Beauty & Wellbeing Routine: Simone Kerr, International Model.

Simone Kerr

First up, briefly tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Simone Kerr, I am from Bunbury WA, but I now live in Sydney with my boyfriend and cat. I work as a model and travel between Sydney and New York. I study Communications at uni by correspondence and am in the early stages of setting up my own business!

Invisible Zinc – Environmental Skin Protector (ESP) – $35

Tell us about your daily beauty routine.

Twice a day I cleanse with Cetaphil and apply a retinaldehyde serum from Elixxr called Formula A. In the morning I use Invisible Zinc ESP moisturiser and at night Elixxr’s Hydro Intensive. I have very sensitive skin and it has taken me a long time to find what works for me and I think I have finally nailed it! (Ed: Unfortunately we couldn’t find any info on this mysterious ‘Elixxr’ range..!)

What’s the one beauty treatment you can’t live without? And your favourite place to have it done?

I have recently begun investing in monthly facials. My hectic work schedule means I am constantly bombarded with loads of product, thick makeup, abrasive prosthetics, shared cosmetic brushes and harsh removal processes. Having a monthly facial ensures all build up and bacteria under the skin is flushed out and the natural balance of oils is restored. Amy Erbacher from Amy Erbacher Beauty in Double Bay Sydney is the only person I go to because she tailors the facial to exactly what I need each month.

Who do you trust with your hair in Perth, and why?

I haven’t ever had my hair done in Perth, actually! In Sydney I go to Headcase Hair in Paddington, they are the reason I can have long hair! If it weren’t for them I would have had to cut it all off from all the ironing, straightening, curling, teasing and tonging that my hair goes through every day!

Facial steaming

Favourite budget / at home beauty treatment?

Whenever I am in London or New York I like to hang my head over a steaming bowl of water and teatree oil and give myself a quick steam to purge all the pollution that has been absorbed during the day. When I remove my makeup at the end of the day the cotton pad is black and I get blemishes. Steaming helps to reduce this a little.

Your three, absolutely cannot live without, favourite products?

1. Paw Paw lip balm
2. MAC concealer
3. Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill mascara.

Do you have any secret tips you use to keep looking / feeling great?

I try to take a ballet class two or three times a week. Keeps me fit and happy.

What beauty treatment/ wellbeing activity would you love to try but haven’t yet? (Due to time, money, scared etc!)

I have a lot of scarring from being a pimply teenager, I’d love to try laser resurfacing but I’m scared I’d burn my face off!

Describe a typical day of eating for you.

I don’t think your column is long enough, I’m such a piglet! Breakfast is usually Weetbix with a chopped up banana. Lunch is usually whatever catering is on set, it can be anything from sandwiches to amazing salads and pastas. Dinner is quite often tacos with my boyfriend (sounds silly, but our guacamole is so good that a local wine bar in Bondi has started selling it!). For snacks I like yoghurt , a juice with lots of veggies or chocolate. Any kind of chocolate and lots of it!

Describe your workout routine / how you keep fit?

I take a lot of ballet classes. If I’m not too busy I will go everyday but when work is full on I can only make it two or three times a week. I also like Pilates reformer classes, I try to make at least two of these a week. I’m also pretty active, I attempt to surf with my boyfriend and we paddleboard a bit now.

Do you take part in any alternative therapies or take supplements?

If so, discuss. I take an Active Womans Multivitamin but thats it. A yoga class here and there, but that’s so mainstream now I’m pretty sure it’s not considered “alternative”.

Thank you Simone for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire!

Be well,