New Cult Product: OPI Black Shatter, Limited Edition.

I recently bought a nail polish from a petrol station. The colour was ‘gelati’, I thought it looked ‘fun’ and ‘striking’ so I bought it, got it home, painted away and within about 4 hours it was starting to chip off and by the end of the next day … gone completely. Moral of the story: don’t buy nail polish from a petrol station no matter how ‘striking’ or ‘fun’ you think it might be.

Now if I had used my common sense (woah Adriane, not so fast!) and actually thought about this most impulsive of all buys I would’ve realized my folly. Alas, I did not. In fact the words I used to describe my old mate gelati would best be saved for OPI’s new nail polish out on the market, Black Shatter. Now as the name suggests my gelati and OPI’s Black Shatter are both going to give you a cracked, ‘shattered’ finish on your nails…the difference being gelati’s is unintentional.

The effect of Black Shatter over nail polishes in the ‘Katy Perry for OPI’ range

With OPI’s Black Shatter you simply paint a thin layer of the black varnish over whatever colour your nails happen to be painted and then THROUGH THE MAGICAL PROPERTIES OF NAIL POLISH, watch the black coat shatter and crack as it dries revealing your original nail varnish colour poking through to say hello. And the best news? You obviously get to choose what colour is underneath so you can make the look as individual as you like. Will little bits of nail polish flake off? No you goose, stop thinking ‘cheap, flaky nail polish’ and start thinking ‘cool nail polish effect’. But I guess you could apply a top coat if you were really worried about it.

Still confused? It’s kind of like when as a kid you took a piece of paper, crayoned the whole thing in a bunch of different colours and then coloured black over the top of all that and then took a tooth pick and drew a picture of your family. YEP EXACTLY THE SAME AND JUST AS GOOD (minus the need for a toothpick).

If you want a striking and fun look why not give this a go. OPI are the reference point when it comes to nail polish so you could say they have this pretty well down pat, and my senses tell me that this Black Shatter of theirs is going to be a hit.

Ms. Perry gets her nail on.

Ed’s note: Creates a leopard print look in the blink of an eye, two parts sassy to one part pretty – it’s no wonder K-Perry is the muse for this unique little number!

Available online at Adore Beauty or your best bet to get this seriously limited edition gem in stores will probably be David Jones.

Review by Adriane Daff, not afraid to buy cosmetics at petrol stations. Winner.

Be well,