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Personal Training in Perth, A Diary: Part One!

Personal Training Diary, Day 1.

I have to be honest with you, I’m a little scared about what I’ve gotten myself into. See, despite running a website dedicated to health & beauty and being a keen yoga goer, my cardio and strength generally resemble that of a sea cucumber.

I found Sarah Devlin on a random trawl through Gumtree, I think I was looking for a cute vintage bike. I clicked through to her website and was greeted by an ultra lovely looking page stating the following:

♥ I want to create long, lean muscles for you, boost your energy levels and make you look and feel fantastic.

♥ I am friendly, personable and motivating and I don’t think a personal trainer has to be shouty or intimidating.

♥ I want you to have fun and be comfortable with me while you are working as hard as you possibly can.

I was won over, so we teed up a time to have my first-ever personal training sesh (eek!).

My strength & cardio capacity resemble that of my good friend here.

We met up at a local lake / park / generally beautiful area, which I surmised would make the pain a little more bearable. There were swans and lots of puppy dogs, so I ended up focusing on them to help get me through!

Sarah listened to my concerns about a high cardio workout, so we mainly worked on strength, with heaps of exercise variations (but still working each area of the body to its limit). I didn’t escape cardio altogether though, damn, but I’m told it’s for the best!

She has a very encouraging training style and is very much focused on making sure you have correct posture / alignment, which is great for a complete novice like me who has little idea of how to hold my body correctly in the exercises.

Another thing I love is the mix of pilates and dance moves in the session, I really feel like Sarah understands women’s bodies and knows how to bring out the best in me, even if I feel like complaining.

Hello new found body part!

Post first workout I make an interesting discovery – I have triceps???! Yes, they’re calling my name for the first time I can probably ever remember and they’re not pleased with me after happily lying dormant for all these years!

The next day I felt surprisingly good, however as the day wore on my muscles grew increasingly weary and the day after that they were rebelling to the point that it was a big effort to move myself around!

No pain no gain right?

Stay tuned for Part Two of my adventures in Perth Personal Training next week! x

Web: Sarah Devlin
Phone: 0431 365 342

Prices start from $70, depending on session frequency and distance to travel, contact Sarah for more info

Have any questions? If you’re currently seeing or thinking about seeing a Personal Trainer I’d love to hear from you!

Be well,



Permanent Hair Removal Experience: Follow Up!

♥ ♥ ♥

Since my last experience with SPL hair removal, a lot has happened.

I’ve marveled in delight as the hairs seemingly continued to grow, however with daily exfoliation they slowly but surely all popped out and left me with smooth skin. It took quite a white for any semblance of hairs to grow back after this. Keeping in mind that all the hairs are at different growth stages so the areas I had done (upper leg, tummy & bikini) have never yet been a completely ‘smooth canvas’, it’s still been very promising!

My second SPL experience at Hairfree Booragoon was surprisingly a little more painful than the first.

The results after this second treatment have been fantastic, despite the tiny increase in pain. The hairs have really been minimised and it’s really FUN when the hairs start falling out, it feels like an accomplishment!

I think that after 4 treatments the majority of my treated areas will indeed be hair free and I’m looking forward to getting my kit off at the beach and swimming pools this Summer without having to worry about whether I have to shave / wax to feel good about myself in a bikini.

A word of warning though: THIS TREATMENT IS ADDICTIVE!

I’m already planning to get my underarms and the rest of my legs done, it’s totally streamlining my life. I’ve never been the type of girl who can be bothered shaving her legs religiously, it just takes so much darn time, leaning over in the shower, nicks and cuts, missed bits… waxing solved the problem for a while, but it’s expensive and hurts a lot!

Being able to get on with my life without this little extra hassle is totally liberating. Can you tell I’m a fan?!

If you’re keen as well you can head to Hairfree Booragoon and mention Wellness WA for 50% off your first treatment. The offer is only valid until the end of September though so if you’re keen, best to get in while you can.

Hairfree Centre Booragoon

7/135 Riseley St
Booragoon WA 6154

(08) 9316 8402


Have you ever had IPL / SPL / Laser?

Did you love it? Hate it?

Has the beach been smiling at you with a twinkle in it’s eye, giving you a knowing nod as you strut your stuff on the sand?

Be well (my loves!),



Hairdresser Review: Head Studio on King Street, Perth CBD.

Head Studio is located in the center of the Perth CBD, on King Street, which is renowned for being home to designer stores including Louis Vuitton, Wheels & Dollybaby and Tiffany… Perth’s own mini version of Rodeo Drive!

It would be easy to feel intimidated heading to a hair salon that rubs shoulders with these big names.

Head Studio proves nothing to worry about however, upon arrival the staff are all smiles and very welcoming. The interior is impressive: high ceilings and gorgeous wooden floors throughout, mixed with antique décor, candles and rose petals make this two-storey salon a contender for hairdresser heaven, accessibly.

There is also a little team of goldfish friends to look at!

It’s not just the visuals that impress either; Head Studio would need an extra salon dedicated to housing all the nominations and awards for excellence they’ve received! Check out the extensive awards list here.

♥ ♥ ♥

My experience starts with relaxing on a red velvet vintage chair and a yummy T2 tea (Botanical) served in a cute teapot/cup combo with a tiny cookie.

The selection of reading material on display is very impressive, with a personal favourite of mine, Natalie Blooms Beauty in Bloom: A Collection of Beautiful Inspirations, on display, as well as many other lovely books and all the current high-end glossies.

My colourist Rachel meets me upstairs and expertly chooses a mix of two brown shades that she thinks will suit my look. It’s a chilly day, but the temperature is controlled so I’m feeling warm while I bliss out waiting for the colour to make friends with my locks.

When it’s time for the rinse out, a huge LCD screen is positioned in front of the basins and we make the executive decision to put on ‘White Men Can’t Jump’.

For some reason I couldn’t get comfortable in the chair, but I didn’t get any water in my ears which is a notorious problem for me, so overall the colour rinse / wash was positive.

Straight off a plane and back from a competition in Melbourne, my stylist today is Taryn and she has wonderful hair. Tick!

She does what I ask for and is really friendly, giving me plenty of advice and tips about how to style my hair along the way.

My very own hair.

To finish, she uses the GHD to style my hair in a way that is completely new to me, little waves all over (I’m sure there is a technical term for this … help me out!). I’m really happy with it as it looks cute!

Unfortunately I’ve been unable to replicate it at home despite her best teaching efforts. :(

Throughout my experience I was really looked after, I think I ended up having 2 cups of tea, an orange juice and a glass of water. Needless to say I needed to use their toilet and even the bathroom is great, with cute pictures and writing all over the walls.

I was recommended some products and purchased L’Oreal Tecniart Spray-Mousse, pre-blowdry application ensures great smooth volume.

I enjoyed my experience at Head Studio and wouldn’t hesitate to return. The atmosphere, service, knowledge and friendliness of the staff, coupled with all the little extras thrown in make this place a gem in the Perth hair & beauty industry.

A must try!

Head Studio Locations:


64 King St, Perth CBD 6000


Shop 20A, Gateway Shopping Centre,
816 Beeliar Drive, Success


Shop 4/7 Railway Tce
Rockingham Beach WA 6168

All contact, booking & pricing details can be found on their website:

Be well,



Salon Review: Nvmen, Fremantle.

Being a guy I haven’t really given much thought to “a proper salon” treatment for my quarterly haircut. It’s always been a “whilst I’m here” type thing. But maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older or that I keep getting condemned for my bad haircuts. (Always relying on the excuse that the apprentice cut my hair, when really the blonde and pink strips should have been a giveaway that this would be a dire haircut). This brings me to the opposite end of the spectrum and a little salon in Fremantle called Nvmen.

It is nestled on the corner with an old blue/red/white striped pole out the front. Obviously a homage to the ol’ days of barber shop standards. With open doors I was told that my stylist would be a moment and to please take a seat. This place was charming with wooden floors and decor that actually matched. These were nice seats too by the way. The coffee table was littered with everything a man desires, to a certain PG rating of course. James May’s rather luscious hair put second thoughts in my head about the trim I was to receive, but regrettably the hippie era is over.

Photo of James May for reference ;)!

I was first taken to the wash basins. I had my hair washed and my head massaged. The head massages are quite superior and with the added bonus of being in a massage chair, I was on my way to tinsel town. After which I just wanted to go back to bed, but that would defeat my Saturday morning trip. The lovely hairdresser led me to an old school looking barber chair. The only thing I can reference here is like the one in Sweeney Todd. Together we conversed on what style I would like and with the American Crew style guide book in front of me I spun around 10 times, closed my eyes and pointed at a picture that would shape peoples opinion of me for the next 6 months.

After conversations about travel to Vietnam and Cambodia we built some common ground, stabilised confidence in our rapport and the hair cut was finished. She then showed me the best way to style it when leaving the crib. All through the hair cut little seeds were planted at the wash, cut and style session – it prompted me to buy some product which I haven’t used in, oh my, at least 7 years and some shampoo. To be fair I had just run out of shampoo so I wasn’t just a sucker for blue eyes and a nice smile.

I guess the greatest confidence I have about the salon is after I finished I was quite surprised at how little the hair cut costs juxtaposed against the likes of some carbon copy salons. Please for the love of god don’t go to these chain built hairdressers, they smell of underpaid workers and pessimism.

All in all a new and good experience from one of WA’s oldest but still remaining modern barber shops. Indeed the NV of men. Gone are my days of taking tickets sitting down and wondering whether the Italian grease ball or the lop sided, multi-coloured rather flamboyant Avril Lavigne will be cutting my hair.

To get your hands on the nvmen brochure, click here!

NV Men Complete Grooming
33 Market Street
Fremantle WA 6160

Tel: (08) 9336 7171

Review by David, feeling the hair grow back by the minute.

Restaurant Review: Breakfast at Crumpet, Vic Park.

Having heard good reviews & keen for a stomach-rumbling-reducing Sunday morning brunch-date, one of my besties and I made our way down to Crumpet in Vic Park.

When we got there it was PACKED and we were very lucky to snare a table outside as a couple were leaving. Unfortunately their dirty dishes were left there for a good 20 minutes before we had to ask for them to be removed.

There is also no queue system for getting a table and we were told they couldn’t keep track of who got there first, which is understandable but disappointing – perhaps they didn’t realise how popular their little cafe was going to be as there were lots of people turning up only to leave due to no available seating.

So grumpy stuff out of the way! I ordered the ‘Omnomlette‘ ($12) – hands down the best named breakfast food I’ve eaten to date – which was free range eggs, mushrooms, spinach & brie omelette drizzled with EVOO, as well as a decent-sized freshly squeezed orange juice ($6). My counterpart had the Mushies on Toast ($11) & an OJ as well.

It was a hard decision given the many healthy sounding choices, including a vegan brekky (although unfortunately it was more expensive than any of the dishes with meat, which was surprising as it didn’t contain any out of this world ingredients). There were also various smoothies to choose from and some delicious sounding porridge.

My meal was amazing, a perfect breakfast and kept me going through the afternoon of window shopping! My girl thoroughly enjoyed her mushies as well :)

Despite the few negatives, I’d definitely return to Crumpet, there are a few really cute cafes opening up in Vic Park, it seems to be turning into the hip new spot!

Location: 8/885 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park

Phone: 9355 0901

Tues – Fri: 7:30 am – 3:00 pm
Sat & Sun:8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Crumpet on Urbanspoon

I’ve also planned to introduce more free-range eggs into my life, I feel I may not be getting enough protein and this could be a good way to go about it! I’ll keep you posted :)

Be well,


Store Review: Loose Produce Wholefoods, Como.

I love wholefoods and the opportunity to buy in bulk! I’d long known my Northie friends were being well serviced by Angry Almond in Nedlands but I yearned for something a little closer to home… it’s hard living South of the River in Perth y’know!

The discovery of Loose Produce in Como therefore was like a birthday, Christmas, Easter & any other gift-receiving holiday that exists, all thrown at me in one glorious “HURRAH!”

The great thing about Loose Produce is the attention to detail that goes into presenting their many, many wares.

Nutritional information, origin & a detailed list of ingredients are presented on the majority of their products, so if you’re like me and read more backs of packets than books – you’ll be right at home.

Those with a naughty sweet tooth will be thrilled with over 50 choices of bulk lollies, while the slightly healthier sweet lovers among us will be happy with the wide range of dried fruits including blueberries & goji berries. Our baking friends will marvel at the loose cake mixtures, sprinkles and bread mixes available for sale!

Gluten-free products are well-signed as are organic options, with an “I’m organic!” sticker to help you navigate your way to chemical free wonderland.

A really novel setup they have going is the “Jar Exchange Program” whereby people with jars they no longer need can bring them down to the store and those who would like to use them to fill with produce can do so!

There’s a dedicated Asian section, pasta, herbs & spices, organic fruit & veg, organic meat and so much more… you’ll just have to go down there to check it all out!

The only thing I would change is quite nit-picky; as I’m a vegetarian I’d prefer that the cold meat (which is spread out across two fridges) be contained to one fridge so the other products that are sharing space with them have less chance of being contaminated by the meat. Aside from that, I love the whole place!

Loose Produce is a pantry organisers dream, little jars to pick up and fill with all manner of tasty delights.

When you take your presumably many choices to the counter, you’re met with Larabars, vegan cookies and more snacks than you can poke an organic stick at. Just try saying no.

LP also run a variety of workshops which you can browse on their website and often have reflexology and kinesiology experts visiting the store.

Loose Produce

2 Hobbs Avenue, Como
Western Australia 6152

Ph: 08 9474 9100
: 08 9474 9100


Be well,


Beauty Salon Review: Eyebrow Wax at Kerry Lavell Beauty, South Perth.

A girl will search far and wide for the perfect eyebrow specialist, even say, New York, (a review I will be doing myself later this year) but I’ve found one that is closer to home, situated in South Perth in a hairdressing salon called Carole Graf is a girl by the name of Kerry Lavell, and she is in my opinion, Perth’s eyebrow queen.

When I step into her humble space, which is a smallish room at the back of the hair salon, I am welcomed with an enthusiastic and smiling Kerry, who is the warmest of human beings. I lay down on the bench with my knees over a soft towel (elevating my legs for comfort) and my head rested face up with neon lights above.

Kerry will ask me how my day is and start straight away on sculpting my eyebrows to perfection. It is a seamless process and Kerry takes care and effort with each brow. 20 minutes later and I view my brows in a hand-held mirror, she pats tea tree oil to soothe the waxed off skin and I’m set to go.

Commanding $30 for a tailored eyebrow sculpt, Kerry had been hyped up by a raving friend who had recommended me to her, fear not though – she lives up to the hype!

My eyebrows are in the best ‘shape’ they have been in years, actually, ever. Beauty therapists from rival, up-market day spas were in awe of them! That’s when you know you’re onto a winner.

Kerry also offers other beauty treatments on her list of specialties, including facials and peels all at reasonable prices.

Situated in the heart of South Perth in the MeadowVale Shopping Centre is Kerry Lavell Beauty:

Shop 6, 298 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151

Opening Hours: Tues 9-5, Wed 10-8, Thurs 9-5, Fri 9-5, Sat 8:30-2

For appointments with Kerry, contact her on: 0420 973 447.

Review by Kelly-Anne, I saw her brows & they look fab.

Be well,


Exercise Review: Pilates Fitness Institute of WA (PFIWA), Beginners Class.

I have a little confession to make…..I am a pilates addict. It all started about 6 months ago when I started to have some trouble with my lower back so a friend with a similar problem recommended Pilates, I signed up and haven’t looked back.

Pilates for the uninitiated is a full body workout that uses precise movement, control, technique and strength. Pilates works from the inside out, giving you a greater understanding of your body. The focal point of each workout is on the core which is your abdominals, lower back and waist to give you strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone. The emphasis is on lengthening and aligning muscles rather than bulking and shortening.

I signed up for a beginner’s course with Pilates Fitness Institute of WA or PFIWA. The classes are one hour lessons twice a week for four weeks, or once a week for an hour and a half for six weeks. All equipment is provided you just need to bring a towel and bottle of water. PFIWA have three locations in Perth; South Perth, Canning Vale and Myaree. The beginner technique class is a prerequisite before commencing any other class.

The class sizes are small, and the instructors are friendly and non-intimidating, they are always available to help you if you have any concerns. There is no age or fitness barrier and variations of each exercise are given for higher or lower levels of fitness or injury.

Initially I was pretty worried as my balance and flexibility is not the greatest, but it’s amazing after just a few short weeks how much I improved. When I started doing the standing spine roll (where you stand, feet should width apart and slowly peel each vertebrae down until can touch the floor with your hands) I couldn’t touch the floor, in fact I was no where near it. Now I can put my whole hands palm down on the floor.

You too can be this hot if you do pilates! (May or may not be an exaggeration)

After finishing the beginners course PFIWA offers several different hour long classes that you can do, which are:
– Full Body Sculpt
– Lower Body Sculpt
– Fitball
– Stretch and Core Balance
– Power and Sculpt
– Basic Sculpt

I walk out of each class refreshed, revitalised and realigned!

Pilates Fitness Institute of WA have locations in Myaree, Canning Vale and South Perth.

Cost : Beginners Technique Class $185
Contact: for more information.

Review by Hannah, pilates lover and all ’round excellent lass.

Be well,


The Natural News, Public Lecture by Heath Daly.

Heath Daly & Emma Gilbert

On Sunday I attended a public lecture (Cost: $15) held at La Tropicana cafe in Fremantle, it’s a lovely setting for a talk and holds a mish-mash of chairs, cushions & health interested folk.

Heath Daly, our charismatic host, runs The Raw Kitchen Cafe & Smoothie Shop in the Freo markets, as well as being a practicing naturopath, homeopath & former lecturer at the Australian College of Natural Medicine! We’re in good hands here.

As is the case when you stumble upon someone with a profound passion for something, I found myself effortlessly absorbing everything Heath had to say as he passed on his knowledge during our captivating and inspiring, yet never evangelical, hour and a half lecture.

These were the topics covered:

– The mineral deficiency causing a major public health concern in Australia (Iodine!)
– Raw seaweed and why it’s the number 1 supplement for the modern age
– The single best way to increase energy (and it isn’t a supplement or exercise!) (Sleep 10 hours a night, go with your circadian rhythms ie. wake up before the sun, sleep before midnight)
– The best immune booster known to science (Vitamin D / sunshine!)
– The power of groups – Introducing the Detox Train (This will be covered more in the next lecture)

The other big tip he gave us was to drink 2 glasses of water ever morning upon waking to clear out toxins & refresh the brain. I did that this morning and I have to say I do feel more ‘alert’ than usual, but of course I’ll do it for a few days to see if I really notice a difference :)

I seriously enjoyed Heath’s lecture and so did the other 30 or so attendees from what I could tell!

There will be many future lectures & I’ll definitely be there. If you are interested please contact for more info & upcoming session dates :)

Be well,



Hair Removal Review: SPL (Square Pulsed Light) Bikini Line, Hairfree Centre Booragoon.

: Talk about knickers & bikini lines ahead. You have been warned!

So! I’ve wanted to try permanent hair reduction/removal for quite some time now, I’m tired of shaving, & waxing is a recipe for ingrown hairs! I was lucky enough to organise a complimentary bikini line SPL (Square Pulsed Light) session at my local Hairfree Centre in Booragoon & if you read on, there’s a special deal in it for you too if you decide to try it out!

There’s a lot of information about IPL / SPL hair removal, which I wont go into here as I’m not an expert, but I recommend you read the following information if you are interested in exactly what goes on during permanent hair reduction:

What is SPL?

♥ ♥ ♥

I’m asked to fill out a fairly detailed form on my medical history & skin type, as well as sign a disclaimer. Marissa Pica, the owner of Hairfree Booragoon, is my qualified therapist and shows me into the room where the treatment will take place.

She runs through how the machine works, the life cycle of the hair and why it takes a series of treatments to become ‘hair free’, as well as answering any questions I have & leaves me to prepare (ie. get down to my knickers!)

The treatment room is pleasant enough, with a radio playing (for distraction from the imminent pain, or so I thought), lots of towels and very clean – with a sheet of soft paper on the bed to keep things hygienic.

There is a lolly to be enjoyed & a pair of protective glasses as the Square Pulsed Light can damage eyesight, I close my eyes during the treatment as well to be safe!

The machine hums pretty loudly and I have to admit it makes me a bit nervous.

Marissa draws some lines in white chalk on my body to indicate the boundaries of where we will be removing hair, applies a cool gel all over the areas to be treated (the same stuff they use for ultrasounds) & I prepare myself for my first ‘shot’ of the SPL machine…

It is so much less painful than I expected!
In fact, it really only feels like the slightest ‘prickle’ for each shot, 30 seconds on each side of the bikini line and it’s all over! I’m lucky as I have very fair skin & dark hair, which is optimal for SPL, so I think this added to the ease of the treatment.

Afterwards I’m shown the baby wipes, tea tree moisturiser & tissues if I need them & left to re-dress.

I’m booked in again for 6 weeks time, the hairs should begin to fall out within 3-14 days and it’s recommended that you shave any area you’re having treated the day before you come in. No waxing or sun exposure prior / after the treatment either.

I’m really excited about the prospect of being bikini ready with no effort during Summer & the thought of banishing ingrowns forever fills me with COMPLETE JOY!

Now, back to you!

If you’d like to try SPL on ANY area of the body at Hairfree Centre Booragoon, mention ‘Wellness WA’ to receive 50% off your first treatment!!

That’s a pretty special offer, if you’re interested in the extended bikini treatment which I had, it is $95, so you’d receive 50% off that.

Please note the offer is available at the Booragoon centre only :)

SPL is suitable for use on almost all areas including: lip, chin, neck, underarms, brazilian, bikini line, legs, back, abdomen, chest, buttocks & about 1/3 of their clients are men.

I’ll continue updating about my experiences as I have more sessions, in the meantime if you have any questions please leave them in the comments & I’ll do my best to help you!

Hairfree Garden City

Riseley Corporate Centre
Suite 7/135 RIseley Street
Booragoon WA

Ph: 1300 669 767


Be well,