Beauty and Wellbeing Routine: Ashlea Ingham, Model and Miss Universe Australia Contestant!

First up, briefly tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a full-time student currently in my last semester of a double degree in Communications and Commerce at UWA. For the past 4 years I have also done some part-time modeling to help see me through my university studies. Recently I took part in the Western Australian heats for the Australian Miss Universe Competition 2011 and have been selected as 1 of 6 finalists to represent Western Australia at the national finals in Melbourne later this year.

Most recently I was fortunate enough to be able to take part in the Royal Queensbury Corporate Boxing Challenge where I got to combine my love for boxercise with a fabulous cause- raising funds and sponsorship through my fight for Toybox International; a fundraiser for sick and disadvantaged children.

I am your typical active aussie girl; i love going to the beach, exercising, living a healthy lifestyle and spending time with my family and friends.

Tell us about your daily beauty routine.

I use the Clinique 3-step skin routine where i cleanse tone and moisturise everyday.
In the mornings before I apply any make-up I will always apply a sunscreen or moisturiser with UVA and UVB protection to my face and neck as I am naturally quite fair and the Australian sun is so strong! I sometimes find that sunscreen will sweat off in summer, however I have found that Ella Bache zinc foundation (Available online at StrawberryNET) is a good product that is long-lasting with good coverage.

What’s the one beauty treatment you can’t live without? And your favourite place to have it done?
Being a blonde with long hair I find it essential to get good hair strengthening and softening treatments. I have found that Kerastase treatments work the best on me and I like to get them done whenever I get my hair done at the salon.

Who do you trust with your hair in Perth, and why?

I have had a few hairdressers that I have tried in Perth however currently I am going to (and loving) Circles Of Subiaco Hair Salon. The team of hairdressers are all fabulous and I also love the vibe at the salon.

Favourite budget / at home beauty treatment?

When I am at home and feel like I need a bit of TLC (on a student budget) I’ll opt to do my own manicures and pedicures. I think that looking after your hands and feet is really important and they are often overlooked even though they are a body part that we use on a daily basis! My grandma and mum have always stressed the importance of having nice looking nails so my favourite at home hand and nail treatment is Dr Lewinn’s hand and and foot scrub and cuticle oil. The hand polish leaves my hands and feet feeling silky smooth and cuticle treatments keeps the skin around my nails and nails looking nice 🙂

Stila Lip & Cheek Stain in Pomegranate -$52

Your two, absolutely cannot live without, favourite products?

Stila Lip and cheek stain – This product reacts with the natural pigmentation on your skin and formulates a natural and complementary colour to your own skin tone. On me it gives a natural and healthy looking glow that i love!

Nars bronzer (in Laguna): Rather than expose my face to the sun, I will opt for a (fake) bronze look which I can achieve with this product. I have found of all the bronzers that I have tried, Laguna bronzer by Nars gives a really natural glowing look.

Do you have any secret tips you use to keep looking / feeling great?

Eat healthy, regular exercise, drink lots of water and ALWAYS wear sunscreen! I am a firm believer of the saying ‘we are what we eat’! If you are putting bad things into your body this will reflect on the outside. Likewise if you maintain a healthy balance in your eating habits and lifestyle this will make you glow from the inside out.

What beauty treatment/ wellbeing activity would you love to try but haven’t yet? (Due to time, money, scared etc!)

I have never had a facial and would absolutely love to try it!

I think I have been put off by some people who have had bad experiences, not to mention the price. However I now have a friend who has regular facials who has recently explained to me the process and the benefits. I feel more confident and curious about trying one now.

Describe a typical day of eating for you.

A typical day of eating for me incorporates at least 3 good meals and in-between snacks.
I always start my day with a hearty breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to me and my favourite and without it I can’t function. Most mornings I will have rolled oats with natural yoghurt and berries or I will make my own bircher with grated apple, nuts and cinnamon.

For lunch it is usually a good serving of protein such as chicken or tuna, with salad in a wrap or on wholegrain bread. If I am in a rush I also like to get sushi and miso soup.
The biggest habit that I try and maintain in my eating is to cut carbs out at night. Although occasionally I will enjoy gnocchi, pasta or share a pizza (I love Italian) I mostly eat fish such as salmon, chicken breast or lean cuts of beef, pork or lamb with salads, beans and steamed vegetables.

During the day I will snack on nuts, fruit, carrot sticks and muesli bars.
I limit myself to one coffee a day (usually soy as I have found that as blood type o I can be susceptible to bloating with dairy).

Although I eat quite healthily, my mum is a chef so I have been brought up around good food and do like to enjoy indulgences from time to time. If I am craving something I allow myself to have it. I love banana bread and dark chocolate!

Describe your fitness routine.

I am quite an active and busy person walking around campus when I am at uni and on my feet when I am at work. However I also always make time to exercise and schedule this in so I can stick to a good routine. I have always been a gym-goer, participating in a range of different classes and running.

However for my Miss Universe training i took part in 3-5 boxercise classes a week at ‘The Ring’ in Northbridge and 1-2 classes of pilates at the Pilates Fitness Institute of WA. If I’m feeling a bit tired I listen to my body and allow myself a rest. Ill either take the time to put my feet up or opt for a walk instead.

Do you take part in any alternative therapies or take supplements? If so, discuss.

Currently I am not taking part in any alternative therapies, but I like to use natural remedies and supplements when I can.

I find that a healthy balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables will provide me with many of the nutrients I need, but just to make sure I take a Swisse Womans Ultivite everyday.

As I am very busy I will also take a Vitamin B supplement if I’m feeling more tired than usual. Recently I have been trying Acai berry puree because it is full of anti-oxidants and when I’m feeling stressed I’ll use Bach Flower Rescue Remedy drops.

How do you like to relax? What are your favourite ways to de-stress?

To relax I cant go past a long hot bath or a massage. When I am feeling stressed having the ability to turn off and stop thinking about the things that are causing that stress makes me feel better. To do this i do stuff where i can lose myself – whether this is going for a walk along the beach, sitting down with a good book or going to have a coffee with a friend. Of course being organised by having a diary, eating healthy, doing exercise and getting enough sleep helps prevent the stress from developing in the first place.

Thank you for taking part in our interview Ashlea! Please leave any questions below!

Be well,