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New Product Range: Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone!

You may have heard of super foods and a whole series of diets based around the fact that if you put these foods into your body then you are going to be better off. This is all well documented. BUT, what if you put these foods not into, but ON your body?


Probably not. In fact the idea of using super foods in skincare sounds like a good idea right? YES! In any case, enough of these questions to myself, because Dr. Nicholas Perricone has just created SUPER, a collection of products for the face and body, using super foods such as red algae, yoghurt, melon, acai berries and apples (among others) as the key ingredients.

Why super foods? The idea is that these foods contain an incredibly high amount of antioxidants and fight inflammation (which Perricone has linked to aging) as well as hydrating your skin and generally keeping it in good nick. These products look great, they smell very natural, they are affordable and they are the realization of a combination of science and nature that truly makes sense.


On a personal note I found what makes this range stand out head and shoulders from the rest is that is has been created specifically with women under 30 in mind – the gentleness yet effectiveness of the anti aging component of the line is perfect. And on a more general note, the company’s manifesto in regards to sustainability is inspiring. All the packaging is made from recycled goods, the company does not test on animals, and they are a carbon neutral organization and, the coolest thing of all, The SUPER factory in America is completely powered by wind. COOLEST – get it? Because of the WIND!?


Check this line out at Kit right now. And if you are reading this and you happen to know me guess what you are getting for your next birthday/Christmas presents for the next five years? Sorry to ruin the surprise but these guys are good all over.

Article by Adriane Daff, dream babe extraordinaire.

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Beauty and Wellbeing Crushes: Timezone Basketball, A Local Moroccan Oil Alternative and Some Healthy Drinks!

Brr brr brrr! The past week has been the chilliest in FOREVS. Cold mornings and nights, mixed with an assortment of sky drops lets us know that winter is well and truly ready to swallow us up, forcing a frantic search for stockings, coats and lots of layers.

The week has been equal parts stressful and opportunity filled for yours truly. I’ll soon be gracing the pages of a quarterly mag, my first foray into non-online writing (nervous indeed!) – more details to come when it’s out!

I hope you are rugged up as you’re reading this, maybe sipping on a hot tea? Bliss! Okay, so here are my beauty and wellbeing crushes at the mo:

1. Timezone Two Player Basketball.

Preferably played with a date or significant other, so you can tease them when you, a small lass with no interest in balls that fly into baskets, win by a generous amount. Oops, that’s me! But really, this is a fun way to get your heart-rate up, engage in some competitive bonding and have a laugh. Loser buys the winner a fruit smoothie!

Aussie Moroccan Oil Alternative!

2. Seven Wonders Moroccan Oil Haircare

It’s difficult to find a beauty lover who hasn’t heard of Moroccan Oil before. Offering shine, softness, easy breezy hair management AND a reduction in drying time, Moroccan Oil has had the world at it’s feet for some time now.

BUT, wouldn’t it be great if there was an Australian made, Perth owned version of this? Yes, it would. And there is!

I got to try the Seven Wonders Moroccan Treatment Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil – it has a sweet, nutty smell which I loved and it’s completely free of sulphates (woohoo!) and parabens (yippeee!). Plus it contains certified organic argan oil, the magic ingredient.

Being free of sulphates means that they don’t lather up as much as conventional hair prods, but it’s BETTER FOR YOU! And that’s the most important thing. If you’re a lover of Moroccan Oil, I suggest you test out this brand next time. Support local business and give your hair a rest from a couple of the haircare bad guys.

3. Hot Lemon Water

Cold weather means hot drinks are even more excellent than usual. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but even if you are, maybe you could try this alternative next time you’re choosing some hot liquid to warm you up? Alkalising, detoxing, yummy and cleansing, it ticks all the boxes! I had me some hot lemon water this morning and felt so great afterwards. This tradition will continue. Join me?! xo

4. Coconut Water

Another drink I’ve been loving is coconut water, specifically the Beyond Coconut Water because it’s packaged in a glass bottle, which is better for you than plastic bottles and cardboard containers. I’ve taken a fancy to eating baked beans on toast with a bottle of coconut water post-personal training sessions and I feel like it helps me rehydrate, feel great, and the bbontoast are just a delicious source of protein to help my lil muscles recover quicker.

Ultra Tiny Link Love: – such a radical little way to bring yourself some peace in 60 seconds during the work day. I tried it and felt much calmer. Love!

Cashew, Coconut Pudding Brekky Recipe – de.lic.ious.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks!

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Seasonal Delights: The Fruits of Autumn.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person that doesn’t have any trouble eating my two portions of fruit per day. In fact, if there was some kind of disease you got from eating too much fruit I’d probably be riddled with it. Very little makes me happier than an overflowing fruit bowl of colourful delights!

As we head into the cooler months, it’s easy to forget about beautiful sweet fruit and replace our portions with stodgy (READ: UNHEALTHY!) snacks. As a pescetarian and lover of fresh food, I’ve recently begun embracing the yearly food calendar. A website that is truly wonderful, if you enjoy fresh food, is It’s even categorised by states so you can specifically select the freshest food grown in WA. Could it be any easier?

Stewed yumminess!

Pears, while not very exotic, are my first example of delish autumn fruit to enjoy regularly. They’re versatile as they fit perfectly in my handbag for uni and also taste INCREDIBLE stewed for dessert with a little bit of cane sugar and cinnamon, YUM!

♥ The glistening rubies of the fruit world! ♥

Pomegranates are another beauty. Similar to passionfruits, these fruits have the most spectacular colour (perfect for aforementioned fruit bowl) and the little juicy red seeds almost explode in your mouth. Pomegranates are delightful on their own, or in fruit salad or juice. They are also is incredibly good for you!

The unique looking custard apple!

While at a recent dinner with a couple of girlfriends, I was introduced to the soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture of the custard apple. While I’d heard about this fruit from the apple family, I wasn’t aware of how amazing it tasted, nor did I realise that it would become my current addiction (I go through food phases faster than Paris Hilton goes through BFF’s). While it can be a bit pricey at around $5, it’s better for you than a block of chocolate and will leave you feeling just as warm inside. Depending on where you live, you can purchase these babies from the Herdsman, Fresh Provisions and the Boatshed.
As someone who reaches for comfort food as the nights become chillier, I have vowed to remember that Summer is not the only time of year to indulge in fresh fruit and veg. If you haven’t already, add one or all three of these Autumn gems to your fruit bowl for a little extra zest. Your body will love you for it!

Written by Ellie, a lover of all things fresh and soon to eat her way around Europe!

Be well,


Product Reviews: Get Your Glow On!

As any self-respecting gal knows, showing just the right amount of skin can make or break an outfit. So you want to make sure that what is on show, looks smokin’ hot right? I trialled a couple of select body lotions designed to make your skin radiate and smell delicious, the best way to complete a fab look.

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Body Cream, $25.95 (above)

Trilogy’s rosehip oil is a hit in my beauty cabinet. After trialling it a couple of years ago, it’s now a mainstay for the nourishing loving it provides my skin with.

I was excited to see one of Trilogy’s products in the glowy, showy skin line up. The cream’s scent was another yummy one, but completely different to Sasy n Savy. The combination of Evening Primrose, Jojoba and Rosehip oils created a mellow, calming scent. The cream provided a far more subtle sheen but was the best moisturiser of all the products, making them perfect for the pins. It didn’t scream night on the town, rather sang lunch with the girls or shopping day out and I’ve been lathering up the legs in this delicious cream nearly every day. My moisture-hungry legs are loving it and yours will too.

Sasy n Savy Silk Shimmer Body Lotion, $40

If it’s made it’s way into the hallowed halls of Harrods, it’s got to be good. This Australian owned and made brand has just launched into England’s ritziest store and uses plenty of Aussie goodies. The Silk Shimmer Body Lotion is action-packed with Kakadu Plum, Wild Rosella and Grass Lily but the most over-powering smell is the Rose-Geranium oil. The shimmer is a yellowy-gold and was the boldest of all I tested. The fragrance was elegant and subtle enough to not overpower your favourite perfume, making the lotion the perfect choice for a glamorous gown or party frock. Rub this into your shoulders and décolletage for a gorgeous glow on a big night out.

What are your favourite glowy products? Share them below, we’d love to hear!

Review by Lisa O’Neill, a freelance journalist and part-time triathlete who loves to squeeze in as much pampering as possible in her free time.

Be well,


Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Megan Larsen, Natural Bloom Blush, Kale & Autumn.

1. Kale

I’m currently having a love affair with kale that I’m very pleased about, after my misadventures in the past. A vegan kitchen whiz pal of mine made us a stunning kale, beetroot, pepita, lemon juice & olive oil salad a few weeks ago. It was DELISH. And you can’t help but feel good after injecting all those vitamins into your body.

Last night I bought a giant bunch of organic kale from Farmer Jacks Subiaco (a fantastic place to buy produce – although their fresh organic stuff is a lot more expensive than the delivered organic fruit n veg I get).

My salad was a variation on the original: kale leaves washed and torn into little pieces, pepitas, dried cranberries and an olive oil + lemon dressing. It was really good, and one bunch of kale should cost you between $3-$5 which is super cheap. Plus you can make them into CHIPPIES and the bunches are always huge. If you’re into gardening, kale is said to grow like weeds – plenty to eat!

2. Megan Larsen

The founder of Sodashi, and all round inspiring woman Megan has recently done an interview about the North Freo based skincare and body range that has made it big the world over. Find out how this natural, organic company has taken everyone by storm in this interview with Megan Larsen:

3. Bloom Sheer Colour Cream in Natural

I’ve been a long time fan of this product in the shade Rosie (perfect for pale skinned brunettes like myself), so when the opportunity to try a new shade came about I was very excited.

This is a really versatile product, you can use it on lips, cheeks and eyes. I found that I love using it to create the highly sought after nude lip. For the cheeks, you only need the tiniest amount, I like to smile, then dab a tiny bit on the apple of each cheek with my fingers and then blend.

I prefer a pinker based blush, so am going to stick with Rosie for the cheeks for now, or maybe try Shy or Coy next as I think the pink undertones suit my pale n proud face best. I’ll still be using Natural as my go-to for a nude lip, but make no mistake, if you have the slightest hint of a tan and want a gorgeous light glow to your cheeks, Natural is going to be your new bestie!

4. Autumn

I have such a crush on Autumn, don’t tell my boyfriend! To me there’s not much better than getting about in snuggly clothes, drinking copious amounts of tea, taking long steamy baths, eating piping hot home-made pear crumble with vanilla icecream and sleeping as much as possible. Absolute bliss.

Link Love!

Take a little inspiration from nature this autumn – very pertinent given my last crush!

Food Label Quick Check – an excellent addition to your purse, this is a pdf which you can use when you go shopping to check against nutrition labels on food, to see how it stacks up in the healthy-for-you stakes! Very handy.

Are you a sucker or a booster? – Mysterious? Find out here… I try and be a booster as much as possible, though I think when I’ve had too little sleep I might be a bit of a sucker, eek!

Coconut and Basil Brown Rice – a delish recipe, if you’d like to make a huge batch and bring it over to me – please do!

Staying green and healthy when time is running short – lots of handy tips.

Brainpower brekkies – If you need to be on your A-game, these breakfast will have your neurons firing with deadly accuracy.

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed! If you have any comments or questions I’d be happy to answer them 🙂

Be well,