Product Review: Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Cooling Masque.

I went through a stage where my skin was a war zone. I was doing all the right things with my usual winning combination of a gentle cleanser (Cetaphil) and oil-free moisturiser (Kiehl’s) plus exfoliating twice a week, plus guzzling water and eating right – but my skin was ready to do battle and I needed to stand up to it.

I needed something new and I needed it fast, the pimples and blocked pores were not budging. I tried numerous toners to try and dry out the spots, but nothing was working. So I went deep into the trenches (Kit Cosmetics, my favourite source of beauty arsenal) and asked them to pull out the big guns… I was originally there to source another product, but the salesperson put me on to Peter Thomas Roth’s Sulfur Cooling Masque ($51.95) when I explained my predicament. She was totally on the money.

Just one of the soldiers in this hard working product.

As soon as I put the clay-textured masque on my skin, I could feel the cooling effect. With sulphur and eucalyptus doing the double team on my pimples, the inclusion of aloe had their back and made sure the rest of my skin didn’t dry out. Although I did only put this masque on the affected areas, there’s no point in shaking up innocent civilians in your ploy to take out the bad guys.

After about 10 minutes of letting the masque set and do its damage, my skin was finally being led to happier pastures. I kept up the masque twice a week for a month and my skin has cleared to a point where I am really happy with it.

Now I think there were some sneaky terrorists, in the form of hormones, playing a role in this battlefield, but the Sulfur Cooling Masque was on the frontline when it counted and I’m saluting its efforts. It’s a product well worth a try if you are having skin issues, particularly in the T-zone and I highly recommend it.

Are there any products that have done a stand out job on your own skin warzone? Or perhaps you live and die by a product that keeps your skin a neutral territory – fill us in!

Review by Lisa O’Neill, a former-triathlon wannabe now revelling in the joys of yoga, sleep ins and the elimination of waistbands as she awaits the arrival of her first baby.