Melbourne Restaurant Review: Yong Green Food, Fitzroy

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When I knew I was going to Melbourne I started researching raw restaurants, vegan restaurants and vegetarian places.

I was surprised to find that since I left there two years ago the raw food revolution hasn’t taken over, it’s barely crept in, or maybe I was looking in all the wrong places.

In saying that I must tell you right now before I explode – Yong Green Food surpassed all my expectations – it was fabulous!

My daughter and I arrived at about 8:30 on a Friday night and as we approached the restaurant we saw a huge group of people out the front, “Surely they’re not waiting to go in” I said to Candice. I haven’t had to line up for a very long time to get in somewhere and I wasn’t too thrilled about the prospect of lining up for food.
But they were.

So, the deal is no reservations, you turn up, go into the restaurant write your name and number down in the book by the drink cabinet and wait to be called.
The issue was there were five names before ours and we were starving!

Sadly by this stage we’d read the menu which looked absolutely fabulous so now we couldn’t go anywhere else.

25 minutes later and it was our turn. The only issue then was how to decide what to eat. We wanted everything on the menu, followed by another serving of each.

♥ Nacho’s with chia chips

Lentil Hot Pot

Grilled Kingfish

We knew that we would be coming back at least one more time before I returned to Perth so we decided on the Raw Nachos – chia chips with cashew sour cream, guacamole and chili as an entree to share. Candice had the Lentil Hot Pot for main while I chose the Grilled King Fish.

The nachos were amazing, the chia chips were light, crisp and divine. Candice did say that she preferred my sour cream (there’s a girl who knows which side her bread’s buttered), but agreed that it was the best guacamole she’s ever tasted.

The Lentil Hot Pot was perfect, it was a bit of a chilly night in Melbourne (surprise, surprise) and the warmth of the dish was a perfect fit.

The Grilled King Fish was lovely too, and if I hadn’t tasted the Lentil Hot Pot first I would have been in heaven, ah the joys of coveting thy neighbours food.

Surprisingly neither of us had room for dessert so we left it at that.

The service was wonderful, our waitress was full of smiles, tips and advice. And we were planning our next meal before we even walked out the door.

The next time you’re in Melbourne you must drop into Yong Green Food and then go down the road to Neo Tokyo where you can pick up your new vegan handbag.

Service: 5 stars
Food: 5 stars
Price: 5 stars

Win win win!

Note: We went back there Saturday night and then again Tuesday night (only because we were in Ocean Grove Sun and Mon) and the food was even better!

Girl crush alert! Ruby Rose was at the table next to us on Saturday night. How gorgeous is she!

In the comment box below I’d love to know anywhere in Perth that serves Raw Vegan food, or just good old-fashioned vegetarian.

Yong’s Green Food
Address: 421 Brunswick Street Fitzroy
Phone: (03) 9417 3338

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