I’ve fallen for Jane Iredale mineral makeup…

And I think I’m in love. It was a quick courting period, I’m usually not that… well, easy.

Having been contacted by the lovely PR folk for Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, I rather shamefully admitted that I had not yet tried mineral makeup. Cue gasps.

I’ve always wanted to, it just seemed a little daunting to step out of my snuggly comfort zone and try something new… it turns out I wish I had sooner!

♥ ♥ ♥

Yesterday afternoon I found myself down at Skin Resus in Floreat, having my mineral makeup done by the loveliest of all girls. I went from wearing no makeup and feeling a little self conscious (not even concealer!) to having a HEAP of people complimenting the makeup on how it looked when it was finished. Very happy!

The best thing about the Jane Iredale makeup (and mineral makeup in general) that I’ve discovered so far, is the number of different powder shades available. As someone who has skin that is incredibly hard to find a match for, this is pretty exciting for me.

I will share a bit more about my favourites at a later date, but will end on this note…

If you haven’t tried mineral makeup yet, DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR!

There’s a reason that everyone bangs on about it so much!

Have you tried mineral makeup yet? I would love to hear your thoughts on your favourite brands and experiences.

Be well,