconnected or conflicted in life. The approach was developed by Donald Epstein, the creator of network chiropractic. You can read about my experiences of Network Spinal Analysis here!

Although simple, SRI is extremely profound. I recently worked with Ginette Hillman of Evolve Wellness Coaching , an experienced SRI facilitator who operates from the Fremantle area. The session starts with a conversation so that Ginette can ascertain which of the twelve exercises would be of most benefit to you. You then move onto a comfortable massage table and Ginette gently guides you through the relevant exercises, which involves placing your hands in various positions on and around your body, focused breathing and using specific phrases to express the state of consciousness you are working with.

In the weeks leading up to the session I'd been feeling pretty out of sorts – anxious, overwhelmed. As I worked through the SRI process I felt a strong emotional release and also some 'tingles' and coughing, as trapped energy was freed up. After the session I felt an incredible sense of lightness and the underlying anxiety that's plagued me for weeks has magically transformed into a deep peace. I'm sleeping better too.

Ginette is wonderful to work with. She is extremely caring and understanding, which enabled me to feel safe and relax into the process. She has an intuitive gift to sense how you are feeling, including where you may be 'stuck' or disconnected, and to gently coach you into greater awareness and openness. Once you've had a series of SRI sessions with Ginette to learn and refine the technique you can also self-practice, making it a very empowering healing tool. In addition to SRI Ginette offers wellness coaching – see for more details.

Introductory Course 6 weeks

1 hour introduction to SRI plus 5 x 30 minutes sessions $297

An Introduction to the Discover Stages of Healing; stages 1,2,3

♥ Reduce stress and fearfulness
♥ Connect with your bodies messages and feedback

SRI Ongoing Sessions 30 minute sessions $47

How do you check in with your body? What do you find most helpful?

Article by a very 'zen' feeling Karen, holistic health coach and owner of Conscious Cravings whose mission is to inspire people be more nourished with food, life and love. Find her on Facebook!

Be well,



Healthy Cafe Review: Simple Nosh, Fremantle.

Simple Nosh is a cosy family run café serving up fresh, healthy and deeelicious food (with loads of vegetarian options!). Fremantle is a healthy foodie hotspot, and this cute little café is tucked away on a quiet street just off the main strip.

We opted for a sunny spot on the outside verandah (YAY for Perth’s warm winter weather!) and scanned over the breakfast menu.

It really excites me when I see green smoothies on café menus and although this one sounded great (spinach, apple, kiwi, banana, lemon), I opted for a freshly squeezed carrot and ginger juice instead. This one was awesome and really hit the spot.

For breakfast I ordered the scrambled eggs on GF toast with a side of house made beans. After some recent terrible experiences (since when were baked beans and four bean mix considered house made beans!?), I’ve been on a mission to find the best beans in Perth. I’m pleased to report the beans here were VERY good! A huge portion of plump beans in the most delicious tomato sauce, the flavours were just right and tasted great with the eggs, YUM!

My dining partner opted for the breakfast roll. The huge roll was STUFFED full of spinach, mushroom, feta, smoked salmon, basil pesto and topped with 2 poached eggs. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the salmon was so fresh. Needless to say we were both extremely satisfied with our meals : )

Leah and her mum Irene have got a good thing going on. All ingredients are locally sourced (just what I like!), the vibe is welcoming and relaxed and they’re both are so friendly. The sofas inside looked rather comfy and would be perfect to snuggle into come winter!

I’ll be back soon, if anything to try a slice of one of their delicious looking homemade cakes 😉 Make sure you leave room!

Simple Nosh is open 6 days a week, Mon-Sat for breakfast and lunch. 14 Norfolk Street Fremantle.

Have you been to Simple Nosh before? What's your favourite place to eat brekky in Fremantle?

Review by Kavisha, breakfast eating connoisseur.

Kavisha was a guest of Simple Nosh, opinions & thoughts in no way influenced by this! 🙂

Be well,


Alternative Therapy Review: Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with Amy O'Brien @ Fabulous Health, West Perth.

I recently had the pleasure of attending an appointment with Amy O’Brien in West Perth to discuss my wellness goals and work on a plan together to attain optimal health. The 1 hour session included a consultation, acupuncture treatment and some herbs to take home with me. I first connected with Amy via email, and before attending my initial consultation Amy sent me some preliminary information including directions, a description of what the treatment would involve and some tips to help me prepare for my treatment which I found really thoughtful and helpful.

Having never tried acupuncture or Chinese medicine before, I was a little tentative as I stepped into the clinic, however Amy put me at ease straight away. We chatted for around 20 minutes about my health and lifestyle as well as what I was hoping to achieve in terms of my overall wellness, with Amy asking me plenty of questions along the way. She then took my pulse, explaining that ‘blood deficiency’ is a common condition in Chinese medicine, and that my treatment would focus on warming the body and building the blood, which would in turn help to do things like nourish my skin and reverse the effects that stress has had on my body.

The consultation was followed by an acupuncture session, which I have to say was very relaxing! For those of you who have never tried acupuncture before and are wondering whether it will hurt: the answer in my opinion is definitely no. I felt a slight prick as the needles were inserted, but they are so fine that you feel the pressure more than any pain. Once the needles are in you don’t even feel them anymore. Amy targeted certain areas of my body to focus on building the blood and creating mental clarity. She then left me to chill out for around twenty minutes while the needles worked their magic.

Amy took a very holistic approach during her consultation, providing me not only with direct treatment but also with general lifestyle and diet advice. One of the main points she raised was to make sure I was getting enough oxygen, which would help build the blood. Remembering to stop and breathe is something yoga has taught me, and it may seem trivial but it can work wonders for stress and mental clarity and is something we so often forget to do on a typical day in our busy lives.

At the end of our session Amy provided me with some herbs to take away with me as well as a personalised write-up of my treatment goals and some tips to help me achieve these, with some further information on what she had discussed with me during the consultation.

Overall I found the session to be well-rounded, relaxing and informative. Anyone who has taken Chinese herbs before would probably agree with me when I say it is a bit of an ‘acquired taste’, but it is exciting to increasingly see science backing what ancient tradition seems to have known and understood for centuries. I would definitely recommend Amy’s services as a qualified, registered practitioner and she can be contacted by email, on Facebook, or at her website

Her clinic is located at Suite 7, 3 Lawrence Ave, West Perth.

Have you tried acupuncture or Chinese medicine before? If not, have you ever thought about it? Leave a comment below! 🙂

Reviewed by Alice Unwin, Chinese medicine and acupuncture convert!

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