My Top 5 Bath Products for Relaxation!

There’s not much better than melting into a warm bath after a tough day. Taking 30 minutes to allow the muscles & mind to unwind is one of my favourite ways to de-stress. I’ve made it my mission to trial lots of beautiful bath goodies for a while now, and want to share my absolute favourite picks for saying “see yah!” to stress and muscle tension. I’d love to hear your top picks too, so leave a note below with any favourites you think I should check out! 🙂

Lula Detox Bath Salts

This ones a newie in my collection, and it’s a firm favourite for a few reasons. First up, the amazing ingredients! The blend contains sea salt, magnesium (ultra-relaxing), botanicals & is infused with organic essential oils – rosemary, geranium, clary sage & lime with green tea. YUM. The salts smell absolutely divine, and the best part is the little bits of green tea & petals that float around in the bath with you. I choose this bath when I’ve had a few too many treats and on Sunday evenings to prepare for the week ahead. $24.95 from the Lula web store, comes with a cute little wooden scoop too!

Be Genki Bath Oils

Be still my beating heart! The Be Genki Tranquility Bath Oil is a LONG TIME favourite of mine, and the one I reach for most frequently. 5-10 pumps of this little hero + some epsom salts, see below, into a running bath is one of my top saviours for a day/week/month gone bad. There are three other blends in the range, Serenity, Vitality & Sensuality. I love a bath with Vitality after an epic personal training session or post-work-pre-going out when you need an extra jolt of energy to face your social life.

I have to admit I haven’t tried the Sensuality one yet, but based on the effectiveness of the other three I’d warn against using this before dinner with the folks or a long day of work meetings!

Echolife Magnesium Bath Crystals

Another all time favourite and an addition in almost all baths undertaken. These naturally harvested magical crystals are scientifically proven reduce anxiety, tension & stress due to their magnesium content, which is a mineral many of us are deficient in. Magnesium is said to keep the heart rhythm steady, bones strong & to normalise blood pressure.

We can naturally get enough magnesium by eating plenty of leafy greens, nuts, beans & whole grain cereals. Still, many people are deficient, and a magnesium bath is a quick way to replenish our stores & feel blissfully relaxed at the same time. A++. Available through the Echolife online store, & good health shops.

Faulding Epsom Salts

In an ideal world an unlimited supply of the natural Echolife salts would be on hand, this isn’t always possible, so in a pinch or when the budget is tight I grab a box of cheap & cheerful Faulding Epsom Salts. You’ve probably seen these around, maybe your parents always had a box in the back of the cupboard like mine did?

Regardless, if you want all the benefits of a relaxing magnesium bath on the cheap – this is your go to. 1/2 a cup to a cup in a warm bath will take you a good deal of the way to cloud 9 for under $10. As these salts are created chemically, I prefer the naturally harvested ones above when I can – but am happy to use these when needed! Available from most supermarkets & chemists.

Dr Hauschka Lemon Bath

Although lemon isn’t a scent regularly associated with relaxation, this fresh & citrusy bath from Dr Hauschka has a very calming and refreshing effect on me. Perfect for post gym relaxation! Available from Peachy Clean for $29.95, a little goes a long way so this is a bargain!

Bonus Tip:

To boost the wellness of your bathing experience even more, fix an alkalising glass of chlorophyll & water before you jump in the tub, and sip on it when you get thirsty. You’ll be relaxing and improving your health at the same time. Multi-tasking at it’s finest!

What are your favourite bath products for relaxation? Let me know in the comments below!

Be well,