Sussin’ Out Summer Swimwear.


Alright, it’s that time of year to get your gear off and get into a swimsuit. There is nothing quite like a summer in Australia and it is by far my favourite time of year. I’m the kind of girl that prides herself on her swimwear collection and looks forward every year to adding to her menagerie to accommodate for ALL your different swimwear occasions. Yes, that’s right- ONE pair may not do if you like to make the most of the summer season and all of the splendors that it has to offer. Maybe you hadn’t thought about this…but I have…so let’s run through some scenarios together shall we?

You’re going down to your local beach for a lay out (covered in sunscreen, naturally) and a bit of a swim:

Tigerlily – Bright pattern and a nice design that’s not going to wash off you if the waves are getting up to a bit of rough stuff.

You’re going to the pool for a splash around:

Zimmermann Vertigo Floating Bikini
(Now on sale for $165!)

Great colour, flattering design and you’re in the calm wave free waters of a pool so you can afford to go sans straps.

You’re going for a surf because you are one of those co-coordinated, sporty types:

Lover swimsuit from their ‘Untitled’ Spring Summer 2010/11 range.

These togs are cute as a button and perfect for your more active water pursuits.

You’re going on holiday to a tropical climate/Southern coast of France/St Barts etc:

I think that Zimmermann is really good at this type of thing so let’s look at three styles from them…

(Note: I know I’m harping on about Zimmermann but they really have one of the largest ranges of styles out there, you can buy online, the shipping is amazingly fast and they are Australian)

Zimmermann Posy Scallop Fringe Triangle $230
Photo courtesy of

Zimmerman Lyre Lyre Chain Link Bikini – $195

Zimmermann Labyrinth Wrap Bandeau Bikini – $220

You are invited to spend the day on a yacht with a mysterious/attractive millionaire (what? It could happen):

Zimmermann Bonded Cross Front One Piece – $330.

Crisp colour, unusual design and pret-ty damn classy.

You want to turn some heads:

Nothing says Phwoooooar like a lion on your butt.

Or if you want to tone it down (just a little)

Label – We Are Handsome

The one piece is now $190 available here!

Lover swimsuit from their ‘Untitled’ Spring Summer 2010/11 range.

I don’t know what it is about this bikini (maybe it’s the fact it looks a little bit like underwear) but I find it sexy as hell.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for cute swimmers to get out and about in this Summer!

Article by Adriane Daff, the girl is a swimsuit FIEND!

Be well,