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Weekly Wellness Wishes!

Hiya! Okay, we’re going to change the format of this a tiny bit! First up will be all the posts from the previous week, then after that will be all the wonderful little snippets I’ve come across, that way if you’ve missed out on something you can check it out :) Hopefully this is helpful for everyone, hope you have had a wonderful crazy weathered week! xx

Product Review: Rodial Anti-Aging Snake Venom Range – a review for those serious about anti-aging.

Beauty & Wellbeing Routine: Elly Squire / Clare Cupcakes, dancer for Sugar Blue Burlesque. Ooh la la! Clara is a cutie.

Eyebrow Waxing Vows – following a bad eyebrow burny experience (the poor things are peeling as we speak…eww!) I devised these vows to be repeated to any new waxer you think of allowing near your little face caterpillars.

Personal Trainer in Perth, a Diary: Part One! – follow me on my journey to get fitter and stronger!

Blueberry, Banana & Cashew Butter Smoothie – One word: yes.

Wellness WA Christmas Wishlist! – Don’t know what to get for someone? Don’t know what you want yourself? Want to shower me with gifts? This article can help you with all three!

The Importance of Having a Delicious Body Wash that Makes You Feel Amazing – I think it’s very important to treat yourself as kindly as possible, and this is one little way.

♥ ♥ ♥

Walking Meditation, have you tried it? – Sarah Wilson gives us the lowdown on this interesting form of meditation.

The Taste of Effort – seriously interesting! More research into the old adage that the harder something is to achieve, the more we appreciate it.

What Are You Affirming? – a pretty lengthy article on one woman’s experience with affirmations, a lovely read.

One of the Worlds Best Kept Beauty Secrets – what is it I wonder…?!

What is a Self-Healing Acupressure Pranamat? – I’m about to find out on Monday, as I’m picking up my long awaited pranamat from the post office! SO interested to see how it goes!

Feed Your Brain: Part Three! – if your brain could talk, what would it want you to be eating? Get some help here!

Tips for Preparing for a Big Night Out – some ideas I hadn’t heard of here before!

100 Ways You Can Start Loving Yourself Right Now – such an excellent article, MUST READ!

Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Worth, Self-Love & Self-Gratification this Holiday Season – another beautiful article by Sam from Be Genki.

That’s it for another week!

Be well and take care,



Product Review: Rodial Anti-Aging Snake Venom Range!

Care for some venom?

If you asked me to make a list of things I would never consider putting on my face, snake venom would feature in the top ten. Probably top five.

I have no interest in doing such a thing even if you told me it was going to instantly lift my face and plump fine lines and wrinkles. So the real stuff is o-u-t, but what if it was Syn-ake, a synthetic ‘venom’ that mimics the effects of the Temple Viper’s potent venom? …Yeah I’m still not that interested. It all sounds a little…full on. Therefore I guess it’s fitting that the people behind this fake venom, the crew over at Rodial, have decided that the question they want you and I to answer is:

How far will you go to look younger?

(Like snake venom far?)

I mean it’s all a bit extreme isn’t it? Going in to review the Rodial products (Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum, Rodial Glamtox Night and Rodial Glamtox Active Daily Moisturizer) I was thinking a lot about how anti ageing products are all around us, constantly getting in our faces, telling us to look harder at those faces and suggesting maybe its time to start thinking about anti ageing at a point in your 20s where you shouldn’t really be giving a care. BUT social issues aside, maybe it can help to start using a product with anti ageing qualities as a preventative measure, IF you want to.

So back to Rodial.

I didn’t want this to work. I didn’t want to like it. I wanted to write it off as some crack pot way (I mean snake venom REALLY?) to get money off of people…but. Well. It’s like this. We got along really well. And I think it’s really great. Fake venom and all. I actually think this works. I would like to point out though- this did not instantly, miraculous freeze my face in a way that meant I couldn’t move it, it didn’t give me an instant face lift and it didn’t do anything that sounds like it is breaking the boundaries of science. But what it did do, moisturizing, fading fine lines and imperfections and best of all beginning to even out my skin tone was enough to have me hooked. Absolutely hooked. I also give massive, massive thumbs up to a company that puts an SPF in their daily moisturizer (that sun guy is the one that’s going to prematurely age you) and puts antioxidant protection in their products.

In short the Glamtox Night (above) has a really nice thick, but not oily, texture and is designed to work on re-surfacing your skin (again working on hyper pigmentation) and even in the short amount of time I used it I could see this beginning to already happen. It also is meant to reduce the size of your pores, maybe with extended use I would’ve seen that, but I didn’t over the 2 weeks I used it.

The Snake Serum is probably intended for someone who wants a more concentrated product to work on deep-set wrinkles, but I really liked the way that it made my skin feel. Kind of soft but very firm at the same time. It’s a really difficult feeling to try and describe (must be that venom huh?) And the feeling is addictive. The downer on this one is the price tag. The only way I think I will be able to add this to my daily routine is if Santa delivers it to me.

My favourite though was the Glamtox Active Daily Moisturizer. Holy Groceries this was good. The SPF! The non-greasy texture! The ability it had to make my skin feel hydrated all day! The fading of fine lines! I’ve always been pretty skeptical about anti ageing products on the basis that they just seemed to go against common sense but if you cut through all the snake venom/freeze your face/miracle cream/turn back the hands of time hype surrounding this you will hopefully see the Rodial products for what they really are, well made, nicely packaged, of a very high quality and certainly helping you and your skin out to look as healthy and youthful as it can possibly be.

Also, I guess with the venom being synthetic that means no snakes were harmed in the making of these products, so that’s good to know too.

Buy it online from Australia’s number one online beauty retailer, Adore Beauty!

Adriane Daff, faux snake venom convert.

Be well,


Eyebrow Waxing Vows.

I, Annette, take you, Potential Beauty Therapist, to be my expert waxer, my vigilant tweezer, my faithful non-burning friend and my go-to girl for beautiful, pain free eyebrows from this day forward.

In the presence of the God of waxing, this treatment room and the products that surround us, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful client, in monobrows and in perfectly tweezed arches, in good economic times and in bad, and in joy as well as in the sorrow of not getting my preferred treatment time.

I promise to come to you unconditionally, to support you in your goals to be the salon manager, to honor and respect your need to ask what I’m doing this weekend, to laugh with you when you tell me about that boring thing your boyfriend did and cry with you when he runs off with your distant relative, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall understand that hot wax applied more than one time to any facial area will almost certainly result in a burn.

You may now wax my brows.

*** For relevance, I had a burny, ouchy eyebrow waxing experience today. Sub-optimal, so I created this vow in the hopes that the waxing God’s smile upon me next time.


Be well,



Event Review: Cruelty Free Festival, Subiaco.

This glorious sunny Saturday just past marked the first of hopefully many Cruelty Free Festivals’ held at the Earthwise centre in Subiaco.

As you can see from the photo above, vegan cakes & sweets were out in full force, as were helpful advocates giving out informative flyers & pamphlets about cruelty free living.

The main focus though was the food, proving what most already knew – it is possible to eat delicious food without the use of animal products.

Lunch in the form of mock meats, vegetable curries, spring rolls and rice dishes (I also spied mango flavoured sweets just out of this picture!)

Peach muffins & custard fruit tarts (these were both GREAT!), chocolate + green tea cheesecake, melting moments plus a couple other things I wasn’t sure of… keep in mind there are no animal products in any of these, which is pretty amazing / awesome!

Here’s a photo of the wood-fired pizza magic happening, I didn’t get a chance to test these out but there were some winning combinations happening and I’m kicking myself for filling up on chocolate cupcakes before I saw this.

There were many wares to be found including heaps of books, stickers, shoes, tees & hoodies, vegan dog treats (!!!), snacks and so much more.

One well known healthy living company that made the trip up from down South was Samudra.

Here are some of the goodies that they had on display:

As you can see, these snacks look great and they are all amazingly good for you! Aside from selling these treats, Samudra also run yoga and surfing getaways in Dunsborough, well worth a look.

The bands playing kept the spirit lively outside and if you ventured into the back corner there were vegan cooking demonstrations being held inside if you could tear yourself away from the cakes for long enough.

All in all it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon, a fantastic new event and one I will be wholeheartedly supporting next year!

Many thanks to Animal Rights Advocates for organising it!

Did you go to the Cruelty Free Festival?

Ever tried a vegan cupcake?

Be well,


Healthy Living Blogs!

Healthy Living Blogs is a new resource for the health blogging community. HLB is a site designed to enhance the positive community of the healthy living blog world. Bloggers and readers can explore the site and find more blogs to love, bloggers in their area, and forums to deepen healthy discussion and support. If you’re interested in having your site listed on HLB, simply send the following information to and
check the site out for yourself!

Email subject line: MEMBERS
Your name (please share if you prefer to go by first name, first and last, or however you prefer to be known on the Internet)
Blog Name
Blog URL (please start with http://, not www.)
Your twitter handle, if applicable
Your location (if you prefer not to disclose this information for privacy’s sake, that is completely understandable. We’ll simply include your blog listing in the A-Z listing, not by location, too)
Any specific labels (i.e. vegan, gluten-free, weight loss, running, etc.)

This is such a neat idea. If you’re looking for more wellness / health related blogs to get stuck into then have a squiz!

Be well,



Winners: Al’chemy Competition!

It’s been two weeks since we ran the Al’chemy Competition and it’s time to announce the wonderful winners…!

Now you see, there is only one main prize (a bumper hair care pack worth $90), but two of the answers thrilled me so much that I will be giving away a tube of the Alchemy Gingko and Jojoba Intensive Moisture Vitamin Masque to the lucky runner up!

Drum roll please…


Mia, aka starletskye, for her adorable recount of stealing dollops of shampoo & condish from Mum and this amazing set of words…

“Waking up every morning to the sight of those familiar black tubes and bottles with the endearing little botanical pictures and then squeezing a portion into my hand, to then massage through my depressed locks, my shower stall steaming up and filling my senses with the beautiful out-of this world scents…!!! That is heaven to me!
This prize would make my hair happy for that reason and If my hair had the ability to smile it would be walking around all day with a 10,000 mega watt smile, bursting with happiness.”

Just wow Mia! Please e-mail me your postal details and we’ll get your shower heaven started ASAP!

Runner Up!

Ghabby, for her ‘Unfinished Fairytale’ poem! Seriously check it out, the last comment here, very creative! Please e-mail me your contact details and I’ll send out the Masque to get your hair all fixed from Prince Charming and his wayward hair climbing maneuvers!

Thank you so much for entering everyone! It was a real joy to read them all.

We’ve got a new comp coming up next week to stay tuned!

Be well,



Cheap / Free: New Section.

♥ ♥ ♥

We’re pretty used to paying to keep ourselves looking and feeling great. Gym memberships, massages, yoga classes, personal trainers, haircuts, dancing, waxing, boot camps… the list goes on! It seems keeping fit and polished automatically comes at a price, and over time you could find your wallet mourning the loss of yet another $17 for an hours worth of movement or $100+ to be hair free for just a month.

Fear not my loves, while staying in shape, looking great and working towards optimum wellbeing are ENTIRELY worthwhile endeavours, they don’t have to be expensive if you don’t want them to be!

We’re here to shine some coin-saving lights in our new segment ‘Cheap / Free’! We’ll be highlighting fantastic places in Perth to participate in all things wellbeing related.

As always though, we’ll only be focusing on places that we think are high-quality and would personally recommend.

Stay tuned for our first article on a nifty little late night exercise spot in the Western Suburbs that just happens to be completely free… well I never!

Please share your tips for cheap / free health & beauty in Perth!

Be well


Review: Online Skincare Consultation, Facial Company.

Working from home, I usually prescribe to the same daily uniform: yoga pants and an oversized, el-cheapo fleece hoody. Not exactly glamour. But the kind folk at The Facial Company approached Wellness WA to review their Skype live video consultation service, sending me into a panic because, my god, I may have to brush my hair and slap on a decent top.

However, there was no need to work myself into such a frenzy as founder and beauty expert Darren Clark instantly made me feel at ease via Skype video. After a couple of technical issues, Darren proceeded with the 20 minute consultation, asking me my skin concerns. I have combination skin and no major breakouts and just wanted to look at preventing future breakouts and wrinkles.

Darren also asked me what skin care I was using. My answer: not much, other than a basic pharmacy cleanser and whatever moisturiser sample I find at the bottom of my drawer. I half-expected the hard sell on products stocked on The Facial Company’s web store, but instead was given honest feedback – that the glycolic acid in my current cleanser is an excellent choice in preventing wrinkles (woohoo!). He also suggested a couple of moisturiser options to hydrate my skin and gave informative advice based on what he could see through the video, darkness under the eyes, most likely caused from sitting in front of a computer all day.

This could be you! Lying in bed, getting your skin assessed. You may have to turn on the light though!

Darren also told me about a success story – an older customer who was fed up with her skin woes, testing a heap of products over the years that never seemed to work. In a last bid attempt, she contacted The Facial Company for a 20 minute consultation. Taking Darren’s advice, she tried a few different products and was so impressed with the results that she booked another consultation. She is now truly on the quest for skin perfection that she never thought was possible.

Obviously the great advantage to this system is that you don’t even have to get out of your pjs to receive solid, professional advice. I can see this as a perfect solution to those beauty lovers out there that live in rural areas, or people that may not have access to a big range of skin care products. Also, it’s perfect for guys that want to get into a skin regime without feeling intimidated.

To book a Skype live video consultation, the process is very simple:

♥ Visit the website and click on the Skype live consultations link.
♥ Fill out the form, selecting the date that suits you best and submit.
♥ Pay your $10 (redeemable for any online purchase).
♥ And voila! A team member from The Facial Company will confirm your appointment with you.

You’ll also need to make sure you have a microphone, a web cam, sound, internet access and Skype (which can be downloaded for free). Too easy.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the service but I was really impressed with Darren’s feedback and he’s a lovely guy to boot.

Review by Jess – a chocolate doughnut loving, fashion stylist extraordinaire with an extreme penchant for olives.

Be well,


Product Review: Pamper Boxes.

I was recently presented with the opportunity to send a Pamper Boxes gift box to someone I knew, I thought it would be a really fun experiment as sometimes our friends and loved ones need a treat, a wellbeing boost to let them know they are being thought of.

I decided on the lucky friend and had to sneakily get her address without alerting to the fact that a cool little gift would be winging it’s way to her soon… what follows is her genuine experience upon receiving the unexpected gift :) – Ed.

One of the main objectives of ordering a Pamper Box, apart from showing the recipient that you care, is the element of surprise. When my Pamper Box recently arrived on my doorstep, I was definitely surprised! In fact, I was blown away. Already, the gift was a success.

Upon opening it, I immediately began to get excited! Even the sight of the box itself made me feel like a kid at Christmas time. I opened the lid, unraveled the tissue paper and began to explore.

It was perfect for me. I recently have not been feeling the best due to a personal issue, and the contents of the box automatically lifted my spirits!

♥ Firstly, a book full of inspirational thoughts and quotes – something I could definitely keep close when I was feeling down.

♥ Also included was a beautiful aromatic dream bag to slip in between my pillows to help me sleep and dream at night. This smells beautiful and has brought a very calming element to my bedroom.

♥ I also found stress less bath bubbles, which are an absolute essential for chilling out.

♥And last but not least, no Pamper Box would be complete without the yummy chocolates included! I must admit, they were the first thing that I tackled, and my husband found his way over to “help” me with these!

My Pamper Box definitely lifted my spirits and brought a smile to my face. It was not only the contents of the gift itself that did this, but the element of surprise when it arrived and the thought that a friend had thought to send it to me. It was indeed great for my body, mind and soul.

Review by Krystle, florist, random adventurer and die-hard Freo supporter ;)!

Be well,


Day Spa Review: Full Body Massage – Revive Day Spa, Mount Hawthorn.

Revive Day Spa, Mt Hawthorn

After visiting Thailand a year ago, I have recently become nostalgic for the hour-long-full-body-massage. Bearing in mind that these are around 20 times the price here in Perth, I browsed various internet sites for the best value I could find and ended up at Revive Day Spa, Mount Hawthorn early on a Saturday morning.

Upon entering I was ushered into a comfortable, dimly lit lounge area where I filled out a personal information sheet regarding any medical conditions and the like. I was then greeted by the massage therapist, taken to change into a dressing gown and slippers and taken into the massage room.

Covered by a towel I lay on a comfortable table surrounded by candles in a dark room. I noticed it was warmer here than at other day spas, where I was covered in goose bumps. The music was a sort of generic Chillout Mix with some questionable remixes; however it was a change from the usual ‘Sounds of the Jungle’ that day spas tend to play. The therapist started with a decolletage and scalp massage; then worked her way down my right arm, leg, foot and back up the left side.

As she concentrated on particular pressure points and muscle attachments, I could tell there was a background of thorough training in massage therapy. I was then told to lie on my stomach and was asked if there were any particular areas of my back to be focussed on – to which I replied ‘all areas’. This ended pleasantly with a hot towel placed on my back to remove the massage oil.

When the massage sadly came to an end I was asked to dress and escorted back to the lounge, where I was provided with herbal tea and a fruit salad. I was pleased to be given time to recover, as by this stage I was feeling extremely groggy yet very relaxed. The therapist saw me out and in my half-asleep state I tried to show my gratitude for what was a really enjoyable experience.

Revive Day Spa
have two locations:

Shop 2 416-418 Oxford St Mount Hawthorn

Ph: (08 9201 0971)


295 Albany Highway Victoria Park
Ph: (08 9355 1199)

They provide a range of services from facial and skin treatments to nail care; as well as tanning, waxing, hydrotherapy and of course massage.

At $95 for an hour long massage they are reasonably priced in comparison to other massage services, and offer many spa/beauty packages that are great gift ideas. Their full range of products and services is available at

Review by Catherine; a young medical professional who knows the importance of massage, be it in Thailand or Mt Hawthorn!