Lets Celebrate World Vegan Month!

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This week marks the start of World Vegan Month (November!), and what better time to share some of my favourite vegan beauty products with you?!

For a product to be vegan it has to be be free from any animal ingredients, including things such as honey, beeswax and cochineal (a common additive in lipsticks and blushes which comes from crushed, bright red beetles), and the product must have undergone no animal testing. It’s something that most people don’t think about in relation to beauty and body products, so it’s good to bring our focus back now and then to realise that yes, animal prods are often used in the beauty and wellness industry, but that there are some companies who are reversing the trend and going animal free!

Lets start with one of the pioneers of mainstream vegan beauty and body products… a long time favourite: LUSH!

Take a stroll into your local Lush, or a squiz at the online store and their commitment to veganism is evident. While not all of their products are vegan (80% vegan, 20% vegetarian), the ones that are can easily be found by the green “Vegan” stamp – doesn’t get much easier than that!

The Comforter by Lush – one of my all time fave animal free bathing products!

Wotnot Vegan Makeup Brushes

You may or may not know that most makeup brushes are made from animal hair, think horses, goats, calves etc. Apparently products stick to this type of hair better than synthetic versions, but we say that the hair should stay on those who it’s intended for – our animal friends – and that we should get by with synthetic versions!

One such company that has taken this approach is Wotnot. Their vegan makeup brushes had me very excited when I first found out about them, and upon trialling them I think everyone should consider making the swap from animal hair to these! Made from bamboo and cruelty free synthetic fibres, the brushes also boast that they are strong and waterproof, individually handmade, eco friendly AND Australian owned.

The kit is $79.95 contains the following brushes: powder/bronzer, foundation, blush, 3 x eye shadows brushes, eyebrow & lip!

Their natural facial wipes are pretty damn special too!

“Don’t steal ma hair plz!”


The Echolife online store is one of my faves and they have L.O.A.D.S of vegan products! It’s my first stop if I’m looking for something natural and organic, too.

Be Genki

We’re already huge fans of Be Genki at Wellness WA, and it helps that their products are also vegan, yay!

The latest product to be inhabiting my world is the Tranquility Bath & Shower Oil. While it’s an ‘oil’, when it is added to water it disperses into a milky consistency and fills the bathroom with the dreamiest, relaxing scent that completely embodies ‘tranquility’ in the purest sense of the word!

It’s a cruelty free bathing treat that I indulge in on a very frequent basis (at least once a fortnight!)

That’s it from me for now, although I know there are PLENTY more amazing vegan beauty products around.

Do you know of any? What are your favourites? Do share with us 🙂

Happy World Vegan Month!

Be well,