Talkin Cherries – Health & Beauty Benefits!

♥ Cherry lurve! ♥

I’ve been wanting to write this post for ages and have now missed most of the Summer cherry season – noooo! Thankfully, these little red nutrient filled gems are also available in many local supermarkets in the freezer section if you can’t find them in the fresh produce area!

Frozen cherries ahoy!

So why have I been so keen to chat about cherries? Well let me enlighten you a little…

♥ Cherries are chockas full of antioxidants, which if you haven’t heard, are SUPER DOOPER little guys that cruise around your body, kickin’ bad stuffs ass, reducing inflammation and stopping cell damage, which in turn lower our risk of cancer and diseases of the brain and heart (+ much more).

♥ Antioxidants are also super heroes for the skin. Eating lots of antioxidant rich food, such as cherries and blueberries, can increase your bodies defense against sunburn. FACT!

♥ Great to have after workouts, as apparently they contain an anti-inflammatory compound that helps soothe sore muscles. WINNERS!!!

♥ Possible benefits in the fight against ageing. Free radicals contribute to wrinkles, antioxidants neutralise wrinkles, cherries contain antioxidants. I’m no mathematician, but it looks like it adds up 😀

♥ And possibly most importantly, the great thing about cherries is that they are delicious and contribute to your overall wellbeing!

This photo makes me go om nom nom

So now we need some mouth-watering recipes for you to try! Do let me know if you end up testing out any of these 🙂

Healthy Cherry Muffins! YUM!

Cherry Smoothie – I would personally have this without the yoghurt, there are lots of variations that could be made.

CHERRY BRUSCHETTA – !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Conor over at Hold the Beef tried this and loved it.

So there’s a few options to get you drooling, let me know how you go.

Do you have a fave cherry recipe you’d like to share?

Be well,